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i sometimes kick myself

a friend of mine was an early miner as hobby and then lost interest, in 2014 they realized they would have been well into the millions with the amount they had mined, but the old hard drive had been fried. they tried everything to recover the wallet, but nope.

*all snipes will be lost in time, like tears in da rain

And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, forty funts to a pood, and one hundred million satoshis to a bitcoin; but see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.
they call bitcoins intangible but ask yourself: can you take them to Heaven? you just don't know. you're such an idiot
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wages. money. currency. bitcoin. bitcoin. bitcoin.
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wont somebody please think of the gamers

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wont somebody please think of the gamers



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i read somethign that much of it was/is for mining other cryptocurrencies where the difficulty is lower?; afaik you cant mine the bitcoin anymore without asics whatever they are but other cryptos are claimed to be "ASIC resistant" so lots of gpus is the only way to do it?, anyway you need to buy up your local supply of bideo graffix cards asap to make the peoples electricity into money let me sell you some shares in my bitcoin mining co-op

i dont really know what im talking about and also i own a novelty gaming laptop
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Can someone just put child porn in all the fake scam currencies already and also the IRS arrest all of them for tax evasion already so people will shut up aboutthis stuff! Cripes!
they have to use a lot of gpus to make the bitcoins because i, the Bitcoin Dragon,
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is this a sensitive topic


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guess it'll be one of those weeks where I stare intensely at charts whispering to myself.
it's the most. wonderful time. of the yeeeeaaaarrrrrr

It’s a correction! A correction!!!
asx 200 also taking a pretty big dive lol

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i am never going to stop laughing once bitcoin speculation triggers the next recession

*gladiator voice* are you not entertained


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it's the most. wonderful time. of the yeeeeaaaarrrrrr

this was me watching the canadian weed stock i bought at 4 that's gone up to 19 go back down to 12 :/

double pain
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someone please hold an ICO for popcoin. its like bitcoin but it is only good for buying popcorn to eat while reading your daily google news alert for 'ico scam'

In an email sent to customers last week, LoopX owners made an ironic statement of "We will have some more surprises for you throughout the week. Stay tuned!"

i love how the rhetoric around cryptocurrency is all about integrity/trust/trustless systems, but in reality it's a vipers den of scammers.
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i love how the rhetoric around cryptocurrency is all about integrity/trust/trustless systems, but in reality it's a vipers den of scammers.

i love how all the rhetoric around cryptocurrency is just a rephrasing of "100% LEGAL REAL FREE MONEY NOT A SCAM" and people buy it because the words are all Future Jargon

One Day The World Will Thank Bitcoin For The Blockchain And True Data

Whether it's humanitarian aid, refugee status, global citizenship, healthcare, reliable elections and (obviously) banking, blockchain is likely to transform Real Data into True Data, as long as its source is pure.

It will also change and improve the current and probably irreparable, internet. Blockchain is True Data; we need it.


I figured this out as a young dumb idiot with the Mt. Gox scandal, good to see future crypto cynics being shaped as we speak.

Peace, land, bread, and down with crypto!
Atari is taking a break from its console crowdfunding scam and its game software crowdfunding scam to run an ICO scam https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2018/02/atari-is-launching-a-cryptocurrency-because-thats-just-what-a-company-like-atari-does-now/
chocolate bitcoin