I woke up and it's still funny
We've just got to let them do their thing now
npr morning news crew trying to wrap they heads around how folks got inside the capitol and why they weren't arrested

chuck choomer calling it a new pearl harbor
I phoned my grandma so that we could have a laugh about it together. She said "Days like these are why I'm taking the chemo instead of giving up"
its morning in america
Simply cannot help but lol
often find myself doing this

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really wish shubel morgan & david dees weren't dead right now

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sad to report that i haven't been able to muster up too many laughs out of this whole thing, but this one got me. lol

i regret i have but one lol to give for my kkkountry

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This man went traveled across the country to the US capitol building and committed suicide by tazing his own balls until he died to delay Biden becoming president by 10 minutes. Direct action gets the goods.

How long will it take to capture the WHite House? 2 days
Will Trump be killed? Yes
Total civillian casualties: 500 dead
Total military casualties Trump: 3000 dead
Total military casualties Biden: 15 dead
Will the Trump army regulars hold the lines? No
Will the Republican Guard fight to the end? No
Will chem/bio weapons be used on invading troops?: Yes
Will trump sacrifice The white house (gas/nuke it)? No
I only wish death to amerika on days that begin with T.

Tuesday, Thursday... today, tomorrow
dear moscow mitch please help me fulfill my lifelong dream of witnessing a cadaver synod
hundreds of terrorists in the capitol and no one had a lighter, statistically speaking this is obviously a false flag attack
Stocks went up, many politicians and many many companies had statements about fascism ready to bust, the DoD didn't see any need to mobilize anything... And on-duty cops always show up to these MAGA events in huge numbers, because they get paid overtime to fight counter-protesters, so methinks someone had to tell them, "Nyet".....
BREAKING: LeBron James said "Amerikkka"

LeBron James questions treatment of Trump supporters attacking Capitol: '2 AMERIKKKAS we live in'
still laughing
jdpon james
a literal United $naKKKe$ Army psychological operations specialist was one of the gang leaders on the 6th, leading a group of 100 people she mobilized herself. Lol
its "interesting" how the media/dem approach is going after: 1) trump 2) trump squad; publically ignoring the cops choice not to defend them and even praising them for their bravery or whatever, yet again showing that the most important element in this are the mercenaries. im not going to get super excited breathlessly sharing a video of some pc plod dudes moving a barrier when thats just the clickbait icing on the mercs "conveniently" not showing up to do the job they were paid to do cake

also "funny" is the official opposition narrative that antifa did it and real republicans stay in their garrisons
The acting head of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, has resigned. Word on the hill is that the short list of potential replacements includes: Vincent Danger, Max Hardpower, and Chet Supreme.
to avoid a vacuum of power I have nominated and confirmed myself as the next Chad Wolf.


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a literal United $naKKKe$ Army psychological operations specialist was one of the gang leaders on the 6th, leading a group of 100 people she mobilized herself. Lol

One of the many batshit things I noticed were the flags from the different CIA-backed emigre groups. Saigon junta flags, Falun Gong, MEK cultists. The whole gang was in town. Then there were these creepy Israeli guys in masks with radios who just got off a plane. Probably got back on the plane that night and dipped.


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Alright, which one of you is he talking about?

nice counterstrike glock skin lol