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For the former Newbury Park High School track coach this day has been full of emotions — from sadness to guilt. Because she never filed charges against Long after she says he assaulted her his senior year.

Colell says it happened during practice when someone found a phone and she was trying to figure out who it belonged to.

“Ian came up and started screaming at me that was his phone,” said Colell. “He just started grabbing me. He groped my stomach. He groped my butt. I pushed him off me and said after that — ‘you’re off the team.’ ”

But Colell says she was encouraged by other coaches and the school to accept an apology to not ruin his future in the Marine Corps.

“I should have reported it then,” said Colell.

And although she never would have predicted this, Colell says she doesn’t believe this is just a case of PTSD. She says Long had issues long before he was ever a Marine.

“There are hundreds of thousands of people with PTSD,” said Colell. “They don’t go around shooting people. This kid was mentally disturbed in high school. There were signs and the administration knew it.”

Really enjoy the logic of, yes, this man is a violent sex criminal, but the last thing we would want is to take away his chance to be a hired killer
I just watched American Sniper, Americans were not sniped and Jabul wasn’t even in it. Origin story maybe?
For this 100th anniversary of the Armistice, the Irish government thought it'd be a fantastic idea to have a statue of a British soldier in the heart of the capital to commemorate the Irish war dead. Always amusing to see our ruling class bow and scrape to their former colonial masters (also in evidence by the number of them that chose to wear the poppy). I suppose it makes sense, since the Free State has almost totally renounced the history of Irish revolution, they have to build up a myth of Irish heroism elsewhere, so may as well choose the 40,000+ who were pointlessly ground to a pulp for the glory of Empire.
Secretary of the army mark t. magicite

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Really enjoy the logic of, yes, this man is a violent sex criminal, but the last thing we would want is to take away his chance to be a hired killer



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Secretary of the army mark t. magicite

LMAO if you post this into Google the algorithm changes the search instantly to form his real full name. like it hedges whether you’re looking up the secretary of the Army or where to find Carbunkl

kill 'em with kindness


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kill 'em with kindness


Despite pouring an extra $200 million into bonuses and approving some additional waivers for bad conduct or health issues, Army recruitment last year fell short of goals by about 6,500 soldiers.

for some reason more people who have only known endless war dont want to sign up to die kill in the desert. lets see if those latte sipping liberals can be convinced

pass a gi bill that grants veterans a free Starbucks coffee drink every day