all russian hitmen travel under their own names and are called boris commuslav or vladimir kremlinov it's the assassin's creed
most convincing argument so far that the hitmen were amateurs:

https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2018/09/skripals-the-mystery-deepens/ posted:

[The assassins'] timings in Salisbury were extremely tight – and British Sunday rail service dependent.


lenochodek posted:

most convincing argument so far that the hitmen were amateurs:

https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2018/09/skripals-the-mystery-deepens/ posted:

[The assassins'] timings in Salisbury were extremely tight – and British Sunday rail service dependent.


putting the map somewhere on itself Where's Waldo style. a true baller in our midst
putting Anunnaki as the prestige center of the ancient aliens circle, nods sagely
they let the communists off pretty easy so they cant be completely nuts
that's one hell of aa snakes and ladders reboot
what's that in the lower right corner? you're goddamned right the pleaidians made it
theyre alsoon the lower left in the Ancient Aliens circle. two entries for the muses of those creepy vids

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they let the communists off pretty easy so they cant be completely nuts

“Socialism”, “Communism” and “USSR” are part of the fascism color (red) but Lenin isn’t. Posadist ultra? Crypto-Trot? Nope... that’s the power of Grover Norquist.


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theyre alsoon the lower left in the Ancient Aliens circle. two entries for the muses of those creepy vids

“Dark Pleiades” - the greatest thread in the history of 8chan,

haha is posadas in that image i stopped looking for it

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haha is posadas in that image i stopped looking for it

qanon is like a little baby
watch this


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that's one hell of aa snakes and ladders reboot

*relaxing and casually manipulating the conspiracy chart like a 4D rukiks cube*
really interesting big article by Dilyana Gaytandzhieva about one american bioweapons research institute in tbilisi, based on a bunch of leaked documents and personal investigating. includes mysterious chemical pollution, unethical human experiments, using diplomatic immunity and diplomatic communications to transport pathogens, collaboration with a pharma giant (gilead), insect warfare, ... need to give it a close read still, but some very interesting stuff in there


completely bantering us off the pitch now, jesus christ:

“The cathedral also has the largest cloister and the largest cathedral close in Britain at 80 acres. It contains a clock which is among the oldest working clocks in the world, and has the best surviving of the four original copies of Magna Carta. In 2008, the cathedral celebrated the 750th anniversary of its consecration.”

“The cathedral is the mother church of the Diocese of Salisbury and is the seat of the Bishop of Salisbury, currently Nick Holtam,” added Petrov.

wiki banter

yahoo(!) has a long report on the wider context of the Chinese whack-a-cia-mole op which seems to have been started by Iran

The previously unreported global problem originated in Iran and spiderwebbed to other countries, and was left unrepaired — despite warnings about what was happening — until more than two dozen sources died in China in 2011 and 2012 as a result, according to 11 former intelligence and national security officials.
One of the largest intelligence failures of the past decade started in Iran in 2009, when the Obama administration announced the discovery of a secret Iranian underground enrichment facility — part of Iran’s headlong drive for nuclear weapons. Angered about the breach, the Iranians went on a mole hunt, looking for foreign spies, said one former senior intelligence official.
By 2010, however, it appears that Iran had begun to identify CIA agents. And by 2011, Iranian authorities dismantled a CIA spy network in that country, said seven former U.S. intelligence officials. (Indeed, in May 2011, Iranian intelligence officials announced publicly that they had broken up a ring of 30 CIA spies; U.S. officials later confirmed the breach to ABC News, which also reported on a potential compromise to the communications system.)
A 2011 Iranian television broadcast that touted the government’s destruction of the CIA network said U.S. intelligence operatives had created websites for fake companies to recruit agents in Iran by promising them jobs, visas and education abroad. Iranians who initially thought they were responding to legitimate opportunities would end up meeting with CIA officers in places like Dubai or Istanbul for recruitment, according to the broadcast.
Though the Iranians didn’t say precisely how they infiltrated the network, two former U.S. intelligence officials said that the Iranians cultivated a double agent who led them to the secret CIA communications system.
The losses could have stopped there. But U.S. officials believe Iranian intelligence was then able to compromise the covert communications system. At the CIA, there was “shock and awe” about the simplicity of the technique the Iranians used to successfully compromise the system, said one former official.
In fact, the Iranians used Google to identify the website the CIA was using to communicate with agents. Because Google is continuously scraping the internet for information about all the world’s websites, it can function as a tremendous investigative tool — even for counter-espionage purposes. And Google’s search functions allow users to employ advanced operators — like “AND,” “OR,” and other, much more sophisticated ones — that weed out and isolate websites and online data with extreme specificity.
According to the former intelligence official, once the Iranian double agent showed Iranian intelligence the website used to communicate with his or her CIA handlers, they began to scour the internet for websites with similar digital signifiers or components — eventually hitting on the right string of advanced search terms to locate other secret CIA websites. From there, Iranian intelligence tracked who was visiting these sites, and from where, and began to unravel the wider CIA network.
The Iranians “were very good tactically,” one former official said, and were adept at “breaking into low-level communications in the field, such as between Iraqi forces and their American counterparts.”
Starting around 2013, Iranian cyber experts seemed to be tracking CIA agents outside their own borders, including in Yemen, where Iran eventually compromised the internet-based covert communications system there, said one of the former officials. During this time, emergency meetings had to be scheduled at the agency because the Iranians had “hacked into systems outright that had nothing to do with them,” said this person — that is, those beyond Iran itself.

[account deactivated]
[account deactivated]
Call of Duty: Advanced Operator
the CIA getting owned and then freaking out because the iranians used and or terms in a google search is pretty cool. maybe we can all become iranian counter spies if we just hone our googling powers a bit more..
I'm just saying, the dates from this article overlap with rhizzone search outtages.

secret Iranian underground enrichment facility — part of Iran’s headlong drive for nuclear weapons

wha- oh right conspiracy theory thread

finally a reason to consider becoming a digital sherlock

Soviet_Salami posted:

Call of Duty: Advanced Operator


i broke twitter quarantine on this one because the attached material is must-read. i can't say whether that was the right choice, only that i am very brave for making it.
possibly fake though

although this asshole anyway went ahead and admitted being part of this british propaganda effort

lenochodek posted:

possibly fake though

'limited hangouts' usually have a little questionable material sprinkled through them to stir doubt. Just saiyan

it's real

lenochodek posted:

possibly fake though

you are always posting this type of shit on Russia threads where it's just whatever shit is being stirred by russophobes to try and counter something embarrassing to them and i wish you would stop

gray zone published a piece on integrity initiative today


includes delightful story of brit spook admitting to meddling in the 2016 election, working w the bernie campaign in iowa, because "it needs meddling with"
where's the lie?
I need everything you got on Northwoods and everything you don't but wish you did. Did it start in 64?, 79?, 01? Regime changes maybe?
this article about the bush era cia actually having two compartmentalised torture programs is pretty interesting all around, but particular relevant to this thread are the mkultra connections that crop up

https://medium.com/@jeff_kaye/revealed-there-were-two-cia-torture-programs-151bb80d69c1 posted:

Roots in MKULTRA

OTS is also known for administering the CIA’s infamous MKULTRA program some decades ago. This fact did not go unremarked by the CIA’s OMS Chief.

According to his or her narrative, OTS contained a group of “operationally-oriented psychologists whose interests in interrogation extended back almost 50 years….”

While speculative, the 2002 incarnation of this group was possibly the Operational Assessments Division at OTS under CIA psychologist Kirk Hubbard. Hubbard has been linked a number of times to CIA contract psychologists James Mitchell and John Bruce Jessen, who have themselves been linked to construction of the “enhanced interrogation” techniques program, although they certainly weren’t alone in doing this.


According to SSCI, the person chosen in late 2002 to be the “CIA’s chief of interrogations in the CIA’s Renditions Group, the officer in charge of CIA interrogations” had been elevated to his post despite having earlier been accused of “inappropriate use” of torture techniques drawn from the MKULTRA-inspired 1983 Human Resources Manual.

In 2002, Mitchell, Jessen and “other OTS psychologists,” in conjunction with “various psychologists, psychiatrists, academics, and the Joint Personnel Recovery Agency,” provided data on the supposed safety and “effectiveness” of the proposed “enhanced interrogation” techniques to Department of Justice attorneys.

OTS would also provide the important interrogator and psychological staff sent to the black sites in the early days. One OTS early hire, even prior to 9/11, was former SERE psychologist and self-styled interrogation expert, James Mitchell.

SERE stands for Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape. The military’s SERE program under various names goes back to the late 1940s, born out of a need to train pilots involved in secret operations against the Soviet Union, which involved numerous covert flights over Soviet territory. The training included an experience in a mock torture and detention setting, purportedly to inoculate U.S. personnel against foreign imprisonment and torture.

Over time, the mock torture schools also became sites of experimental study. In addition, the CIA, it turns out, also ran its own separate version of SERE, though little is known about its operations.

Mitchell and Jessen, who previously worked for SERE, and other OTS personnel, apparently in consult with “outside experts,” would take the techniques used to make the SERE torture experience realistic and turn them on CIA prisoners in makeshift secret “black site” prisons situated around the world.

making a deposit in the konspiracy library

https://www.sciencealert.com/a-solar-observatory-in-new-mexico-was-mysteriously-shut-down-and-nobody-knows-why posted:

A Solar Observatory in New Mexico Has Been Mysteriously Shut Down And Evacuated
14 SEP 2018

Something is amiss in the state of New Mexico, and the chain of mysterious events has all the hallmarks of a sci-fi plot.

The state's Sunspot Solar Observatory, home to one of the largest active solar telescopes in the world, was shut down last Friday and all personnel evacuated. The FBI were on the scene almost immediately.

Employees and the public have been indefinitely banned from the premises, and the observatory's website now reads: "TEMPORARILY CLOSED".

No one seems to know what is going on - not even the local sheriff, who sent his deputies onto the scene only to find absolutely no specific threat.

"The FBI is refusing to tell us what's going on," Otero County Sheriff, Benny House, told Alamogordo Daily News.

"We've got people up there (at Sunspot) that requested us to standby while they evacuate it. Nobody would really elaborate on any of the circumstances as to why. The FBI were up there. What their purpose was nobody will say."

Nestled in the Lincoln National Forest at an altitude of 2,800 metres (9,200 feet), the observatory's remote wilderness location is exactly the sort of place where strange and suspicious stories take root.

A resident from the nearby town of Cloudcroft told the media that "nothing really happens" up there. Left completely in the dark, the resident said that the evacuation could be due to "almost anything".

The only hint so far? The local post office has also been shut down. But even their employees are confused.

"Right now, what we're told is that they've temporarily evacuated the area. We haven't been told why or when that expires," Rod Spurgeon, a spokesman with the USPS, told ABC 7.

Without any answers, imaginations have begun to run wild, and spine-tingling parallels have been drawn between the mysterious event and our favourite extraterrestrial plotlines.

A secret research facility that no one knows anything about is shut down without an explanation. The FBI steps in and the local sheriff is pushed out. Nearby residents are left completely in the dark.

Is it a government conspiracy to cover up contact with aliens? Is it some foreign power, spying on a nearby missile range? Did the observatory capture an image of a secret machine or craft near the sun? Have they opened a portal into another world?

The company that runs the observatory - The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) - has done little to dispel the wild rumours that have naturally popped up online.

An AURA spokesperson has told the media that there was a "security issue", but she was unable to give any more details.

"I am actually not sure (when the facility was vacated) but it will stay vacated until further notice," spokesperson Shari Lifson told Alamogordo.

Lifson was also unable to comment on whether the FBI was involved, despite the fact that the Sheriff has confirmed such reports.

"... for the FBI to get involved that quick and be so secretive about it, there was a lot of stuff going on up there," House said.

"There was a Blackhawk helicopter, a bunch of people around antennas and work crews on towers but nobody would tell us anything."

The FBI is directing all inquiries to AURA, but even Sheriff House is getting little information from the owners.

"They're not federal employees," he said, referring to AURA.

"It may be somebody who threatened one of their workers. If that's the case, why didn't call us and let us deal with it? These guys are regular workers that work for this company. I don't know why the FBI would get involved so quick and not tell us anything".

The only acknowledgement that there is a growing number of conspiracy theories comes from Sunspot's website.

"With the excitement this closure has generated, we hope you will come and visit us when we do reopen," the homepage reads, "and see for yourself the services we provide for science and public outreach in heliophysics."

https://www.iflscience.com/space/we-finally-know-why-that-solar-observatory-in-new-mexico-was-closed-by-the-fbi/ posted:

We Finally Know Why That Solar Observatory Was Closed By The FBI - And It's Pretty Disturbing
By Jonathan O`Callaghan
21 Sep 2018, 16:06

Last week an observatory in New Mexico was mysteriously shut down by the FBI, with the Internet going wild with speculation as to why. Yes, lots of people said aliens.

But now the actual reason has been revealed, and it’s… not funny at all. FBI records obtained by Reuters said that the Sunspot Solar Observatory, part of the National Solar Observatory on Sacramento Peak, was shut down due to criminal activity, specifically a child porn investigation.

The report said that the FBI was “investigating the activities of an individual who was utilizing the wireless internet service of the National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico, to download and distribute child pornography.”

This person was identified as a janitor contracted to clean the facility whose laptop had been connected to the observatory’s Wi-Fi. Fearing the person might pose a danger, the decision was made to shut the observatory. It re-opened on Monday, September 17.

The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA), who runs the facility, said on Monday they had been “cooperating with an on-going law enforcement investigation of criminal activity that occurred at Sacramento Peak.”

According to Gizmodo, the search warrant claimed hundreds of child porn files had been downloaded and distributed on the observatory’s Wi-Fi. Only one person’s activity was found to correlate with the trail of online activity.

Their computer was seized by the FBI, with the janitor protesting his innocence, claiming others had access to it. When he started becoming erratic and potentially dangerous, the FBI took the decision to evacuate the observatory to be on the safe side.

According to the New Mexico news station KRQE, the suspect said it was "only a matter of time before the facility got hit,” and he "believed there was a serial killer in the area" that could execute someone in the facility.

AURA apologized on Sunday, September 16 in a statement for the lack of information at the time. “The decision to vacate was based on the logistical challenges associated with protecting personnel at such a remote location, and the need for an expeditious response to the potential threat,” they said.

“We recognize that the lack of communications while the facility was vacated was concerning and frustrating for some. However, our desire to provide additional information had to be balanced against the risk that, if spread at the time, the news would alert the suspect and impede the law enforcement investigation.”

The janitor has not been named because he has yet to be formally charged, while the observatory has remained open since the unpleasant incident.

Huh I've been in that area before, really nice place (most comfortable summer climate I've ever experienced). The White Sands missile testing place is not even an hour away and I think Roswell is really close too. All the alien stuff is like an unconscious ideological cover for how fucked America's dark underbelly is, no one will care about whatever CP network that dude was in, it was aliens dude. The Western US is wack. All stolen land obviously, majority of it owned by the US government doing god knows what (if you ever do a road trip through the desert, you'll see military aircraft all the time, whole areas that are forbidden access, etc), the rest being used by settlers for their western fantasies, huge meth business, a whole city based on gambling and prostitution, an entire state that is a theocracy, Indian reservations that are in the middle of nowhere and have been forgotten, mass graves, and a shit ton of arms in the hands of fascist militias. Miles and miles of nothing with only two radio stations for country and church sermons.

I remember speaking to some distant family members that I had met for the first time and the patriarch of this family (who happened to be the biggest real estate developer of a large arizona town) was explaining to me how he and some friends had collected a ton of firearms back in the 90s, including armor piercing rounds and heavy weaponry for when they had to fight the government. If Reichskommissariat Ost existed in 2019 it would look like the Western US.
so there was this big article by buzzfeed + the kathmandu post about how WWF are using violent methods to achieve their "anti poaching" aims across the globe


Shikharam was in too much pain to swallow. He crawled toward Hira, his thin body covered in bruises, and told her through sobs that forest rangers were torturing him. “They beat him mercilessly and put saltwater in his nose and mouth,” Hira later told police.

The rangers believed that Shikharam helped his son bury a rhinoceros horn in his backyard. They couldn’t find the horn, but they threw Shikharam in their jail anyway, court documents filed by the prosecution show.

Nine days later, he was dead.

but who is Shikharam Chaudhary?

It's suggested he is associated with the Nepalese Maoist movement (the incident occured in 2006 when nepal was still a monarchy):

From monitoring & investigation, it is found that the Maoist has been continued to murder after kidnapping, torture, got to be present in their own name of Peoples' Court by forcedly, get to pay donation etc. From the state, it is found that six people were killed by firing of Nepal Army in the joint security camp situated at Belbari, Morang, the death of one person in the custody of Chitawan National Park because of torture after arrested in the accussion of steeling the horn of rhino (Khag)

buzzfeed's interpretation:

When forest rangers locked up Shikharam in June 2006, park authorities were scrambling to curb the poaching that spiked alongside social unrest during the country’s Maoist insurgency. They managed to save more rhinos the following year — but the success came at a cost.

the kathmandu post concludes this:

WWF staff in Nepal lobbied for the release of park officials charged with Shikharam’s murder, later hiring one of the main accused and awarding the second. In India, the office signed off on the controversial “kill the unwanted” policy proposal at a park where rangers went on to kill dozens of people.

the whole KP article is worth reading:

What’s largely been left out of this narrative of Nepal’s success in conservation is the adverse impact it has had on the lives of the indigenous people who live in the areas surrounding the conservation zones. A majority of them were uprooted from their homes as a direct result of their ancestral lands being designated a national park.

When the country’s first national park was created in Chitwan, the Tharu people, who had been living in the area for centuries, were forced to relocate outside the park’s boundaries. Their access to the forest, the community’s primary source of survival, was swiftly restricted and their activities began to be strictly monitored.

Over the years, the Tharus and other indigenous groups living around the park have also been subject to abuse and torture at the hands of park authorities and Nepal Army soldiers who jointly patrol the park.

Villagers have reported being verbally and physically harassed, having their goods confiscated on false charges, and being handed severe punishments for minor infractions.

A 2010 UN report documented six murders committed by army personnel patrolling national parks around Nepal. In one incident, soldiers shot and killed two indigenous women and a 12-year-old girl while they were gathering tree bark inside Bardia National Park. The Nepal Army accused them of being poachers and claimed they had fired shots in retaliation.

The UN report found that the army had “played an active role in obstructing criminal accountability,” by falsifying and destroying evidence and pressuring the families of the victims to withdraw criminal complaints. The report also said that with each murder, the parks falsely claimed the victims were poachers.

Then, we hear about one arms deal where the problem is not the weapons traffic, but only that someone is embezzling funds through them:

One former WWF employee in CAR told BuzzFeed News he was recruited to help “camouflage the deal because none of our funders were permitted to buy weapons.”

But as he examined the invoices, he noticed that the numbers didn’t add up. In an email, he prodded Jean Bernard Yarissem, WWF’s top official in the country, for more detail. An AK assault rifle “should cost us” 266,666 Central African francs (around $615), the employee wrote, “so for 15” weapons “it reaches 4 million.” If so, he wrote, that would leave about 2 million francs unaccounted for: “Does that mean that two boxes of ammunition cost 1 million each?”

Soon it all unraveled. Yarissem explained what happened in a reply to an email sent to nine other officials under the subject line “scandale.” Members of the CAR army had “embezzled” funds meant for arms and ammunition. (The CAR government did not respond to a request for comment.)

Yarissem wrote he was upset the money from the deal had gone missing. Yet he betrayed no misgivings about purchasing the guns, which he referred to as “the weapons that we possess.”
After that deal went awry, the charity’s staff in CAR did not appear to shy away from involvement with weapons. The charity bought food and fuel for soldiers deployed on an anti-poaching mission during the peak of the country’s civil war, according to two former staffers who spoke to BuzzFeed News on condition of anonymity. One former WWF staffer said he had personally taught rangers how to safely handle AK-47s and how to conduct defensive combat tactics.

"A global spymaster"

WWF’s war on poaching extends beyond its support for boots-on-the-ground patrols. Documents obtained by BuzzFeed News reveal the charity has assumed the role of a global spymaster in its efforts to protect wildlife.
But WWF has been deeply involved in the controversial practice for some time. The charity has helped establish informant networks in authoritarian states, documents show, and it has handed over intelligence to rangers and soldiers accused of human rights abuses.

Internal documents obtained by BuzzFeed News show WWF has offered staffers detailed instructions for finding and cultivating informants, who “help to solve crimes.”

sounds like more than fervent anti-poaching gone out of hand to me..