hey uh everyone tragically i need a new pair of pants. please help. send whatever coins u can spare. anybody got at least 0.00023? 1GGv61EFYZvBnZTKPR9cDXX27HiX7CCqg1
disappointed nobody has sent me coins yet. wheres the solidarity?

getfiscal posted:

recently one of the most prominent conservative strategists in canada was chatting with some students at a university and he said he wasn't sold on the idea of banning child pornography. he immediately lost all of his various contracts with the media, university, parties, etc. and it was a pretty good example of why never to trust american-style conservatives.

i'm sad that i missed the opportunity to post this in 2013, but this is the guy, on an appearance on national news

it was not commented on. he had previously appeared on tv as a normal-looking person

https://www.reuters.com/article/us-venezuela-economy/enter-the-petro-venezuela-to-launch-oil-backed-cryptocurrency-idUSKBN1DX0SQ cryptocurrency is cool now ??
i am never going to stop laughing once bitcoin speculation triggers the next recession
someone found a way to make bitcoin funnier: my dad just asked me to help him manage his bitcoins, the joke is on me now
ive been thinking about it and i think bitcoin is going to get a lot lot bigger, people kill for 50% returns on capital, eventually no one is going to be able to resist the lure of historic 1000% returns, especially as, despite all the yacking, we are still just only now entering mainstream adoption, what with new simplified way to morgage your house for limited edition collectable coins, and with bitcoin futures contracts coming as the first in what will no doubt be a long line of bitcoin derivatives which couldwill in turn grow to be "worth" many times more than the actual underlying bitcoin, which is also worth, uh, *consulting labour theory of value* lmao; this might be completly wrong but either way i am laughing at how we got to a point where the market for the digital equivient of collectable funko pops has grown to billions and billions of dollars
nah, pretty sure we're hitting critical mass of mainstream interest and bandwagon-jumping and a 90s dotcom style crash is imminent
ok but what about renewable energy powered bitcoin

thats def gonna become a thing

Petrol posted:

nah, pretty sure we're hitting critical mass of mainstream interest and bandwagon-jumping and a 90s dotcom style crash is imminent

*laying out a tarot spread* i think this bubbles got further to run

Good to know im on the same page as neoliberal reddit
buttcoin lmbo
i just think there's space for more than just "bitcoin bubble lol", because its actually quite interesting and since its market cap is around 250 billion now, with around 20billion trading volume/24h.

this is the only good thing i have ever read about this, because sam williams lays out why it is neither currency nor commodity but digital collectable, and still they dont talk at all about the energy consumption that is required to produce and trade them which is currently at 32.5TWh, which feels like an oversight: https://critiqueofcrisistheory.wordpress.com/bitcoins-and-monetary-reform-in-the-digital-age/

yes, its me, the person who cares about the bitcoin
i heard a real life person say bitcoin today
one of my extremely normie friend cant stop making bitcoin jokes which means this is hitting full cultural saturation soon
Q: how many bitcoins does it take to change a light bulb
A: approximately 0.000297 for a 2 pack

hey posted:

We’re approaching bear trap

we live in a world where the phrase "bitcoin millionaire" is a real and true thing. through the looking glass now, people. embrace our shitty cyberpunk reality.
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"We've seen mortgages being taken out to buy bitcoin. … People do credit cards, equity lines," said Borg, president of the North American Securities Administrators Association, a voluntary organization devoted to investor protection.

bitcoin is the thing that's going to cause Great Depression 2.0
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remember when the only way to buy bitcoin was through mtgox which they wanted you to believe meant mount gox but it actually stood for magic the gathering online exchange?
I remember.
same. i also remember how magic the gathering online exchange got hacked and everyone lost thousands of bitcoins and the owner got sued but even after the settlement the nerd is walking away what is now more than a billion dollars in bitcoin
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is there no thread you won't sully with this gender obsession of yours, tuppins??
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Everyone in my house is going nuts on this phenomenon. Half of us are too broke and have no coins (also very little interest in it, to our own detriment apparently) the other half turn out to be closet yuppies bragging about their coin profits. It's definitely the stock market on training wheels. Hopefully it will turn all the vice-lumpen into the home-owning, business running, novice-capitalists that they used to make fun of.
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Billionaire takes staff on vacation to Australia, Noice