I'm reading anti-oedipus while I wait for cyclonopedia to get here.. is this a good decision?
i gave up because im too dumb i guess
are you getting stuck in the numerology? dont get stuck in the numerology. skip ahead. and BTW keep in mind theres a short glossary at the end, which won't solve all your problems, but i sure wish i had found it quicker than i did
whats the numerology? the part about the mace thingy? i skipped that and was reading the academic review of parsani's work or w/e, which i couldnt understand either
the chapter "machines are digging"? maybe skip ahead to the next one after that, "pipeline odyssey"? these parts arent totally disposable like the numerology may be so at some point you'll want to come back to them but i'd suggest skipping forward as a general strategy instead of giving up. if you tell me the exact page youre on i'll try to come up with some helpful supplementary material later, if i can
ya "machines are digging". i'll try skipping ahead, thanks for the help
woops wrong account
i chuckled but not maliciously
it's okay guys i've been busy too. animedad, or anyone else having difficulty with the text, if there are any specific concepts you're having difficulty grasping or anything you need clarification on please don't hesitate to ask, i'll try and help as best as i can.

additionally if you're struggling, check out my 'complicity with anonymous materials' thread to see negarestani writing in a more concise fashion, or videos from the 'cyclonopedia symposia' to see how thinkers from a lot of diverse backgrounds have understood the book. both are linked in the op!
tangentially related to the text: consider this post regarding geotextiles, in the face of autonomous drones. a future of profane swarms and consecrated ground ...
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Even though that book seems to belong to another age, let me know if you have some major questions otherwise I'm sure you and your friends are more well-versed in that regard. As for the mortiloquist, the project has been slowed down significantly but it will be definitely completed in the near future. This is mainly due to the fact that I've been also working on other projects including essays and a monograph on modern universalism something that I've been working on for quite a while. I

way to jack my steez reza-chan

i have actually read all of this several times already in the past week and still can't remember any of the words in it or anything about it at all
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i'm reading this also, i sort of drifted through chapter 1 without really absorbing anything except for the basic ideas of oil as narrative lube which i feel like i sorta understand, but can't quite grasp the implications of. then i got through chapter 2 which was way way better but i still feel kind of bogged down by all the terms. im kind of a big noobie but the idea of ( )hole complex and solidity/void, are causing me problems.

please correct me if i am wrong but i am understanding ( )hole complex as being sort of the sponge-like totality of like uhhh timespace i guess? and networks of flows and interrelations between things across time and space, where "void" constitutes the available channels of flow?

i feel kind of out of my league. i started 1000 plateaus cause i couldn't find anti-oedipus online, but im having similar problems conceptualizing their words too
okay first of all, i think it's important to understand, what's relevant here is not necessarily that you take the concepts cyclonopedia introduces strictly through how negarestani might appear to intend them. shennong, in another thread, once stressed the importance of advancing beyond oil-age assumptions of how our structures function - to me, and maybe some will think i'm giving it too much credit but i don't care, cyclonopedia is the starting point of this. i understand it in the deleuzian sense of a toolbox of ideas. if a specific interpretation works for you, whether this is a correct interpretation or not, i think that's all that matters. for example in my 'subterranean architecture' post on the last page, maybe i didn't make this clear enough, are my impressions of the first chapter explored through a couple of implications as i understand them through fields that interest me - architecture and warfare, and their relation thereof. so please don't take me or anyone else as an authority on what the terms that are introduced mean, whatever meaning fundamentally works for you is all that's necessary.

also, read the glossary at the back, it's very helpful

as i understand it, ( )hole complex isn't necessarily an already-existing totality, or to be clearer anything inherent or universal exactly. i think it's a force, a presence, a process (of insurgency) manifested as an entity. the glossary defines it as a reinvention of the earth as "a machine to speed the return of the Old Ones" - the ( )hole complex transforms, or appropriates or interprets, the earth as a home for the realization of forces that are in a very lovecraftian way, unspeakable, ancient (following a sense of time that is to us unknowable), dark in a very literal sense.

so this complex, this process as entity, we can think of as a liquid, because of the fluidity. it exists underneath everything, it's subterranean, but it seeps, oozes, above surface, at zones of emergence. so you need to understand that there could be two zones, holes, in superficially completely different locations and appearances - say an economic crisis here and an insurgent attack somewhere else - but they would be completely interconnected, as simultaneous emergences above surface of a subterranean complex.

i agree with you that void constitutes the available channels of flow. negarestani stresses that we understand solidus not simply as wholeness but also the narrative expression of that which is not whole. the walls of a tunnel are equally as important as the space in between them.

my post on the other page was developing an extremely literal understanding of all this. solidus as earth, or building materials, zones of emergence as actual holes.

i hope this helps! if anyone wants to express their own understanding or clarify further, please do so
im still truckin. i had some of the same issues as pangobear, thanks for the input. still tryin to develop my own understanding but i cant say it's fully formed and postable yet
I've been drifting through Cyclonopedia for a while and thought this might be a good way to ground it a bit. I've read about half of it with varying degrees of focus. What chapter is the group on at the moment please? What is this forum anyway? What have I signed up to?
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it's slow going atm because some people haven't had the time to participate, we've had a couple of newcomers, and a few people are struggling to get through. i'd rather make sure people have a good handle on the first chapter (if you're struggling please voice concerns!) but i don't have any problems with anyone discussing any further along if they'd like to
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blinkandwheeze thinking about you listening to like waka flakas banger TTG or something while you read this high level pretentious po mo shit is pretty funny i have to be honest.
it's pretty difficult because my head gets all "as a reading model for structures or formations with a degenerate hole, hidden writing responds to the dynamics of emergen-I HEARD A PRICETAG ON MY HEAD, IMMA WALKING LICK, NIGGA COME AND TRY YOU GONN END UP DEAD BITCH" and then i have to pause it and read the page again
Last night, I handed what was apparently a counterfeit $10 to a halal food vendor near Union Square, we had a fifteen minute conversation in which we talked about Debt: The First 5000 Years and Cyclonopedia (both of which he brought up), tying the debt- and Druj-concepts together and so on, and then in the end he took the fake bill anyway and said he liked it better than the real thing. He also taught me how to recognize a fake bill by pointing out how the real bill obscures hidden watermarks (and is in that sense a better lie). Unbelievable. Also, the hot dog was real good.
its fuckin true, I bought gas today and it said 'debit or credit?' and I just sat there for ten minutes, I was so conflicted.

jellyfish posted:
I'm reading anti-oedipus while I wait for cyclonopedia to get here.. is this a good decision?

i don't think it's a good thing to read while waiting. it's a pretty big investment on reading b/c of how much you will have to/want to re-read sections as more things fall into place. i may be a trash idiot but it took a bit of work for me get through it.

also does anyone know where a mobi copy of cyclonopedia might be? if it even exists ofc

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you can find a really excellent recent pdf on aaaaarg. not that shitty 20mb scan. like, genuinely decent that calibre can convert (it's not ideal on some bits - like little handwriting/ drawing bits calibre couldnt translate and puts on another page - but it's better than the first awful scan floating around a year ago
thanks to both of you - i had the shit 20mb scan from a while back but picked up the new one and it works great. can't wait to read!
i read a bunch this weekend and now I'm at "Tellurian Insurgencies: Xerodrome, Solar Tempests and Earth-Sun Axes". thought the dust section was cool and the one called "the thing: white war and hypercamouflage"
oh damn the pdf in the op got removed ill reupload it for those of you who dont have a copy or access to aaaaarg
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tpaine posted:
did you guys hear about blinkandwheese

i heard about him. news travels fast in this little twon,. rip blinkandwhes.

thought id post to say i finished Bacterial Archaeology chapter yesterday and im still on board with this, although im not sure i understand it well enough to be able to discuss much. i think the part i struggled the most with was about ( )hole complex. posts here have helped me a bit so thnx everyone.

i really enjoyed footnote 4 about inorganic demons, possibly because it was using examples from movies so my lil baby brain can handle it.