sir, excuse me, sir, sir if I could, sir. the John Oliver segments i have seen are: the one Petrol just posted, the recent propaganda piece promoting a military coup in Venezuela, and one from years ago where oliver used his time on television to make fun of a guy who tried to get the top search results for his name wiped from Google in different countries under right-to-be-forgotten laws, because a debt collector had destroyed that guy's life over a dispute by vindictively publicizing his status as a debtor, preventing him from finding a job or a home.

the premises of that last segment were that it was blasphemy and against the laws of physics to regulate an Internet ad farm, and that it was ironic that Oliver was now helping the debt collector to make this man's life a living hell by drawing even more attention to him, though oliver blamed this on the man that he was now helping to mug repeatedly at random.

it ended with Oliver attempting to start a campaign to get a high school picture of himself re-tweeted by his viewers, explaining that it would cause oliver, a wealthy, self-promoting celebrity, to suffer as much as a man whose entire public image & private future had been both created and destroyed by a wealthy, faceless money machine over what they and oliver would have considered chump change, which would probably continue even after the guy's death, ha ha, and also it would further publicly shame that guy for trying to stick up for himself. an old acquaintance I've talked about before on here, a 9/11 truther who posts pro-Bernie Sanders stuff 10 times a day on Facebook, explained to me that this was less "ha ha funny" than it was good politics, but he could not explain why or what that meant.

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Ceci n'est pas une cadavre.

Caesura109 posted this in a fallen thread and it's pretty funny so I'm boosting it again

tl,dr New York Times has gone mask off, they're now doing "But on the other hand, we must consider Mr. Hitler's argument in defense of white children:"

The ancient battle between Nazi and Roma goes back to the time of the dinosaurs, but it has taken a twist recently,
*extremely Tony Jay voice* It is said that all posters are young at heart, because their bodies are filled with fatty tissue like a newborn baby. *opens giant storybook and starts taking vape rig parts out of it* Many years ago, when the songs of Laissez's Faire rang across the old kingdom, a hero of the posters took up his laptop and journeyed to the war-torn land of South Ossetia...

Konashenko pulls a green compass out of his shirt pocket and opens it. It’s a U.S. military model. “This is a little trophy — a gift from one of my soldiers,” he says. “Everything that the Georgians left behind, I mean everything, was American. All the guns, grenades, uniforms, boots, food rations — they just left it all. Our boys stuffed themselves on the food,” he adds slyly. “It was tasty.” The booty, according to Konashenko, also included 65 intact tanks outfitted with the latest NATO and American (as well as Israeli) technology....

Privately, however, American advisers and defeated Georgian commanders admit to “total defeat.” Indeed, Arkady Ostrovsky of the Economist, a British reporter who has long been close to Saakashvili, told me that on the day of the cease-fire, the Georgian leader spoke of shooting himself, and was only dissuaded when word came of a supportive statement by Condi Rice....

We have entered a dangerous moment in history — America in decline is reacting hysterically, woofing and screeching and throwing a tantrum, desperate to prove that it still has teeth. Which it does — but not in the old dominant way that America wants or believes itself to be. History shows that it’s at this moment, tipping into decline and humiliation, when the worst decisions are made, so idiotically destructive that they’ll make the Iraq campaign look like a mere training exercise fender-bender by comparison.

imagine being such a putz that condoleezza rice sayin hang in there bud is the only thing that stays your trigger finger. and then still being morr decent human being than p much any politician in post coup ukraine
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rip aleksandr zakharchenko.

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rip aleksandr zakharchenko.

this morning my radio alarm woke me up by telling me that he had been killed, and further suggested that the culprit was donetsk themselves because their politics are 'murky', or possibly it was russia, but the suggestion that it could have been the ukrainian government is absurd

yikes. mine just does a beeping sound.
that's got to be better at getting you woke anyway
NBC News reporters are now accusing Russia of the "sonic attacks" / panic attacks that embassy officials have been suffering in China & Cuba.

Or rather, a very specific reporter, Ken Dilanian, has a byline on those stories:

Email exchanges between CIA public affairs officers and Ken Dilanian, now an Associated Press intelligence reporter who previously covered the CIA for the Times, show that Dilanian enjoyed a closely collaborative relationship with the agency, explicitly promising positive news coverage and sometimes sending the press office entire story drafts for review prior to publication. In at least one instance, the CIA’s reaction appears to have led to significant changes in the story that was eventually published in the Times.

On June 25, the Times published Dilanian’s story, which described thorough congressional review of the drone program and said legislative aides were allowed to watch high-quality video of attacks and review intelligence used to justify each strike. Needless to say, the agency hadn’t quibbled with Dilanian’s description of al-Libi’s solitary death. Video provided by the CIA to congressional overseers, Dilanian reported, “shows that he alone was killed.”

That claim was subsequently debunked. In October of 2013, Amnesty International issued a report, based on statements from eyewitnesses and survivors, that the first missile strike targeting al-Libi killed five men and wounded four others. Al-Libi was not even among those victims; he and up to fifteen other people died in a follow up attack when they arrived at the scene to assist victims.

he's got a golden ticket

digression: all this john oliver talk reminds me that american liberals are very very dense and very very stupid

hate when politics are murky
rt published a piece to day about mh17


The serial numbers found on debris of the Buk missile which downed Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine show it was produced in 1986, the Russian military said. The projectile was owned by Ukraine, they added.
azov doing their thing of nazi-fetishism AND slavo-paganism here


theres probably nothing weirder on the Internet recently than people from the united states just now discovering that other countries have Memes too
*puts printout of foreign memes between teeth and carefully bites down* mmmm... just as i thought, weapons grade. these memes are clearly state-sponsored

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is this pic before or after meeting father frost


It's depressing to think that the propaganda to make a mass base that supports a likely nuclear war against Russia has already been done, after reading the comments here I fear what a liberal administration will mean for the world.
im a bit skeptical of calling the kinds of guys who post democrat talking points on reddit a 'mass base'

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im a bit skeptical of calling the kinds of guys who post democrat talking points on reddit a 'mass base'

Well that's true, despite constant propaganda online and in the media, the majority opposed war in syria. More that it's depressing to see the stage has already been set and the propaganda apparatus fully matured for a war that could end all life on Earth and it happened so quickly.

I’m kind of heartened by how unaware all the people trying to play gotcha in that Q&A seem to be, where one guy posts a decade’s worth of independent-era Pravda tabloid space alien headlines and then the next guy is like “I’m definitely a Russian for real and as far as I know Pravda is still a state-run Communist newspaper” and they both get two thousand upvotes. People posting phrases like “neo-Soviet”(??) and “accused of supporting the Russian government’s positions” and everyone nodding sagely... all of them just read the word “Pravda” and immediately imagined themselves as patriotic Online freedom fighters, but they had no idea what their target was or how to hit it, and if these frothing, flailing pseuds are the results of the U.S. nationalist-bourgeois propaganda machine at work, it just might bury itself
doing an AMA where I claim to be a Kremlin janitor and tell everyone that Russia is run by a secret Neo-Comintern in a hardened sub-basement. Putin and all his people have hammer and sickle pins they put on every day inside their jackets & facing inwards, and they spend two hours after dinner searching Twitter for Resistance hashtags on a gigantic monitor over a big round table with Brezhnev’s face carved into it. I am neo-Soviet man, 410,757,864,530 up votes
privet tovarisch Q
i had a quick look at that thread and saw a bunch of yank kids bravely posting 'fuck putin' and upvoting each other in solidarity. and i lolled, and closed the tab
remembering the dialectics of Fark dot com, which used to post five Pravda alien abduction stories a day when I was a kid, which started a conversation under every single one about I thought Pravda was etc., Well it was once but now it's etc., and I'm pretty sure most of those people are Reddit heads now but I guess no one ever faulted online news addicts for their long memories.
"You are so blatantly a propaganda mouthpiece"

*didn't vote for Putin, gets downvoted anyway*
I think it makes some people in the United States really frustrated when they look back on the nauseated public opinion of their two big candidates in 2016 after both major U.S. parties had done far more to legislate away challenges to their supremacy and overlapping agenda than United Russia ever has, and then they look at a news story about Putin's numbers "weakening", and that means that per opinion polls, support for Putin as president among Russians has dropped from over 80% to merely over 2/3rds of the entire country. A lot of English-language articles about that recently have dedicated much of their space to hand-waving explanations of how that can possibly be—how Russians' support for Russia's government remains strong but varies enough to destroy the usual propaganda line about rigged polls and a whole population gripped by mortal fear.

One thing you will find if you prod people in the U.S. is that for those among them who do read those stories, they usually have zero impact on their belief that Putin and his party can only win elections in Russia through some vague sort of cheat, and they will demonstrate something like a panic response if you wonder aloud whether Western media characterizing Russians as Putin's dupes or victims is likely to shore up support for Putin and United Russia rather than diminish it. A lot of Russians, on the other hand, tell reporters the same thing Pravda guy told Reddit, which is that they don't want to visit the United States anymore. They can't really help but notice that there's only one downhill path for the "sympathetic" people in the United States who think Russia and the U.S. are dual victims of the monster Putin, and that's the good old-fashioned conclusion that Russians are savage, servile Untermenschen by their constitutions, "strong man" worshipers who should be treated as spies and saboteurs by default while on U.S.-controlled soil.
nerds from estonia and lithuania convinced UK newspapers that youtube cartoon masha the bear is putin's brainwashing. lol
a naval confrontation in the sea of azov apparently resulted in the russian capture of three ukrainian ships. poroshenko has taken the opportunity to declare martial law, potentially canceling upcoming elections. russia has literally blocked the kerch strait lol


lmao what

Simply put, martial law is a special legal regime that applies to the whole of Ukraine or
certain areas (you can find more news about Ukraine’s Army here).