BREAKING: world first confirmed transmission of COVID-19 from human to potato

tom no 😩
y'all really do have the worlds most powerful craving for death, huh
the death cult lurks among us, yes
to be fair, a country that's also an island continent is the only one where the industrial death factory / 360-degree death-robot cordon strategy has a decent chance of success... maybe it's time to accentuate the positive
Australia as a geographical thing is pretty cool as an idea. Sucks in reality apparently
bernardi still hanging about like a bad smell and if the mask was ever on, it's off now

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Whats going on with all this plague stuff? Is it truly dangerous, or is it just something that the media is hyping up to give the ruling class an excuse for fucking everything up AGAIN and dragging us all down into a Super-Depression-with-a-Capital-'D'?
Personally Im Just Trying To Vibe, WildStalins
Both. This is truly a dangerous disease that is killing thousands of people every day and personally effected most of us on here in more ways than one. But of course it's also being used to excuse the global economy FAILaids that was going to happen anyway.
the public health crisis is quite real, but we all know what capitalism sees in a crisis: opportunity
I never doubted that Sam Williams Was Right, but I COULD NEVER IMAGINE that the trigger for the Super-Crisis was going to be pulled BY THE GOVERNMENT sending police officers to close beaches and break up picnics. This is a DISASTER. the ruling classes are disgracing themselves in every way possible!! The health system is being ravished, not by AIDS or a resident evil contagion, but by a fucking respiratory infection, and the private hospitals are threatening to close up shop if the government doesn't give send them more funny money. This is going to be quite a decade.
Anyone else watching ScoMo's press conference right now? Its disastrous. I'm absolutely flabbergasted by what I'm hearing. He just said businesses and landlords need to "work something out" and that businesses need to "hibernate" for six months(!!). He didn't say a word about residential tenants. This is it, folks. Capitalism's over. Pack your shit and go.
Now he's talking about going to shops and buying jigsaw puzzles. jfc
one of the first things corporate told my workplace - after new shift rules were implemented (thankfully without effecting pay/penalties) - was that they would be "watching closely" our outdoor delivery times, which is to say they see these alterations as a possible framework for scrapping early-morning loading in our next EBA

in every disaster we must look at the people who are helping
I am in an extremely bad mood again, as the High Court of Australia has quashed the paedophile George Pell's conviction for historic child rape offences and set him free, in such as way as to make any future convictions for similar crimes practically impossible.
All rich people fuck kids without exception.
hrmm lets see what the top story is on google news australia right now

van diemen, huh
that last one is so weird because it;s hard to think of a baked good less in need to mechanical assistance for its preparation than a sausage roll

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https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/may/08/nsw-police-watchdog-says-strip-searches-illegal-but-critics-say-findings-did-not-go-far-enough posted:

A New South Wales police watchdog investigation into seven strip searches including one in which a 16-year-old Aboriginal boy was physically forced to remove his shorts and squat has found that all of them were unlawful.

But the watchdog has been criticised for “not going far enough” in its findings, with Sarah Crellin, a principal solicitor at the Aboriginal Legal Service, saying she was “deeply disappointed that there have been no recommendations for disciplinary action” against individual officers.

On Friday the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission released the findings of five separate investigations into seven strip searches conducted between March 2015 and January 2019.

In one of the investigations, the LECC found that a search in which a 16-year-old Aboriginal boy was forcibly made to squat by a NSW police sergeant was unlawful and revealed wide-spread failures in the training of police.

“This investigation demonstrates that whatever educational methods are being utilised by the NSWPF to inform officers of their powers and responsibilities … they are not being universally applied in the practice of policing,” it stated.

On 25 November, 2018, the boy was carrying two grams of cannabis inside a cigar-shaped foil while walking with two friends on a main street “of a major town in regional north-western NSW”.

When he saw two officers approaching, the boy dropped the foil then picked it up and placed it in his pocket. One of the officers, a sergeant, mistakenly believed he had seen the boy put the cannabis down the back of his shorts.

Bodyworn camera footage reviewed by the LECC shows the boy was then stopped by the officers, who told his friends to leave. As he did, the boy shouted for them to tell his father what had happened.

Less than two minutes after he had been stopped, the sergeant told the boy to put his hands against a fence and then “began to pull the waistband of the boy’s shorts out so that he could look into the back of his pants,” an action which constitutes a strip search.

The boy objected to the search, saying to the officer “you can’t look down my pants cunt” and then “What are you doin’, you can’t put your hands down my bum ... you can search me down at the station when my parents are there”.

The officer replied: “Well, you actually don’t know the rules, we can search you.”

In NSW, police are only permitted to carry out field strip-searches if the urgency and seriousness of the situation requires it. In the case of minors, a parent or guardian must be present unless an immediate search is deemed necessary to protect the person or prevent evidence being destroyed.

In its report, the LECC stated the sergeant “would later concede that it was he who did not know the rules and that the 16-year-old boy’s understanding was correct”.

Less than four minutes after he was stopped, two more officers arrived at the scene. One of them, a constable, said to the boy: “I’m taking it out for you, am I?”

What the constable then did was not captured by the bodyworn camera, but after again failing to find the cannabis, the boy was handcuffed and placed in the back of a police van before being taken to the station.

Once there, he was again searched in the presence of two officers while in the vehicle dock. Footage released by the LECC shows the sergeant checking the boy’s pockets before untying the draw string of his shorts.

“He pulled the boy’s shorts down to the floor, lifted the back of his T-shirt and then pushed his right shoulder down in order to force him to squat,” the LECC’s report stated.

During the LECC’s investigation, the boy gave evidence that when one of the officers examined his clothing “he made a rude remark regarding the state of his shorts”. The LECC said the boy was “embarrassed by the officer’s comments and also by having to stand naked except for his shoes and T-shirt”.

During the search, one of the officers inspected the rear of the police van and found the cannabis. The LECC’s report stated the sergeant “conceded in evidence that, if he had searched this area first, he would have found the foil”. The boy was then questioned about the cannabis for about 30 seconds while he was still naked from the waist down. He also conceded that if he had conducted an adequate pat-down at the scene he likely would have found the cannabis in his pocket.

The boy was charged by the sergeant with possession of two grams of cannabis and released on strict bail conditions. He was later fined in the children’s court.

ah yes, a "failure of training"


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ah yes, a "failure of training"

i knew a guy who got hired to do non-violent conflict resolution training for prison guards and cops, and he was radicalized within the first week realizing that 95% of the people he was supposed to be teaching were there specifically to beat and rape people without repercussions and his "training" was just justification for them to write out the paperwork claiming they had no other choice but to do what they came there to do in the first place

i mean sure i could write my own update of how things are going down here or i could just as easily post first dog?

e: no

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posting FDOTM should be a bannable offence
my posting has been so bad lately. i know i am stressed out with irl stuff right now but i hope its nothing more than that.

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its all g, he's just an insufferable smol-l with an utterly terrible vehicle for his widdle observations

Hundreds of thousands out in the streets this past weekend for BLM rallies across the country. Dismissed throughout the media as a pointless selfish act that will spread covid. Same media outlets immediately started parroting calls for more rapid lifting covid restrictions using the rallies as an excuse. Schroedinger's protest, I guess. White australia would have them mean anything except that black deaths in custody need to stop. The public broadcaster made a small concession to the movement in the form of a BLM themed episode of its weekly politics circlejerk, featuring a black actor performing a pertinent monologue.

Small-l liberal australia falls over itself praising this performance, gobsmacked at how shaken they felt watching it, retweeting it, perhaps even resolving to take on board the advice to challenge Uncle Barry's unpalatable opinions at the next family barbecue (whenever we can have one again, haha!). Racism solved. Great job everybody
this country seems like dogshit
settlers 2: electric woolloomooloo

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bernardi still hanging about like a bad smell and if the mask was ever on, it's off now

I'm watching this video with the benefit of 4 months of hindsight, and it seems to me Corey Bernardi and DJTrump were the voices of reason here. The other guy is incoherent, nothing he said made any sense at all. Nothing about this imaginary notplague non-virus justifies the abolition of public education, public healthcare, mass layoffs, or the domestic deployment of the military, or forcing people to wear condoms on their face. And the dreadful times won't really begin until the mortgage crisis gets going. And the public sector layoffs... Obviously the economic ragnarok was overdue, but this imaginary notplague-nonvirus scammywammyhoaxswindle has totally disarmed us and retardified everyone, including my beloved rHizzomE community.

Seriously, I don't like Bernardi or Alan Jones or Bolt or whoever either, but go back and watch the video you posted. I mean really really listen carefully to what these guys are saying. Bernardi's arguments are extremely sensible, obvious and persuasive. He points out that the government reaction to the virus is hysterical, that the virus itself (which doesn't exist - though Corey doesn't say that) is no more dangerous than a common cold or flu, which is true, therefore better to chill our pill and just carry on like normal, lest we - the ruling class - destroy the fabric of our society, this world that we've created.

OK, fair enough. That's Corey Bernardi. Now lets hear out this Steve Conroy:

"I I I I'm-m-m frankly sho - I - shocked by what Corey has ahh ahh just said, I I-II-I, frankly the medical advice is ah ahhh I've got a mum whose 79 and Ive kept her locked up in the basement for 2 weeks and ah I."

This guy can't even talk!! WTF?? Who is this guy? Is he a doctor or wtf is he?? Im not joking this is how he STARTS OFF and then he just sinks. Ive watched this video 4 or 5 times and I cant make sense of what he's saying let alone summarize his arguments in writing. There is no mention of mass layoffs, increase in homelessness, psychological effects of imposed isolation, the elimination of culture (beaches were closed for no reason, No live music, Opera house is still closed for no reason, you still cant walk into pub - not even just to take a piss - without being treated like a criminal for no reason, no dancing allowed, libraries are either closed for no apparent reason or theyre just open for a teeny smidge - totally arbitrary), deferral of medical care to people who have actual real ailments which REALLY exist IN REAL LIFE and not on just the news. Oh but his mum is really old so we just have to stop everything.


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Yeah no shit she "can't afford the risk of doing this" What kind of maniac locks up a 79 year old woman - their own mother no less - for 2 weeks. He even says she has "serious respiratory issues". I really hope she's been rescued and that she's now safe from this psychotic control freak.