i think the virus is real, fursonally
welcome back redkahina

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imaginary notplague non-virus

Maybe it is actually fake in Australia? I haven't done the research, and I hate to speak over someone with direct experience of the island continent. "No investigation, no right to speak."
australia is fake
strayans are the real virus

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I'm watching this video with the benefit of 4 months of hindsight, and it seems to me

would the next LF mod who sees this please IFAP this clown

That’s why IFAP’s there ideally, to make Virus Hoax guy write thousands of words explaining why he’s wrong before he gets to post again.

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the virus itself (which doesn't exist) is no more dangerous than a common cold or flu, which is true,

which is it, it doesn't exist or it's as bad as the flu? is the flu also fake?

heard there's a lotta 'rona talk down south in the 'straya thread
I'm Australian today, and I've been eating paint chips since I was 3!

This can only mean one thing... BRING IT IN, GUYS!!!

*every doctor, nurse, scientist and politician on the entire planet come in with everything for a HUGE conspiracy*
News this morning that 2 strayan "journalists" for the ABC and Financial Review have been evacuated from China following diplomatic warnings and police intimidation. The story is here for anyone else who, like myself, finds reading about this sort of thing very funny. I have for months wondered why the fuck China tolerated the continued presence of ABC's appropriately named smarmy sinophobic twit Bill Birtles. No longer! He is back and glad to be in a country with "genuine rule of law", he smirked after touching down. Yes, that genuine rule of law straya is so well known for, at least if you look like and have a similar bank account balance and political opinions as Bill Fucken Birtles.
Birtles is a serious tpaine name
Birtles. *fucks along* Puig. LAST TIME I GAVE A SHIT, I GOT FUCKED
Is Bill Birtles of any relation to
Beeb Birtles (born Gerard Bertelkamp, 28 November 1948) is a Dutch Australian musician, singer, songwriter and guitarist.

He has been a member of various Australian groups including
Zoot (1967–71),
Mississippi (1972–74),
Little River Band (1975–83),
and Birtles Shorrock Goble (2002–07).

Gerard Bertelkamp, aka Beeb Birtles. Of Birtles Shorrock Goble. And Zoot. Am I having a stroke or is this real
Bill Birtles is, I believe, no (close) relation to the illustrious Beeb Birtles, of Zoot (formerly known as Down The Line).
damn the chinese revisionists for not giving him the warmbier treatment
i mean that does sound funny but the last thing anyone needs is a thousand bloodthirsty news stories about how the communist chinese regime brutally murdered innocent alabaster newsboy in a xinjiang death camp

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Birtles. *fucks along*


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dat_Boi#Notable_uses posted:

The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union posted a "Dat Boi" meme to comment on the 2016 Australian federal election.[21]