Bet it was the one with the photo of Thich Quang Duc burning himself to death in protest of the RVN junta.
Hardly because of the band,
He's also obstructing an abortion clinic from being built in his mayoral demesne, while a fake christian pregnancy counseling center or whatever has no problems getting set up
haha that excerpt where he’s like, “when I was all fired up about going to a Howard Dean speech in college, I couldn’t imagine that the guy who really made a difference would be cattle-eyed Apolitical Mark Facebook in the building I waddled past”
the one where he explains the clock on the Cambridge Bank building made him excited because clocks on buildings meant he was finally in the big city, instead of the place where he grew up, which was the campus of Notre Dame

This vehicle was designed to drop in from the sky along with paratroopers. The JLTV is the "LRV" armored scout in this concept video (this is an actual Army video):

The basic idea is that third-world armies these days with money + weapons + vehicles from Russia, Iran, etc. can turn paratroopers into mince meat, so the Army wants to give paratroopers these armored taxi cabs to drop in 100 "clicks" away -- so they don't get blown away by shoulder-fired missiles -- and then drive into battle. But they're heavy and break down quickly, and they're not so heavy that they can't be lifted in which means they're not as armored as they probably need to be. The MRAPs used in Iraq were like giant crab shells for keeping soldiers alive during Mahdi Army ambushes in cities, so they could be slow and heavy and spare parts were just a few miles down the road.
then they'd chop the MRAPs into scrap and sell it to the locals because it was too expensive to ship them back home. lol.
ill listen to everything but country and MRAP
a curious fact about mraps is that they descend from vehicles designed by the south africans and rhodesians so the vehicles amerikkkan troops ride into battle come from a proud lineage of white supremacist battle taxis