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haha I forget sometimes that there are people who still say without irony things like "What the everloving fuck."

i get through my day by assuming everyone is being ironic.


well done mccain

(12:38:41) vile_rat: so what would cause my dns to go out and no dns service to work either
(12:39:18) xttz: godaddy
(12:39:20) xttz: :/
(12:40:20) vile_rat: FUCK
(12:40:22) vile_rat: gunfire
(12:51:13) vile_rat: *ack*...farewell to you, ye fine spaceship laddies, now farewell to you, ye laddies of space..asdfaasf--.tis a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known...*errrgh*...i've seen things you people wouldn't believe...attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion...i've got the screenshots to prove it...*HACKK*..this is it, the big one, i'm comin' Nongqawuse!!!......uguu~


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"Thank you America, for helping us rid ourselves of Qaddafi and 4 decades of oppression. Here, have a rocket propelled grenade."



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lall those dudes are like "those crazy extremist muslims, theyre so violent and stupid." and then demand blood. so muslims are supposed to allow the US to kill their friends and family unprovoked, lie down and take it. and only americans have a right, nay, duty, to retaliate lest they show weakness. who are the true barbarians here *strokes huge unkempt beard*

arzy is great

Just want to say.. if he is found hanged by his own intestines, Nothing of value would be lost.

i dont know mccaine that well but if there are two things that would make him feel viscerally great they're getting banned from sa and nubile anime boys.
how is all of this not an elaborate joke. his wife and kids are probably being less melodramatic and over-the-top about this than random GBS posters
Haiku for Vilerat
by a. Goon.

vile rat, you were the best goon
like, literally
cause we are all terrible.
rip vilerat. i played video games with you. ive been crying my eyes out for the last 2 days. i cant eat. i cant sleep. im contemplating suicide over this

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how is all of this not an elaborate joke. his wife and kids are probably being less melodramatic and over-the-top about this than random GBS posters

it's amazing.


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discipline posted:

yes but you're asexual and there are lots of men who go into women's restrooms to jack off

we also go to men's restrooms to jack off. jesus, a little consideration here? maybe the reason that we're jacking off has nothing to do with you? did you ever consider that the world doesn't revolve around you?

I'm disappointed there's not a way I can edit it to make it look like I made this post. - EO


We, the somethingawful community, would like to express our deepest regrets at the premature death of exemplary goon S. Smith and would like to extend our sympathies to anyone who has had the distinct pleasure of trolling pubbies with this shining beacon of humanity. Smith had left behind a whore he had busted his sperm in and two crotchspawn who are not yet of MMORPG age.

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I hope that the Vile Rat Goonsquad donation fund ends up being a scam like all the other EVE online stuff that was scams I think

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(10:01:04 AM) ilmdge: i just wonder if his wife and kid think this is kind of weird that all anyone can talk about is EVE online character
(10:01:16 AM) aryanorion: shut the FUCK up
(10:01:28 AM) ilmdge: lol im sorry, just sayin
(10:01:50 AM) LeonardJCrabNebula: if you didnt play with him, you wouldn't understand, so fuck off. some of us have known him since before his kid was even born
(10:02:02 AM) directorbot: You cannot deny us our right to pay our respects for a fallen comrade. If the admiration of the hundreds/thousands who play this game overshadows the obligatory love of one wife and kid, it isn't our fault. But Sean Smith was a nameless IT jockey. Vile Rat was a Hero. Anybody can bust a nut into a whore, but It takes an exceptional Man to serve in the Goonswarm the way he did.
(10:02:16 AM) commanderass: well said
(10:03:00 AM) ilmdge: oh ok, that makes sense i guess..


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aryan orion
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'kyle would have loved this news'

Sean Smith was killed by a bunch of lybians but his character and memory have been posthumously assassinated by the specter of vilerat and the menchildren who make up the somethingawful and EVE communities.
Sean's Legacy

If I had to name Sean’s greatest contribution to EVE I would sum it up in one word: CONTENT. EVE doesn't rely on pre-written story lines to give color and richness to the universe. EVE's story is a narrative birthed and dragged forward kicking and screaming by the players. The player-driven saga of EVE has seen time and time again how the fortunes of tens of thousands of people can turn on the words of a few, or even just a single player. Sean was one such player and over the years he directly or indirectly touched and influenced the lives of countless people.

EVE's community is well known for being a dark and cut throat place but as a whole, I believe everyone realizes that real life takes priority over anything in the virtual world. I have seen very few negative or disrespectful comments in the wake of Sean's passing. It's impossible for us to not relate to this tragedy. Even to those that did not know him personally, Sean was "one of us".

Sean made the world we all play in much more dangerous while simultaneously making the world we all live in that much safer. I already fear the real world ramifications that may come as a result of Sean's death.

People who play EVE all too often confuse the in-game actions and personalities of the characters played with their real life counterparts. If this senseless tragedy accomplishes anything positive in the tiny corner of the world that is the EVE community, I hope it helps people remember that even the most “Vile Rat” can be, in reality, a warm and funny guy with friends and family that care about him.

I'm a bit in shock over this. I had plenty quarrels in D&D with vile rat, but he was a good guy who was a pretty fair mod, and never easy to pin down politically in that forum. And I used to really enjoy vile-rats contribution back when I was still playing EVE-Online. Guy had some smarts.

Whats utterly brutal to think about is, these fuckheads killed a man that in all likely hood would have agreed with them that the youtube vid in question was a terrible video by a terrible person.

You killed the wrong american, shitheads.

Anyway, being angry about this isn't going to make this any saner, so I'll say this;-

Vile rat was a masterful negotiator in an absolutely cluterfuck of a videogame, eve online, and a shrewd tactician in a world of lesser neckbeards
Vile rat was a fair and reasonable mod, who took the ribbing by LF on the chin and in good humor, and never abused that power.
By all accounts he was good at his job.
And more importantly he was a nice dude who was too young to die, especially in such a thuggish way.

RIP Vilerat, you glorious bastard.
aryan onion
You killed the wrong american, shitheads.

It's impossible for us to not relate to this tragedy.


According to an actor in the film, the all-volunteer cast was deceived into believing they were acting in a benign biblical epic about "how things were 2,000 years ago". The script was titled Desert Warrior, and its contents made no mention of Muhammad – his name was dubbed into the film during post-production. On the set, a gray-haired Egyptian man who identified himself only as "Sam" (Nakoula) chatted aimlessly in Arabic with a group of friends while posing as the director. A casting notice for Desert Warrior listed the film's real director as "Alan Roberts". This could likewise be a pseudonym, although there is a veteran Hollywood hand responsible for such masterpieces as The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood and The Sexpert who goes by the same name.
duckmonster lmao
you assholes, he would've agreed with you on the youtube video.
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i shudder to think of the chaos the world will descend into without a guy who did it work in an embassy
like prolly if he you had explained to him rationally that you were all rightfully upset about a crass islamophobic video surely he would've empathized and helped you kill the ambassador. sean was an upstanding guy like that, dickholes.
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Vile Rat is kinda like Tupac

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i'm commanderass btw

oh ok, that makes sense i guess..

I already fear the real world ramifications that may come as a result of Sean's death.
if the it system in the benghazi us consulate falls, the west is doomed