As a top 10% OnlyFlags content creator,
Lady Gaga Performed The National Anthem At The Inauguration And The Memes Are Incredible
I'm standing in front of my computer in my mao suit waiting to get the phone call from our dear comrade. It should come any minute now
Our dear leader will give us the signs for when he is ready to declare martial law and execute the pedophile cabal. WWG1WGA
Wuwuguh one wugga and Low Prices.
/\* /\ /\*
A wind whispered through the forest.
Significant discounts are coming.
From the trees rose a resounding voice.
You cannot beat these prices.
Boom boom acka lacka lacka boom.
Open the door, get on the floor.
Everybody walk the dinosaur.
What a savings.

edit: beaten!!! in a totally different thread but beaten!!!

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safe to say we'll be in the lucky 10-20% on account of sycophantic attn china thread. well, some of us anyway lol best of luck to the rest of you

This comrade is rambling about the plague looking like he shares a barber with the darn preacher from Poltergeist 2. A comrade with a hairstyle called like "rightside Ephraim" or "the curdy"

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first war crime?

cnn's article failed to mention the two groups said to use the border control site we bombed are both iraqi PMF militias
this is maybe the most U.S. Senator-style presidency already in every thing it's done, maybe even more than Obama's, in the particular ways it's approached every single craven opportunity with the unmistakable stink of how someone of the administration's party in that specific office, Senator of United $nakkke$, would perceive and act in every situation.

The foreign policy stuff is obviously so, the appointees too and so more Senate baby-dick-swinging is the only relevant factor for confirmation, but I mean.............. You can't get any more purestrain "U.S. Senator" than promising $2000 in "help" to each voter during an election, and then saying after the election you'd always secretly meant 2000 minus the amount people got in the last "help" check, for the most slimy possible non-2000 interpretation of "2000", and THEN it's only for people making below a certain amount of income, and THEN the threshold is set much higher for two-parent households with kids. Meaning, it's no longer even a "stimulus" giveaway intended to reward campaign donations through manipulative encouragement to spend the money immediately on consumer goods instead of paying down debt. It's now entered the realm of pure propaganda, of "working American families." And THEN it's all calculated based on income tax from the year BEFORE the Half A Million Dead disaster where a bunch of people lost their jobs, revising away the last possible original purpose of sending out the money in the first place, so there is absolutely nothing left but the empty signifier itself. "We are doing one thing because then we will have inarguably done that one thing," the signature left by the room-temperature forging of each member of Washington's manufactured House of Lords. Meanwhile the ex-senator ostensibly in charge is too soft in the head to be responsible for any of these decisions, so that puts some weight behind the idea that under-ex-senator Harris Cop is a Cheney figure and the one really in charge.

None of this really matters much i know. it's just funny to me how every last appointee and policy and lie so far has been pure U.S. Senate sleaze in a way that's unmistakable, and we have this thread here as the dumpster so in go the posts until it's exiled to DYTD like its forebears.