i always forget i was somehow made mod of this forum. everyone try to stay out of the hospital so i look good.
the only drug im addicted to, is posting,
Iā€™m intoxicated on an alcoholic substance
im not intoxicated on a non-alcoholic substance
[account deactivated]
*surveys the forum as cycloneboy dabs my sweaty brow* Yes. Very good. *Lawrence of Arabia theme plays*
housemate made me hot chocolate earlier with whipped cream and cause i have only been living here for the past 2 months i didnt want to let his efforts down by refusing cause of my lactose intolerance, as we are all victims of the infective parasite that are landlordism. But being lactose intolerant has resulted in me vomiting from my 4th floor bedroom window tonight
i m not even meant to be here today !! but i have nowhere else to post about my stupid catch 22: huge situational anxiety which requires large amounts of xanax to get me thru the end of the semester (exams and essays and stuff), which works because im not physically frozen in terror by the task at hand, but now i have to try to do all this study properly while Cognitively Affected by benzos. ah well hopefully some good sessions starting in near future with a psychologist i trust so i might finally find a way to do Life while not being constantly tense and freaked and kind of nevert enjoying myself properly ever haha! yay anxiety++ and trauma

thanks for listening next time i post on substances ill make sure its weed so its more fun and chill <3
just realized vaping (nicotine) tastes like BABY POWDER
really enjoying this refreshing lemon water... perhaps too much