there are prob cheaper, more socially useful, and less harmful (to other people) ways to traumatize stoners and give them cancer

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watch this whole thing and tell me how you feel

*head rolls back as tpaine's entire post history begins to rush past mirror-inverted on the outer surface of my eyeballs*

One out of three U.S. Troops are refusing the vaccine to optimize their favorite hobby, murder/suicide.
couldnt think of a better place to post this


tldr the f35 is now so expensive and useless it is being repositioned as a boutique high end fighter and now they need a new mass replacement for the f16 (which was exactly what the f35 was meant to be)

it's forbes so of course they never point out the obvious conclusion which is that it was always a scam but then i guess that takes a vague knowledge of lockheed's previous antics and at least a passing concern for how many trillions of dollars of f35 orders have been placed by US "allies"
erdoğan vindicated once again for buying s400 and getting kicked out of the f35 shit

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couldnt think of a better place to post this
the f35 is now so expensive and useless it is being repositioned as a boutique high end fighter and now they need a new mass replacement for the f16 (which was exactly what the f35 was meant to be)


tfw its big sword day again
+5 damage against brown children

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tfw its big sword day again


people re-learning for the thousandth time how much the wild-type United $naKKKe$ Cop and Troop naturally despise each other in any situation where an alcohol-related criminal charge has any chance whatsoever of appearing. I wonder how long it will take them to forget it again. The mainstream news media seems to want to pump it up a lot more nowadays, I guess to present defanged Cop-hating as patriotic and get those sweet clicks from the hoi polloi, but it always slips out of the public consciousness again within a month tops
those sort of stories are a sorta fun litmus test of the conservative mind because they gotta decide if they want to come in on the side of the Troop or the Cop. in this case the cops obviously racially profiled & pulled the black Troop over for no reason (new car pulled over for 'no plates' while the temp. plates were clearly visible) and were immediately super aggro, barking contradictory orders, & completely itching to tase, spray, or shoot up the guy. the conservatives in the comments seem to come down on either a wishy-washy 'well.. they both did some wrong things' or 'dumb Troop should've followed orders' depending entirely on how racist they are.
pretty easy diceroll, both guys have +6 for patriotic uniform but you've got a good 4 point spread on complexion
troopsucker Modi likes to pretend to be a Troop and dress up in a fake army costume and salute. But he pissed off the troops by surprising them with a plan to hire troops for 4 years at a time with no pensions. Now the beloved Troops are setting tire fires and burning trains and fighting with the Cops. Sounds like a normal weekend in Fayette-nam
i keep thinking about that hologram stage they drove around India when Modi was campaigning, and how at the beginning the Modi hologram would walk back and forth and wave at everyone, back and forth, back and forth, in a way that was bizarre to watch when you were just seeing it as a video outside of its intended context. Like watching someone rehearse for a speech in their hotel room and physically role-play the entire bit where they came out and waved at important people they'd know would be in the front row and pointed at them and so on. And I'm sure they filled the crowd up with ringers, so that applause and cheers lasted all through that walking and waving, but I always think, What if the hired ringers showed up in the wrong town or something? And Hologram Modi's just walking back and forth, waving and waving and waving, in dead silence, as this small crowd of people, well back from where the fake Modi is looking, just stares blankly at the stage and waits for it to end.
the Pentagon has announced that if you are a United $naKKKe$ Troop then you are a janissary with special political privileges and Roe v. Wade is still the law for you. Don’t want them breeding anyway, parental abuse by definition (vaguely waves posting hand) and so on
still pretty bad!!!!