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i think i discovered this by accident but scihub works best if you paste urls into the search bar instead of searching for article titles

you can just paste the doi onto the end of the sci-hub url. Ganbatte


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i'm reading the Christy Miller christian teen romance series to talk about it with some friends who grew up more entrenched in evangelical culture and i'd like to share my feelings about it so far:

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Christy Miller book 2 thoughts: a big plot point in this book is how serious a crime it is to go to the pharmacy at 10:30 pm. and i was like hahaha you can't lie to me christian book lady, criminalizing children for being outside isn't real. so i researched curfew laws in the states and


Carnage in China's financial markets signals the beginning of a new era, investors say, as the government puts socialism before shareholders and regulatory changes rip apart the old playbook.

Stocks and sentiment have taken a drubbing as Communist Party rulers seek to remake the property, technology and education sectors to curb cost pressures and better serve ordinary people.

The new model appears to place common prosperity, as President Xi Jinping has put it, ahead of helter-skelter growth, investors say.

According to some analysts, it is the most significant philosophical shift since former leader Deng Xiaoping set development as the ultimate priority 40 years ago.

"Chinese entrepreneurs and investors must understand that the age of reckless capital expansion is over," said Alan Song, founder of private equity firm Harvest Capital. "A new era that prioritises fairness over efficiency has begun."


"The spectre of state intervention into controlling the private sector has created a crescendo of panic-selling," analysts at investment bank Jefferies said in a note. "The authorities are attempting to reduce social inequality while clamping down on excessive price rises that are undermining the cost of living."

Zhaopeng Xing, senior China strategist at ANZ, said the raft of policies, unveiled around the Chinese Communist Party's centenary, underscores the political will to reinforce the Party's roots.

"These policies were announced to reflect the Party's progressiveness" and appeal to the masses, Xing said. "They send a message that China is not a capitalistic country, but embraces socialism."

The messaging in the months running up to the Party's July 1 centenary was also unequivocal, analysts say. "Common prosperity" is the over-riding long-term goal, Xi said early this year, and China's development should be centred on people's expectations of better lives, urban-rural gaps and income gaps.

It's not every day I recommend a Reuters article about China. Interesting times

no one actually cares if teenagers go to the pharmacy at 10:30 pm anywhere in the United $naKKKe$. many people there like to pretend they enforce such laws, and that this is a real thing and a big deal, to begin an incompetent line of argument that ends with kids’ shows secretly training their sons to want a man to come in their assholes. the only exception to this salutary neglect of curfews is if you are black in which case if your children are seen unattended within 10 yards of the the doors of a retail business at any time either they or you go to jail forever.
in general, police and pseudo-police forces in the U.S. are utterly unwilling to enforce curfew laws as anything but selective ways to frame people for crimes, intimidate them and otherwise conduct craven Klan activities under the security blanket known as color of law. Each of them expects full control to define and enforce such laws on personal whim alone. Absolutely nothing including mass-scale disaster can convince them to give up this taxpayer-funded freebie in the eyes of the corrupt court system and actually attempt to enforce the laws or orders as written. That is one of the biggest reasons why 600,000 people and counting in that piece of shit country are dead of a virus with a vaccine.

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a number of us are co-reading max ajl's a people's new green deal which is available here: https://library.oapen.org/handle/20.500.12657/48775

otherwise re-reading écrits and fucking hell lacan is so great

Bumping this recommendation. Short and packs a lot of punch, a great contribution to Marxism and Third World-centered environmentalism


Listened to a great interview about this book, author works with zak cope on projects
Does anyone have access to the New Left Review?


The article was so convincing that the NLR published an editor's note saying that the labor aristocracy exists but ONLY in South Africa just to prevent anyone from getting wild ideas about the imperialist core working class
About ~100 pages, but it does a great job of detailing the KPD’s resistance to the nazis


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Look at bayarea415,



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About ~100 pages, but it does a great job of detailing the KPD’s resistance to the nazis


its also cool that t.derbent is the alter ego of one of the CCC guys, a belgian red brigade like gruop

2666 for me. part one, about the art critics, is incredible

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its also cool that t.derbent is the alter ego of one of the CCC guys, a belgian red brigade like gruop

his text Categories of Revolutionary Military Policy is kewl. Bye

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Capital. I'm reading Capital
I found a book about how to build radio transmitters. Might fuck around.

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Capital. I'm reading Capital

Specifically I'm reading Capital to unfuck my brain after reading every memoir or biography by or about a member of the Hart pro wrestling family, giving me a Rashomon-like view of weird repressed Anglo-Canadian family drama and the pivotal events of pro wrestling history

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I found a book about how to build radio transmitters. Might fuck around.

I have joined a bunch of shortwave radio groups on Facebook as an observer with zero practical knowledge and now all I want to do is start pirate broadcasting

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Anyone interested in radio stuff would be well advised to check out RTL-SDR: https://www.rtl-sdr.com/about-rtl-sdr/

Read Mr. Carlson's Lab

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zero practical knowledge and now all I want to do is start pirate broadcasting

also have no idea what i doing, but i got a cheap triband baofang a while ago which can pick up brazilian satcom pirate chatter.

Reading a biography of Bukharin. It's official, I'm a Bukharinist now. In unrelated news, my Major Depressive Disorder is back and worse than ever

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there's a really excellent looking design for a TV one in here, only its mildly annoying about frequency. it can do the lower part of the european UHF band (470-500Mhz) just fine, but its frequency is made by multiplying that of a quartz crystal eight times. unfortunately none of the standard sizes will give a result that fits 100% into the channel allocation scheme. if i go for Channel 22 it'll be .75 mhz off

that doesn't really matter but it annoys my sense of neatness

i've cleaned up and scaled some scans of the PCB layout so i can make my own board using the printer toner transfer method. but first i have to make sure all the transistor's i'll need are still available, the book is 20 years old

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please stay calm - i am going to show, in the kindest possible manner, that this post is vitiated through and through by simple facts and logic
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https://hoodcommunist.org/2021/08/26/understanding-exploitation-through-the-saweetie-meal/ this is pretty good imo

turning "emotional labor" into "liberal writers pretend they're owed money for treating you as human" is some of the most disgusting cop shit to have happened recently. It needs to be reversed immediately, so "emotional labor" is used constantly and accurately to explain why people would rather quadruple up sleeping in an apartment living room than take these sorts of jobs anymore.

Making service workers repeat lyrics at customers, to give them the Full Disney+ Experience of ordering chicken nuggets on white bread with ketchup on the top of the bread. Surplus repression not for "customer experience" but for the press release alone... surplus repression to the point of true derangement... there aren't even like, the equivalent of 14-year-old kpop fans wanting the "BTS meal" here... literally no one wants anyone to say Saweetie lyrics at them when they order at McDonald's. Everyone involved will wince, it will make the entire "experience" actively worse for each and every human being within earshot
every single sign I see posted looking for service-industry workers is like "WE'RE OBSESSED WITH PLEASING OUR CUSTOMERS. ARE YOU?" and it's like No because nobody is, that's not just a crazy thing to be, it's crazy to expect anyone to believe that's true about anyone else. It's a trickle down from shit like "fast-paced work environment" in white collar job ads, nobody actually wants that, you don't want that as the person writing the ad, and when you're paying service-job wages and everyone applying knows that they'll never get more than 39 hours officially clocked each week no matter how much they actually work, your ad translates to "WE'RE LIARS & THIS JOB SUCKS, APPLY TODAY". A sign saying that in front of every store right now, because the people in charge of recruiting for these companies spend all their time writing shit for each other to read on LinkedIn, about how they're all geniuses who have turned working for each and every company into an imaginary fanatical religion.

Scientists in China are about to turn on for the first time an experimental reactor that's believed by some to be the Holy Grail of nuclear energy — safer, cheaper and with less potential for weaponisation.

Construction on the thorium-based molten salt reactor was expected to be finished this month with the first tests to begin as early as September, according to a statement from the Gansu provincial government.

Thorium is a metallic element with radioactive properties, close to uranium on the periodic table, which was considered as an alternative fuel source when the US was first developing nuclear energy technology in the 1940s.

The Americans even developed an experimental thorium-based molten salt nuclear reactor at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, but the US shut it down and abandoned thorium in favour of uranium in the early 1970s.

The new reactor, built at Wuwei on the edge of the Gobi Desert in northern China, is an experimental prototype designed to have an output of just 2 megawatts.

According to a paper published in the Chinese scientific journal Nuclear Techniques by the Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, the longer-term plan is to develop a series of small molten salt reactors each producing 100 megawatts of energy, enough for about 100,000 people.

Molten salt plants don't use water for cooling like traditional nuclear power plants and so can be built in desert areas, the paper says, such as China's sparsely populated western regions.

anyway digging around a bit more from that one led me to this one


To summarize, a properly designed (readily maintainable) molten salt fast reactor isobreeder represents today's “best” Gen IV option because:

  • Its compact size and simplicity relative to alternatives invoking solid fuels and/or moderators (all of the other GIF candidates) means that it should be relatively cheap to both build and operate (less metal needed to fabricate/maintain and no initial fuel fabrication, handling, durability, shuffling, transport, reprocessing, or fuel refabrication costs).
  • Its fuel cycle is genuinely sustainable – no fuel shortages “forever”.
  • Radwaste management should be relatively simple/cheap.
  • Operation would neither generate nor require huge amounts of transuranic elements.
  • Its ˜700°C operating temperature and high heat capacity working fluid translates to higher electricity generation efficiencies and more direct process heat applications.
  • Its nonreactive, high-boiling, working fluid reduces both the probability and consequences of accidents (spills, etc.).
  • When steady state is attained (˜100 years) they would obviate the need/rationale for either uranium enrichment or uranium mining.
  • Fueling them would generate far less environmental impact (e.g., mine tailings, etc.) than would any of the nonbreeder Gen IV reactor concepts.

This scenario's primary drawback is that it would require virtually everyone involved with researching, implementing, regulating, or “helping” the USA's nuclear power industry to embrace a massive paradigm shift. The reasons for this include:

  • The nuclear industry's current business model is already profitable, firmly established, and primarily cost-plus which means that most of its leadership resists change.
  • The USA's political system strongly caters to established (moneyed) interests and has become virtually incapable of addressing any politically sensitive and/or nonimmediate national problem (e.g., climate change) regardless of how important it might be from a “technical” point of view.
  • Its leadership has supported (via earmarks) a series of long-winded, multi $billion, boondoggles (e.g., the Savannah River Site's MOx plant, LLNL's “National Ignition Facility”, SANDIA et. al.'s Yucca Mountain studies, Hanford's “Waste Treatment Plant”, the Idaho National Laboratory's “steam reformer”, etc.) that have served to convince many people that any sort of US nuclear renaissance is apt to be risky, environmentally impactful, and prohibitively expensive.
  • The leadership of the USA's national laboratories is no longer able to make tough decisions or authorize the sorts of “messy” real-world experimentation required to develop an unfamiliar reactor concept and then demonstrate its viability (currently, if a proposed project can't be almost 100% proven/completed with “paper studies”, it won't be undertaken). The Nuclear Regulatory Commission possesses the same mindset.
  • The leadership of most of the world's environmental organizations does not realize that a properly implemented nuclear renaissance represents the most reasonable way to serve their cause and therefore continue to resist anything that might lead to one.

i appreciate this retired scientist's candor, but i imagine that the last few years have probably shown him that our inability to address national problems is not just limited to the "nonimmediate"

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lmao at the designated propaganda section in the middle of the ABC article doing Just In Case You Were Wondering apologia for US nuclear aggression
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In 2004, it was found that job applicants to a Hooters in West Covina, California, were secretly filmed while undressing, prompting a civil suit filed against the national restaurant chain in Los Angeles Superior Court. The company addressed the incident with additional employee training.

This never would have happened if not for a lack of training

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