the union movement's rightward shift started much earlier. back in the 40s and 50s you had the rightwing unions like the shoppies (SDA) and what later become the AWU involved in the labor split, affiliating with the DLP, etc. the catholic right is heavily influential in the labor party to this day using those unions as a vehicle. really the only solid union left is the CFMEU (or i should get used to saying CFMMEU since the merger shouldnt i). as for political orgs it's all trot garbage except for the CPA which is still hanging on but literally dying off due to the age of most of its membership.

Petrol posted:

as for political orgs it's all trot garbage except for the CPA which is still hanging on but literally dying off due to the age of most of its membership.

how many children are you going to donate

oh lol

clive palmer posting straight up nazi memes to his facebook page now http://archive.is/Fn4Yd
not enough room on the first step's tummy for "race mixing"
upside downland updates for today:

• dutton found by senate committee to have mislead parliament over his persoanl relationship with au pair employer, he now faces a no confidence motion in the lower house and censure in the upper house https://www.sbs.com.au/news/dutton-faces-no-confidence-vote-after-au-pair-inquiry-finds-he-misled-the-parliament

• the prime minister has a hilariously ugly statue dating back to his time as immigration minister, commemorating locking human being of all ages in pacific island death camps "stopping" the boats (for some reason it took a new york times profile for australian press to notice this and/or bother to publish photos)

cursed continent
i didnt want to believe it at first, it couldnt possibly be true, but no, all the evidence was there, i just had to admitt it: the only worthwhile thing that ever came out of australia was the melbourne shuffle

tears posted:

i didnt want to believe it at first, it couldnt possibly be true, but no, all the evidence was there, i just had to admitt it: the only worthwhile thing that ever came out of australia was the melbourne shuffle

This takes me back to my highschool days, when class neanderthal, Simms, insisted everyone watch his shuffle uploads.

when the 2007 hardstyle beat kicks in
not afraid to say it: i will never vote for a prime minister who cant shuffle
hey petrol, can u shuffle?
sorry to disappoint, but i was more of a newcastle gabber guy back in my rave days. lots of head banging and thrashing about kind of aimlessly.

i never danced like this either but any excuse to post this video
so let me break this down for you, old skool shuffling is all about wearing a pair of maxi dayglo cullottes and going as hard as you can to hoover effects, while (and this is essential) making sure the hood of your PHD hoodie doesnt fall down, new school shuffing on the other hand is all about slowing it down to make sure u look good in the dance studio to alan walker remixes and sia, dont forget your flashing LED trainers! get u a prime minnister who can do both imo, front page this post asap
ive heard that australian acid is very good
it definitely was 20 years ago
Fat lot of good it will do, but it's worth noting that in a rare example of actually finding a smoking gun, the guardian dug up a document proving Nauru has been keeping journalists out at Australia's urging, despite official denials. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/oct/04/australia-jointly-responsible-for-naurus-draconian-media-policy-documents-reveal

tfw a literal pedophile rapist shock jock can basically bully the nsw state government into doing his paymaster's bidding

clarification for northern hemispherian colonist comrades: alan jones is australia's premier fascist radio personality and has a grasp on sydney's media/political elite in an extremely pizzagate-tier web of pedophilia, is known for raping young men in the 60s and 70s as well as taking "cash for comment" , as well as extreme misogyny, racism, and incitement to murder and riot.

he abused the ceo of the opera house's board for not allowing advertisements for the racing industry (gambling is very legal and big in oz) and claimed if he told the NSW premier to sack this CEO, his will would be done. now the premier has decided to force the opera house to show ads for horse torture.

i hate this fucking city

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the rapes are news to me and i have to say im surprised i never heard about it before. well, time for one of those googles i know im probably going to regret
what is publicly known is basically groping young boys; what is acknowledged all over the place but with very little openness is "full-on" CSA. many of the young boys preyed on were orphans and boarders.

i know one first-hand account of a man (a colleague of a close relative, no longer affiliated, was told this story ~10 years ago) who, along with with his brother, was an orphan that either worked or attended a tennis club that jones and his pedo mates were members of. the gentleman and his brother - i believe they were in their early 10's - were raped in an unspecified manner by both jones and another rapist.

stories like this - told all throughout sydney (especially the more affluent north) - are commonplace and just about every pollie and media dickhead knows one or knows of one. yet jones has had nothing short of a tremendously successful career, in spite of his corruption, psychotic temperament, and quietly acknowledged pederasty.

there are other significant figures in the limelight that have been described as "rock-spiders" but i do not personally know of the stories. but i certainly believe that gentleman - "M", i'll call him - and i hope he is living well. i hope he's still around and tries telling his story again.

damoj posted:

stories like this - told all throughout sydney (especially the more affluent north) - are commonplace and just about every pollie and media dickhead knows one or knows of one.

the same people who dreamed up the tales of rampant child abuse in remote aboriginal communities to justify the intervention. not sure if that counts as irony but i certainly endorse sending troops in to seize control of mosman


Petrol posted:

the same people who dreamed up the tales of rampant child abuse in remote aboriginal communities to justify the intervention

it's not just limited to the culturally conservative circles. marsden and a certain other high-profile publicly gay small-l liberal have been on the receiving end of quite a lot of accusations that have been publicly quashed. because many of the accusations were instrumentalised as culture-war smear campaigns against prominent liberal gays, quite a lot of people are inclined to see them as purely homophobic concoctions - real "BILL COSBY INNOCENT" hours who the fuck up?? - thus there is indeed a layer of "progressive" cultural protection. victims have a hard enough time getting heard about some groper-shockjock, how on earth can they expect to be believed by celebrated individuals in the gay or human-rights scene?

it's all quite sad, but it's an open secret amongst 2-3 generations of cultural/media/political elites. Beria-like, even.

yeah, to clarify, i was making a crack about the whispered-gossipers of north sydney as a class, rather than grouping the perpetrators politically. the examples you give are interesting though. particularly the first one, a shining example of why defamation law in this country is so fucked.
unfortunately i cannot provide any "evidence" for the latter, he's apparently very diligent in protecting himself, and what i've heard are whispers from affluent-law-doer circles. a lot of these stories make Charles Waterstreet look like a saint - maybe that's why he's such a confident creep.
anyway, getting back to the original graft-corruption marionette-of-premier concern:

like that took long to "uncover"

crikey mates

Deja vu... (Scullion just loves him some nazi rhetoric)

"Who foresaw this happening?" Ask the incredulous press-gallery journos, completely oblivious to Hanson's 2.4 decades in politics and her more recent pledges to increase gamer's ping.

Kids from the bush tell me because their speeds are so bad they keep getting beaten by gamers from overseas- Unacceptable

Coalition blames admin error for 'regrettable' decision to support 'it's OK to be white' motion

The Coalition has blamed a rogue email from a minister's office for its "regrettable" decision to back One Nation leader Pauline Hanson's incendiary motion that declared, "It's OK to be white."

Senator Hanson's motion condemning so-called "anti-white racism" was defeated in the Senate on Monday, but was backed by 23 Coalition senators and strongly endorsed on Twitter afterwards by cabinet ministers.

The phrase "it's OK to be white" is widely associated with alt-right, white supremacist and neo-Nazi movements, particularly in the US.

Amid the fallout on Tuesday morning, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the actions of his own senators were "regrettable", and asked the government's leader in the Senate, Mathias Cormann, to explain.

Senator Cormann said the government originally resolved to oppose the motion when Senator Hanson flagged it in September. He blamed an administrative error for Coalition senators being directed to back it on Monday.

"As a result of an administrative process failure, the government senators in the chamber ended up on advice voting in support of the motion," Senator Cormann said.

"As the leader of the government in the Senate, I take responsibility for that error, and I'm sorry that that happened. It is indeed regrettable.

"It slipped through. It shouldn't have. We do not support the form of words that was chosen in that motion ... we deplore racism of any kind."

The Coalition has blamed a rogue email from a minister's office for its "regrettable" decision to back One Nation leader Pauline Hanson's incendiary motion that declared, "It's OK to be white."

Senator Cormann did not explain the nature of the administrative error or why the 23 Coalition senators failed to notice it was a mistake.

Attorney-General Christian Porter then released a statement blaming an "early email" sent by his staff without his knowledge.

"It appears that, of the very large number of motions on which my office’s views are routinely sought, this one was not escalated to me because it was interpreted in my office as a motion opposing racism," he said.

"The associations of the language were not picked up. Had it been raised directly with me those issues would have been identified."

Mr Porter said he would review administrative processes in his office.

Shortly after the motion was defeated 28-31 on Monday, as controversy swelled about the Coalition's position, Senator Cormann and Mr Porter tweeted their support for the substance of the motion.

"The Government Senators' actions in the Senate this afternoon confirm that the Government deplores racism of any kind," Mr Porter tweeted.

Senator Cormann quoted that tweet and added: "The Government indeed deplores racism of any kind."

And in a now-deleted tweet, Liberal senator Lucy Gichuhi wrote: "I say no to white supremacy. I say no to black supremacy. But I say yes to HUMAN supremacy."

On Tuesday, Senator Cormann said he was embarrassed by the sequence of events. Mr Porter said his tweet was issued in support of Liberal senator Anne Ruston's statement in the Senate - while discussing the motion - that: "The government condemns all forms of racism."

when the hell did cpgb-ml join the australian government
Folks it’s no big deal. there was a stack overflow and the Australians accidentally heiled Hitler, no big whoop. they’re fixing it in the next update
Living in the high castle.Horrible disability? TIME TO FOR RACISM AND SHAMELESS MONEY GRUBBING.
Jesus christ
'For the Pacific it's always about cash': Environment Minister in diplomatic incident over climate change

Environment Minister Melissa Price has been accused of offending a key Pacific leader by declaring the region was "always” seeking cash from Australia, sparking a political dispute over her alleged remarks at a Canberra restaurant on Tuesday night.

Ms Price is said to have told former Kiribati president Anote Tong, a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, that she had her “chequebook” ready to deal with his demands for cash.

The minister’s office has declared the account to be "completely untrue" but the contested exchange triggered a rebuke over the minister’s treatment of a key friend of Australia in the Pacific.

Ms Price told Parliament she "100 per cent disagreed" with the account of her remarks to Mr Tong.

Mr Tong, who led Kiribati from 2003 to 2016, was dining with Labor senator Pat Dodson and others at La Rustica restaurant in the Canberra suburb of Kingston and was introduced to Ms Price, who was dining with staff close by.

One witness to the conversation told Fairfax Media that Ms Price discussed a possible meeting with Mr Tong and then made a remark about demands for cash.

Ms Price asked Mr Tong why he was in Canberra and was told by Senator Dodson that the former Kiribati leader was in Australia to talk about climate change and was hoping to have a meeting with her.

"Is it about the cash?" Ms Price replied, according to the witness.

"It’s always about the cash. I’ve got my chequebook over there. How much do you want?"

A spokesman for Ms Price denied this account and said the minister told Mr Tong that Australia cared very deeply about the Pacific, before suggesting they set up a meeting at some point.

Those at the dinner with Mr Tong included human rights advocate and Edmund Rice Centre director Phil Glendenning, and Oxfam climate change expert Simon Bradshaw.

Fairfax Media was told that Mr Tong responded to Ms Price by saying it was "nice to meet you" but he later described the exchange as unfortunate.

Mr Tong is said to have rolled his eyes and told his friends he was not in Canberra for a cheque.

Senator Dodson wrote to Ms Price on Wednesday to criticise the "discourteous and offensive behaviour" and to ask her to apologise to Mr Tong.

In his letter, Senator Dodson relayed his account of the words the minister spoke.

"I know why you’re here. It is for the cash. For the Pacific it’s always about the cash. I have my chequebook here. How much do you want?” she is alleged to have said in the account Senator Dodson set out in his letter.

Senator Dodson noted in his letter that there were four people at his table with Mr Tong.

"They were all shocked and embarrassed," he wrote.

"You should be aware that president Tong is a well-known international figure, close to president Obama and other world leaders, especially on our Pacific region," Senator Dodson wrote.

"He is globally known as an advocate for action on climate change. He is a Nobel Prize nominee and was the leader of his nation for over a decade. He deserves an apology."

Senator Dodson also sent this letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten.

Ms Price told question time she was very concerned at the way the remarks had been relayed in Senator Dodson's letter, given she had considered the West Australian senator to be a friend.

"Some friend, I have to say," Ms Price said in Parliament.

"I'm very concerned that president Tong has been offended in any way.

"I have spoken to Senator Dodson today and asked him if he was able to provide me with a contact number for president Tong because I 100 per cent disagree with what he has said was the conversation.

"What I did say was that the Pacific is a very good friend and neighbour to Australia. In fact that's exactly what I said to president Tong last night."

The government has offended Pacific leaders in the past, with Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton caught on camera joking about rising sea levels after a visit to the region.

"Time doesn’t mean anything when you’re about to have water lapping at your door," Mr Dutton said in September 2015.

Mr Tong strongly criticised those remarks and said Mr Dutton should "search his own soul" about his arrogance.

"What kind of a person is he? As long as there is this kind of attitude, this kind of arrogance in any position of leadership, we will continue to have a lot of tension," Mr Tong said at the time.

Queensland Liberal National Senator Ian Macdonald last month also claimed Pacific countries were always seeking money to deal with climate change.

"They might be Pacific Islanders, but there’s no doubting their wisdom and their ability to extract a dollar where they see it," Senator Macdonald told the Senate.

The federal government is increasingly anxious about rising Chinese influence in the Pacific and has tried to assure regional leaders that it will keep its commitments on climate change.

Asked 10 days ago if Australia should withdraw from the Paris agreement on climate change, Mr Morrison named alliances in the Pacific as a key reason for staying in the global compact to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"The question really is what is to be gained by that, other than people questioning Australia’s commitments and international agreements we’ve entered into,” Mr Morrison said.

"In particular, those in the region in the Pacific, this is a very important commitment that we’ve made."


bittersweet that it's bourgeois egotists that have done the most damage to their party, and not any Left movement