This is so scary... even when you do everything right!!
hope all my postin' buds & budettes & buddin-non-specifics are stayin' healthy and classy
phew! glad to see a swift and assuredly just punishment to those who question science
the megachurch crowd got tired of waiting for FEMA death camps so they just started making their own
my gym in california is open, like, under the table i think, and they require masks but 95% of people wear them on their chins or have their nose poking out, or are wearing them on their necks or not at all!

it's pretty cool to see how tough everybody is. i wear an n95 mask, maybe i should wear goggles too. what im trying to say is we are all fucked

after corona's frankly embarrassing failure with rand paul and the muppet looking english dude i'm not gonna hold my breath, but then i guess bolsonaro and anez won't be either

if Covid can infect Juan Guaido and Lenin Moreno as well, it sets itself up for a Grand Slam, all but ensuring its induction into the Pandemic Hall of Fame

dimashq posted:

2010s - Assad Curse

2020s - Maduro Curse??


waiting for all universities to start setting up secondlife campuses for the coming semester in order to justify full tuition
state has most covid deaths to date in septembre, case count steadily rising no sign of slowing down. mask mandates expiring, unemployment booming, good news though theyre gon to build a new mask factory that will employ a single digit percentage of last weeks layoff number when it opens in a couple years. state of emergency removed oversight and restrictions on handing out no-bid contracts, millions of dollars distributed to friends & family to buy thousands of dollars worth of ppe, state is trying to take over city finances to gut everything but the metro pig dept bc we spent some relief money to keep folks off the streets instead of giving it to small business fucks, all the dumb shit that was happening is now coming 10x faster
county health dept released top businesses with outbreaks (not including healthcare, daycare, elderly care and other high-risk facilities) - my company was listed 2nd behind local airport employees, which definitely should have been included in the high-risk group, so that makes us number one.

and i couldn't be happier. fuck amerikkka.
I hope Donald John Trump dies of COVID-19
You're in luck: the President now has the disease Coronavirus.
wrong thread
our health minister flat out admitted to tampering the numbers lol
governors got a solution to too many nurses and emts being sick, he's sending in the troops, the national guard is storming the hospitals and ambulances
when enough doctors die to cause a breakdown in medicine I will declare myself a doctor at a price point that matches the demand curve and begin to practice. once the plague is done I will invoke the grandfather clause and increase my fees to match my peers, disrupting the industry in the manner of Steve Jobs or a kleptoparasitic wasp. but I repeat myself
the first french hospital where patients will receive the pfizer vaccine is located in sevran, where 75% of the people live in social housing and 36% below the poverty line. what an altruistic gesture!
we edged out oklahoma wednesday, current u$ #1 per capita infection champion, maybe even best in the world. 1.3% of the entire state population currently infected right now. i saw news article from wales saying they were #1 but their seven day rolling avg is inferior, not impressed

the figures basically bug out when you look at the per cap rates for the small counties, shit like 17000+ per 100k in a county w 1800 residents

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Nebraska is not going to vaccinate meatpacking plant workers if they're undocumented. Personally asking the virus in this public Internet post to understand the situation and adjust its vectors.. not the best situation for any of us but we must obey the law
It's fortunate that Amerika upgraded all its wet markets to meatpacking facilities in the 80s
Bolsonaro denounced the Chinese vaccine and called it the "Communist" vaccine. Now Brazil can't get any other kind so Bolsonaro has to give out 6 million doses of Communism today. Lol


Flying_horse_in_saudi_arabia posted:

it was the narratives around china's handling of the outbreak that were pure sinophobia. and it's quite reasonable to expect the economic consequences in the west to be far more devastating, not just due to market hysteria but a far far more serious public health situation borne of a refusal to prepare appropriately. i personally expect the US to suffer the worst impact of all, for that reason

^ March 15, 2020... when will the world learn, RTRD (Read The Rhizzone, Dummy)!


finally some people will appreciate my smell thanks corona
So the way to deal with it is to go raw vegan, critical support for COVID-19
Or rather, I claim, does not covid parozhmia do zhe opposite, namely, reveal that we eat out of zhe trashcan of ideology all zhe time, a dialectical realizashun of Hegel’s inverted world?
the World Health Organization concluded (obviously) that SARS-CoV-2 didn't come from the magic pot of evil Red Chinese wizards in Wuhan. Rather, the virus emerged without any human intervention. This is the sane conclusion, accepted worldwide.

But a United $naKKKe$ guy from the Atlantic Council decided that wasn't effective Sinophobic propaganda and has strong-armed the WHO team to scrap their findings. This was done with a publicity offensive in the form of a big-name letter, from a bunch of what appear to be involved parties...

...and it takes until paragraph 7 for the Wall Street Journal story to mention that, of the people pressuring the WHO to advance their Sinophobic propaganda about COVID being cooked up in a lab,

they're trying to push the exact same conspiracy line they were during the trump admin, just now that biden's in office they're seeing if adding a double dose of classic racist "that idiot trump didn't tell you because he was too easily manipulated by the wiles of the cunning oriental!" to the pot will make people believe it this time, and honestly i respect that hustle
Yeah it's pretty funny they have to rely on the same insane Yellow Peril line as the guy they beat, but they can't say it out loud because their campaign called it out as racist and crazy. So instead they have to try to prevent every doctor in the entire world from agreeing with them out loud
i let bill gates inject me with his microchip
welcome to the club

tears posted:

i let bill gates inject me with his microchip

update, i feel like shit, if i dont post again its because bill gates murdered me

Mr Gates... you have made yourself a formidable group of enemies... He He
where i live finally has a vaccination center but only 500 doses for the first week lol the population is like 110,000 here
looks like i have survived another assassination attempt by the united $nakes
got the vaccine today, wanted to thank jeff epstein and everybody involved