The oaks of ald now they lie in peat

Yet elms leap
Where ashes lay.
Phall if you but will,
Rise you must

A hand
From the cloud
Holding a chart

Florida Gov. Rick Scott cloaks travel details, citing security

TALLAHASSEE -- By using his personal jet for public business, Florida Gov. Rick Scott can shield his itinerary from websites that track flights, and when his plane lands, he uses a public records exemption to tighten the cloak of secrecy.

The eversower of the seeds of light
To the cowld owld sowls that are in the domnatory of Defmut
After the night of the carrying of the
Of Nuahs

And the night of making Mehs

To cuddle up in a coddlepot,
Pu Nuseht, lord of risings

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) last week made protecting Medicare for seniors a top focus of his reelection campaign, despite having served as CEO of the hospital chain that paid the largest Medicare fraud settlement in history.

In the yonderworld
Of Ntamplin,
Tohp triumphant,
Mother of moth !
I will
To show
In flesh.

Of all the stranger things that ever not even in the hundrund and badst pageans of unthowsent and wonst nice

Or in eddas and oddes bokes of tomb, dyke and hollow to be have happened!

The untireties of livesliving
Being the one substrance
Of a streamsbecoming.





Scott has struggled with transparency before. The Republican governor launched something called “Project Sunburst” a couple of years ago, vowing to put all executive-staff emails available online for public scrutiny. A year later, Scott’s team had failed to meet their commitments. The governor’s daily schedule is also published online every morning, but it’s routinely incomplete.

Out of your bed,
Cavern of a trunk,
And shrine!

Suvarn Sur!

Scatter brand
To the reneweller of the skies,

Thou who agnitest!
Dah! Arcthuris comeing!

Be! Verb umprincipiant
Through the trancitive spaces!
Kilt by kelt shell kithagain
With kinagain.

We elect for thee,
Svadesia salve!
We Durbalanars,

In his latest TV interview, George Zimmerman expresses disappointment with the government in general and Florida Gov. Rick Scott in particular.

A way,
The Margan,
From our
Kilt by kelt shell kithagain
Through dimdom done till light kindling light
Through dimdom done till light kindling light
Has led we hopas but hunt me
The journeyon,
The journeyon,
The journeyon,
The journeyon,
The kal

His course,
Amid the semitary
Of Somnionia
The semitary of Somnionia
Too mult sleepth. Let sleepth.

Phall if you but will, rise you must
Phall if you but will, rise you must
Phall if you but will,
Rise you must
Phall if you but will,
Rise you must

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dont blame me i voted democrat
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obligatory post



tpaine posted:

Rick please stop. Please. What are you doing.....please let her go. Please god stop why are you doing this?? let her go. she didnt do anything please. ill do whatever you want! whatever you say! please just tell me what to do and let her go! please! god why....why are you doing this to her? why wont you say anything? can you even hear me?? please say something! look at me! why wont you even acknowledge me???? god why is this happening. why are you letting this happen. LET HER GO! i love her please god let her go

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a specter haunts the Floridian Executive branch
a frightful hobgoblin
the melancholy of t-paine was alright, but i liked the disappearance of t-paine much better
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sleepytime gorilla museum owns
The oaks of ald now they lie in my belly
what a great fucking post. the revenents were an especially nice touch. how do i give gold on here
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