engaged in a life and death struggle with the pdf file format
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Beware of this could your future toyot
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sending emails makes me want to throw up

love my new hobby of sending emails
my above post was a jest. i do not love my new hobby of sending emails as it invokes a sense of terror and nausea over the idea of other's judgement of my text. i feel technically inproficient and liable to blunder at any and every stage of the process, but i've also come to realize that those feelings cannot be an excuse to inaction. the dialectical method of problem solving (which i am modeling off of the description i read from mao's on practice) is to first materially engage with a problem. this is different from "attempting to solve" where one begins with a rigid procedure and outcome already locked into place, a form of idealism, but instead the very act of using one's senses to observe, brain to think, and limbs to manipulate. from these physical exertions will come resistance, friction, contradiction, and at that point the dialectic will advance as the realization of the nature of these contradictions is the resolution of their solution. from this resolution comes the need for finer observations, broader thinking, and more precise manipulation -- and from that same process will emerge the ability of performing those superior physical methods. at some point there will be a negation of the negation (i do not know what this means), and the problem will be solved or the communist will be dead.

anyways, what i actually love is PBR.
why is ur new hobby sending emails, seems weird, but i'm not one to judge
Send me an email cutepinkrotarytelephone@rhizzone.net
sissyfuss please stop sending me emails where you promise to “Cobb [my] Caesar” in exchange for “posting superstar doxx”. In context I can tell what that means so I’m not sure why you think “the Scotish rite” [sic] couldn’t.
i have been stuffing pamphlets titled 'stalin genocided non-YTs' into pneumatic tubes outside regional banks in order to further the ideo-political radicalization of the teller-proletariat. my work has been arduous, tireless, and as comrade cars has now shown through his revelation of our private communiques, thankless.

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bemusedly considering how small mistakes, miscommunications, and overlooked details, each very simple individually, slowly accumulated over seven years to create a cascade of failures that resulted in my work week being obnoxious, stressful, complicated and dumb
Got rejected from a job I very much wanted. Minorly blackpilling. Compensated by buying a pass for 10 movies at the municipal movie theater, 45 bucks.
what was the j*b?
What's a job?

Populares posted:

What's a job?

its like a chicken pox party for adults


招瑤 posted:

a chicken pox party for adults

there's an anti-mask protest happening in Calgary today. anywhere else this would be an irresponsible travesty endangering precious human lives, but it's Calgary so. eh. here's an eyewitness account:


aerdil posted:

what was the j*b?

editorial assistant at covertaction magazine, they are relaunching.

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i love that post

liceo posted:

took a very long walk two nights ago throughout the entirety of the downtown here. i havent really seen anything of this city since moving here. i dont like it because its ugly and has no infrastructure so ive had little motivation to walk in it. ive been smoking cigarettes with wormwood occasionally which is an interesting experience - the effects are mostly visual... everything becomes more distinct, lower contrast, and warmer. that said, i decided to walk all around the riverfront trails and broke into an abandoned parking garage which had excellent views. i climbed down and out and found myself near the baseball stadium. i was dumbfounded because there was a game going on with full lights, announcements, rap-country mash-up hits blasting, but for a completely empty stadium. the image of the image must be upheld.

there was hardly anyone out because it had been storming fairly heavily. near gate e of the stadium, there was a dirty baseball that i was kicking around. a couple in their thirties walked by and i told them it was a homerun ball that i watched fly out of the park. i told them that i dont know anything about baseball and wanted someone that actually cared to have it. i didnt know how they would respond but they were fucking ecstatic. they could not believe it. they offered to pay me for it. i didnt take their money. i dont know that ive ever seen adult strangers express so much happiness in front of me like that before. if the game is already a simulation of itself, there's no harm in a simulated souvenir.

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i was thinking about making a career change late in my life - is it possible to make a living doing pixel art? so far i've watched a lot of pixel art coubs and have downloaded pixel studio on steam

karphead posted:

is it possible to make a living?

Sometimes, but usually no.

lets make a reasonably successful iphone game loaded with microtransactions and sell it for zynga for a million dollars karphead
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i have a photo of the adromeda galaxy above my desk and multiple times a day i will look at it and think wow, thats fucked up
Built a raised bed garden out of cinderblock some time back and it has been producing veggies... pretty good and happy with my green thumb. I've got eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, jalapenos and basil. I thought the green jalapenos straight off the vine were the hottest I had ever eaten but if you leave them on the vine, they turn red, which takes it to the next level.

China send seeds plz
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dizastar posted:

got into a bike accident and fractured my elbow. kinda ruining my summer lol

damn that sucks a lot. is it a bad break or are you just frustrated with immobilization?

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condolences 😓
i keep trying to get the doctors to give me sleeping pills or attention stimulants but instead they keep going "its too hard. would you like to be diagnosed with an additional minor learning disability?" somehow these conversations happen in ten minute chunks spread across several weekly skype calls
So a couple of weeks ago I had emergency surgery, relatively minor but surgery nonetheless, it was a couple nights in hospital, and I'm all good now. The only cost was I had to pay for a prescription after I was discharged but that was less than ten bucks. More than once I reflected on the fact that if I was in amerikkka I'd have wound up dead and/or bankrupt from that. It's not even the first time the health care system here has saved my life. But it does give one pause, the knowledge that what turned out to be a relatively simple matter and minor disruption to my life could have been fatal if I was somewhere else, someone else.
Way to rub it in thanks
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i've seen absolutely nothing in the mainstream press about how much debt is being dumped on people due to the virus here in amerikkka. i'm sure it's astounding - anyone have any links?

karphead posted:

i've seen absolutely nothing in the mainstream press about how much debt is being dumped on people due to the virus here in amerikkka. i'm sure it's astounding - anyone have any links?