why cant i still throw it in a dumpster in SF
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where in SF are u going to be so i can beat u up for mod privileges
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im gonna be @ ISSCC
my dad is from san francisco and he told me a very offensive / racist joke once:

what's the longest bridge in the world?
so is this still happening? I'm ordering the book.
oh yeah no doubt, hopefully everyone been reading. i might put some topics on the table to discuss if people are at a good point to do so
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what role has fiction played so far? why parsani?
where can the conceptual framework of petrologic / ( )hole complex / tellurian insurgency find applications beyond negarestani's war on terror? how do they apply to the post-war on terror arab spring?
in what other geopolitical zones does the gog-magog axis emerge?
how are zones of emergence constructed and maintained? how do geopolitical contingencies come into play?

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to contribute: subterranean architecture has profound implications for asymmetrical warfare. the tunnel complexes of the viet cong opened a wealth of opportunity, a parallel field where operations can be carried out undetected by the enemy, an ability to appear and disappear at will. the subterranean offers a chance to become the architects of the space of resistance, guerillas become worms and the soldiers who chase them rats in an incomprehensible turf. in palestine, smuggling tunnels provides a total subversion of the logic of occupation and control by opening holes through closed borders.

above ground, subterranean logic finds it suitors - take algiers, the site of resistance by the fln against the french occupation forces. the complex architecture of the casbah works as a solidus, the narrative expression of negative space, a network of paths from which guerilla agents can emerge and disappear, circumventing the space-limiting practices of police checkpoints, negative space becomes a zone of activity unfamiliar to colonial forces.

this relevance appears to fall apart, however, if we look at hypothetical insurgencies in the backyards of western technocapitalism. the intricate solidity of algiers doesn't draw any parallels, we exist instead in a site of unrestrained verticality and the neat, gridlike horizons of western hypermodernity. but from what we understand of first world struggle, urban space has a tendency to reconstitute itself, police barricades radically constrict free movement, negative space is drastically lost in a moments notice. hypermodern urban space appears to suppress insurgency by its very existence...

but then the unity of opposites, this radically constricted spatial logic produces its subversion. quickly emerging walls can also be quickly torn down. the image of a red bloc emerging to remove a police barricade has relevance. we might not be a worm that can eat through concrete or steel, but we can eat through impromptu constructions of striated space. further, why can't we be architects? - we have the insurgent barricade.

all roads lead to the paris commune. improvised assemblages give us our solidus, we can now provide our own narrative for negative spaces. a city square sealed on all sides becomes a hole, from there tunnels can emerge, connecting to other holes. to quote auguste blanqui:

This labor done, one put the two lateral barricades in communication by piercing the thick walls that separate houses situated on the defense’s front. The same operation is being executed simultaneously, in the houses on the two sides of the barricaded street until its extremity, then backwards, on the right and on the left, along the parallel street, on the defense’s front and on the back. Openings have to be practiced on the first and last floor in order to obtain two ways; work is being achieved in the same way in the four directions. All the houses’ blocks belonging to the barricaded streets should be pierced in their perimeter, in a way that fighters are able to enter or exit by the backward parallel street, out of sight and out of reach from the enemy.

BEcome a worm Motherfucker, negative space is the site of resistance. cutting holes in buildings opens hidden communications and emerging networks. lets save matta-clark from the vacuous art world of the petit-bourgeois, reimagine him as a theorist of insurgency.

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god damn
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YES weizman is fantastic. that essay is so fundamental to me. he's a member of decolonizing architecture, which has done a lot of really good work

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I did a lot of work this week on space, it's a subject I really get into and am hoping to write a lot on during the summer

have u read Lefebvre's the production of space, yet?

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honestly space in architecture, spacial environments, etc.. is something that, as a urban cyclist and sometimes bike-worker i have always been extremely interested in - it all started when I first began to think about the skate stopper metal bolts they put on rails and curbs and shit as a means of manipulating the use of the urban space.

T money give me some stuff on AIM about this, reading suggestions and etc.. please - and if one of y'all made a thread i'd totally contribute I want to actually work on writing something about urban space and cycling with some of my friends from the city.

a good song about bikes:
ha, to show my obsessiveness - speaking of urban cycling, the guy who owns the domain abstractdynamics.org (which hosts hyperstition, contributed to by reza and mention throughout cyclonopedia, also mark fisher's k-punk blog) runs a performance clothing brand geared towards urban cyclists. connections.
damn that backpack looks ill nasty i might have cop one for the summmer

In Incognitum Hactenus, you never know the pattern of emergence. Anything can happen for some weird reason; yet also, without any reason, nothing at all can happen. Things leak into each other according to a logic that does not belong to us and cannot be correlated to our chronological time. Intrinsic permeability is a function of the nemat-space. The contact between the solid and the fluid is itself also a compositional factor of the poroelastic complex. Local velocity gradients in the fluid induce new convolutions, shear stresses, ruptures and deformations of the solid matrix, tuning the surface dynamics to the entire machinery of the complex and the flow of the fluid, that is to say, enhancing the flow and building up the flood. In nemat-space, the diffusing pore fluid thereby smuggles its affect space through the solid matrix as well as its own particles. One should not forget that ( )hole complex generates preferential channels for fluid flow or provides fluids with an ample opportunity to dig their own passages, burrow their own fields of tactics. In pulp-horror fictions and cinema, and in Lovecraft's fiction, it is the abode of the Old Ones, worm-entities and the blob (petroleum) that surpasses even tentacle-headed monstrosities in sentience and foreignness. R'lyeh is the every dream, motion and calculation of Cthulhu on the solid part of the earth's body. In poromechanics, the negative space is the very solid body of crawling vermiculations and twisting currents. Moreover, the role of fluid in thermal, structural, geochemical and economic evolution of the crust is radically possessed by the machinery of the ( )hole complex. The surface biosphere has never been separate from cthulhoid architecture of the nether.

Once nemat-space beings its infestation, the periphery or the zone of excitations does not necessarily start from visible surfaces or the crust: Active surfaces emerge from everywhere, from the surface-as-crust mode of periphery to innermost recesses. The ( )hole complex carves ultra-active surfaces from solidus when it digs holes, unleashes delirious itinerant lines and constructs its nemantical machines, installing peripheral agitations on the surface it cuts from internal solid matrices. Everywhere a hole moves, a surface is invented. When the peripheral upheaval of ( )hole complex spreads from the crust to within, the despotic necrocratic regime of periphery-core, for which everything should be concluded and grounded by the gravity of the core, is deterioriated. The dismantling of the coherency between the periphery and the core is equal to the rise of the ultimate unground where the radical Outside is posited from surface to the core. No wonder, then, that holey space has been continually associated with the Outside or its avatars (whether in the form of nigrescent tellurian insider or a subterranean fallen sun god). The half-man-half-scorpion (discovered in Tel Halaf, Syria) of the Gilgamesh epic is such an avatar, guarding the gate to the Outside. Scorpions are burrowers, not architects: They do not build upon the compositions of solid and void, they devour volumes and snatch spaces; for them the holey space is not merely a dwelling space, a place to reside (a niche for occupation). More than that, it is the Abode of War (dar al-harb), the holey space of unselective hunting.


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ha, to show my obsessiveness - speaking of urban cycling, the guy who owns the domain abstractdynamics.org (which hosts hyperstition, contributed to by reza and mention throughout cyclonopedia, also mark fisher's k-punk blog) runs a performance clothing brand geared towards urban cyclists. connections.

lmao KEIRIN CUT DUNGAREES. this man is a freakin genius, hopefully he scrawled NJS somewhere on the pants

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also re space a goon sent me this http://www.jstor.org/pss/1424640 a while ago, it was pretty interesting. i am super interested in rulesets/syntax that produces particular settlement morphologies

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that fuckin beanie is $65 lmao

yeah and if you're working on a cold wet day having high quality wool gear makes a big difference


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discipline posted:
that fuckin beanie is $65 lmao

yeah and if you're working on a cold wet day having high quality wool gear makes a big difference

lmao high quality wool gear doesnt mean a sixty five dollar hat

hurrr high end wool hats made by local companies for cyclists and other outdoor athletes are not regularly in the 45-65 dollar price range. this i can confirm as a nerd who hasn't ridden a bike since i got too heavy to balance in 8th grade
have you been "fleeced" by yupster hatmongers?
do you wear oakleys
lol oakleys are you serious?
oh okay you wear something that costs even more then lmao
I'm Dru. I understand the plight of the oppressed. Also, please don't sit on that chair. My bike gear is there. It cost $900 altogether.
I never said I truly understood the plight of the oppressed - I've just said none of us do because none of us are oppressed, but we pretend to because we are scum. I never claimed not to be a hypocrite jools so DONT FRAME ME AS TEH BAD GUY HERE
like, just because I am a member of the most "oppressed" group of people in the US (Southern Men), I am still not actually oppressed because lol I'm USAian.
are any of you guys actually reading this book
yeah me and my boy dru were discussing chapter 49 up there - Don Draper FuckS Antigone At Halicarnassus
admittedly i was finishing up the enigma of capital because i was really close and its so nice to finish a book for once. but now im on board 100%
i just loaded it on my kindle. be ready for some hick ass posts