Also sore as hell which means stretching is gonna feel amazing all week
I ran a heck of a lot and very consistently this spring and summer but missed the last 3 weeks bc of foot injury and now going back to my old mileage is daunting
Substitute some of yr running with jumping rope (so you can stop before hurting yrself without having to walk home) and weighted lunges / split squats (same + the increased load will improve yr foot muscles & bones) and remember to stretch yr feet and ankles every day
protip you do not need a jumprope in order to jumprope if you exercise where no one will see you
idk.. one of the reasons to jump rope instead of doing similar exercises is that it improves your coordination
you still have to do the hand+arm motions cars
the rope is an obstacle. you have to make the rope go fast and jump over the rope every time or admit to yourself that you are clumsier than a tiny child who recently learned how to walk. if you LARP the rope and every now and then stumble a couple steps forward while swearing and mumbling excuses under your breath then i withdraw my critique.
how do i get strong without anybuggy being able to tell?
Very carefully.
Fuck no. It will fuck you up. You will get bigger sure. But it will get more assymetrical.

ialdabaoth posted:

Fuck no. It will fuck you up. You will get bigger sure. But it will get more assymetrical.

Oh please https://lookism.net/Thread-How-can-Bradley-Cooper-look-so-good-in-motion-with-assymmetry-like-this

i don't havea pedometer but i di wear an assymeter when i go hiking
measuring how long an imperialist lackey has left to live with my assadmeter
i like to start the day with a limited edition tropical red bull

swampman posted:

Who else love to work out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for me it's weird to sit in equipment rooms with other insecure people nervously avoiding each other but i do love basketball!!!!!!

There was a time that I felt that way about equipment rooms. Then as I got better at lifting, I didn't feel insecure anymore. Then I realized all the other people that I had perceived as also insecure, were really just trying to get their workouts done. And I realized we are all avoiding each other as a byproduct of being focused on our personal work, and I realized that I could in fact say hello to people that I see at the gym frequently, and they would be polite back. I also realized, as I got better at lifting, that when you actually go into the gym knowing what you need to get done, and ready to give that your full effort and attention, that there's very little time left over for worrying about the unpleasant aspects of social interaction. I just keep my creep cam on its battery saving "passive alert" setting so I can maybe get a legit reason to chuck a 5lb weight like a discus at a harasser one day. Anyway, if you play basketball but never do strength training you're going to injure yourself and be doing jack fuck for 3 months.