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Mitchell High Football Game to Honor Military
Colorado Springs' Mitchell High School will face Cheyenne Mountain High on a special Military Appreciation Night
A scabby ketchup bottle and a two-dollar bill I guess its time to pay the bill, but you know I never will I'm hungry still
The oaks of ald now they lie in peat
Of all the stranger things that ever not even in the hundrund and badst pageans of unthowsent and wonst nice
Two Captives: The Self-Defense Case for Socialism
Bound and gagged, a young man has been left to starve in the basement of his kidnapper. Though weakened from a lack of food and water, he manages to untie himself, and, arming himself with a nearby plank of wood, he lies in wait.
The Moral and Legal Case for Sabotage
A worker at a munitions factory, wondering about the morality of creating weapons, inquires about the proportion of civilian and military deaths caused by any particular bomb he has created. His superior reveals that in Iraq, casualties are roughly 44% women and 39% children; at least 85% of those killed are thus highly likely to be civilians. This realization would require at the very least the worker's conscientious objection and immediate refusal to continue work on the bombs. But the bomb-maker is in a unique position to go farther...