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very skeptical that this is an example of the US "walking away" and not, you know, the yanks deploying a fellow NATO army to carry out an invasion and balkanization plan they themselves currently lack the political will and capital to do, but have been desperate to implement, and have tried to in a variety of ways including via the SDF, for more than 10 years. cars talk of how the CIA smuggled a coup attempt in broad daylight got me thinking about this.

also they really want them to buy jets
shoutout to the completely unsubstantiated "suspected links to russian intelligence" claim which cites... a guardian article with a completely unsubstantiated single line about "suspected links to russian intelligence"


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they walked 30km away

oh sure but i mean the way it is being described is that even that 30km represents some kind of concession by trump rather than what seems to be the US merely subbing turkey who they wanna sell cool tech to and mend a few fences with, for the kurds who they have to fund and have some leftist ideology and alarming tendencies towards rapprochement with damascus

idgi, havn't people been saying for months now that YPG is going to making a deal with the Syrian government? what's preventing that from happening?
there were talks in august but nothing came of them. presumably any deal with syria meant the end of the NATO partnership, and the YPG chose NATO. I don't know what the terms were then but now the SAA is offering assistance only if the SDF agrees to turn over their weapons and integrate with the SAA. purportedly there's a lot of infighting going on in the SDF between the kurdish leadership and the arabs that make up the bulk of it. the latter would rather make a deal.
anyway, glad that the turks continue the tradition of naming foreign operations after a 'spring' of some sort
what are they calling this one, silent spring
spring of pisspeace

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We'll see if the Kurds and the Syrian state are able/allowed to make any progress toward a reunion.

i dont see that happening tbh

looks like i am being proven wrong as there are news about syria and ypg reaching a deal under russian&american supervision and that SAA will take over manbij and even kobane

And Esper is claiming the US is going to withdraw 1,000 troops. I hope both are true, but I'm skeptical.
reports of syrian army pushing north and syria declaring no fly zone. might end up clashing with t*rks

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what's turkey's goal here, other than to kill some kurds?

the plan is for turkey to release and rearm all those isis prisoners since the US has to keep up appearances

Hundreds of ISIS Supporters Flee Detention Amid Turkish Airstrikes


Trump tried backing a genocide and accidentally caused peace in the middle east. We sure do live in a timeline
it almost seems like the whole NE Syrian proxy statelet was predicated on keeping Abu Kamal and all other land based routes into Syria closed and once that objective failed, the whole raison d’etre of the SDF utterly collapsed and the political cost of alienating Turkey was no longer worth it. I think this might be less a tactical retreat and more a strategic defeat of the US in the larger scheme of things and that if they are indeed pulling out then their whole strategic plan since at least Obama (destroy Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon in order to alienate Iran) just suffered its final defeat. I don’t even know what the US will do now, they’re losing everywhere in the ME and in a far worse position than in 2011.
good day today
comedy yankee doodle timeline
Mr Trump, I am a 7 year old imperialist venture,
It’s funny to see how the brains of the liberals who have some idea of the tangle that is NE Syria are short-circuiting right now because of the contradictory factors at play: on the one hand you have the liberals who cannot admit that the US empire has a distinction between strategic allies and proxies, especially in this situation where the underdog YPG represents all the values that America tells itself that it represents, as opposed to Turkey, the Islamist, “neo-ottoman” imperial power etc etc, a contradiction that only resolves predictably into the ol’ pee tape forced Trump to kowtow to Putin yet again, the “ideological Jew Russian” that has disturbed the American body politic. On the other hand are the liberals who see this necessary yet regrettable choice as having derived from Trump’s inability to actually do what he says he wants to do: “peace and an end to endless wars” by doing the exact opposite which is carpet bombing Damascus. NYT says this:

“If this president were serious about ending wars and winning peace, he’d actually articulate a strategy that would protect against a re-emergence of ISIS and provide for the safety of our Syrian partners,” Mr. Reed added. “But he has repeatedly failed to do that. Instead, this is another example of Donald Trump creating chaos, undermining U.S. interests, and benefitting Russia and the Assad regime.”

The #1 trait of ideology is that it’s always the truth flipped 180 degrees, they couldn’t directly admit ISIS actually was secondary to the more important goal of destroying Syria, and that combatting ISIS effectively can only mean defeating US interests and reuniting Syria. Therefore, Trump is reaping what he has sown by being forced into this position of choosing between Turkey and the SDF, i.e. they are saying that its regrettable that “we must turn NE Syria into a jihadi emirate by means of Turkish proxies, because Trump did not effectively turn the other parts of Syria into jihadi emirates”! Which is why we’re seeing this weird situation where the US is condemning both the Turkish invasion AND condemning the Syrian government’s intervention to protect Syrian territory from the Turkish invasion they just condemned!

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its genuinely extremely enjoyable seeing the white house go from "fuck it let turkey invade" to "turkey don't you fucking dare" in like 36 hours time and all it took to make it happen was the ypg asking for help from literally the only willing people in the region. surely they expected this?
imo the defense and intelligence establishments never wanted this but were unable to talk trump out of it, but where their direct influence within the white house failed, their indirect influence as laundered through conservative media succeeded
Hands are officially off Syria now?


On to Idlib and then Golan Heights inshallah
biji ypg, victory to the syrian people, death to t*rk jihadis and amerikkka

whats the rhizzones position on this guy? seems legit
lmao the commander in chief of SDF went to the US and whined about how russia is supporting turkey and helping them defend their interests

edit: sorry he went on some arabic television to whine, he sent his deputy to DC instead who is whining about similar shit apparently

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hopefully this gets resolved in sochi on tuesday
hopefully it gets resolved in mochi!! Big marshmallow balls!!
asdhahdhashdahsdhash https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/kurds-syria-trump-turkey-rojava-macedonia-greece-zizek-a9166206.html
Voices: Kurds, Syria, Trump, Turkey, Rojava, Macedonia, Greece, Zizek, A9166206
so is syria just going to let turkey keep a part of it?

very unleonine

baghdadi dead, willing to put money on turkey having sheltered him for years now.

they killed him in idlib, that magical gumdrop land of 50000 hospitals and 1 million aid workers, where responsible groups like HTS protect the people and refuse to deal with anyone from ISIS

michael weiss is described as "inconsolable" and "losing fucking mind"

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as others have pointed out this is at least the 3rd time baghdadi has died since 2015 or so lol
damn rip bro, see you on the flip side