c_man posted:

ive been playing Fire Emblem

im an advance wars partisan and i have not played any of the new fire emblem games. maybe i should, i dont know

Tom Nook is a capitalist pig and he will be the first against the wall.

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c_man posted:

ive been playing Fire Emblem

im an advance wars partisan and i have not played any of the new fire emblem games. maybe i should, i dont know

i like fire emblem. you can probably find a rom of the first one released in the US and see if you like it.


- The work of game developers creates a single use value: the game itself, which has value corresponding to the labour that went into its creation. this use value, being information, is "non-rival": it can be enjoyed by one player without preventing others from enjoying it as well at the same time.

- Ownership over the game information can be exchanged as a commodity if it was commissioned by a capitalist separate from the studio that produced it, with an exchange value coming from its value (the labour that went into its creation). If not then the capitalist who hired labour power of the developers maintains ownership of the game.

- These owners of the intellectual property of the game have a state-enforced monopoly over the distribution of copies (intellectual property rights). This allows them to extract profits from this ownership through rent, by selling access to the game on the market as a (near to valueless but highly priced) commodity. This is the only way that capitalism allows for the production of non-rival use values to be organized: by turning them into a "club good" and excluding access to them. These commodities (the game licenses that users buy) have near-but-not-quite-zero value corresponding to the labour that goes into the production and distribution of the individual *copies* (bandwith/printing costs). This is similar to how the rent you pay to your landlord has no connection to the construction labour that went into building the housing you live in.

- These profits, like all profits, come from surplus value extracted at the point of production, however in the case of profits extracted through rent, the rentier capitalist is capturing surplus value not from his own employees but from the rest of society that would have gone to other capitalists instead (such as the bosses of the workers who purchase access to the game). This happens at the point of "distribution" of value (vol.3 of capital).

- Bitcoins & other cryptocurrencies have value. This value corresponds to the labour that goes into producing the electricity needed to "mine" them, and the maintenance of the computers doing the mining. We can see the price of cryptocurrencies generally being determined by this value as capitalists invest in powerful GPUs and in building server farms where electricity is cheap, based on whether the bitcoins produced will provide a good ROI. The "use value" of bitcoins is limited, even apparently as a means of exchange (making it unlikely to serve as a money commodity), and mostly seems to have a use value to investors as a store of value (kind of like precious metals). This is enough for them to have an exchange value and for capitalists to invest in their continued production.

- Bitcoin mining software being installed on your Switch console without your knowledge uses your own electricity bills and the degradation (overheating etc) of your Switch, this is where the value of the bitcoins it produces comes from (the labour of all the workers going into the production of electricity and Switch consoles). When they get transferred to the capitalist who sold you access to the game, you can see this as part of the rent price you are paying them to be granted the right to play the game, or possibly as a form of primitive accumulation since there is deceit involved and it is not really part of the exchange you thought you were making on the market when buying it. In any case, you are the one paying the cost of those bitcoins.

- Note that this way of producing cryptocurrency is probably extremely inefficient because of where you are consuming the electricity, and the fact that you are using a Switch instead of more dedicated hardware for it. The labour that goes into the production of those bitcoins is probably much much higher than the socially-necessary-labour-time giving them value and would never be profitable to a capitalist. However the people who sold you the game don't care because those costs are externalized to you. If you could do it, it would be a much better deal for you to buy bitcoins on the market and then transfer them to that company in equivalent amounts to what they get from the miner they install on your Switch, instead of doing it this way.

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i did some poking around and it seems like whatever blockchain code was in there was hastily removed
i have like 150 pages of a novel i was trying to write one time about video games criticisism and mass shooting events and commodity value chains. it was a bit gaey but i’d like to give it another go sometime. does anyone here play call of duty warzone.

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i have like 150 pages of a novel i was trying to write one time about video games criticisism and mass shooting events and commodity value chains. it was a bit gaey but i’d like to give it another go sometime. does anyone here play call of duty warzone.


The HOI4:OWB April Fool's Update sure is something.


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more seriously, im not even sure what the stakes of the discussion about games criticism are supposed to be.

Perhaps the same could be said of all forums posting...

I bet poster elias is playing Animal Crossing again. It looks fun, you can win a urinal as a prize and put it in your kitchen and I guess the game is about trying to pay back a huge loan you borrowed from a dog? I don't have a Nintendo though. But I like games where you can go visit stuff other people built and show them what you built, I like to build things in real life and do that and everyone in meatspace has to pretend it's good but video games are okay for it too.

I played Minecraft for the first time recently and didn't bother with a tutorial. It took me like a week of playing 30 minutes a day to figure out how to make and use a workbench and to find and kill enough sheep to make a bed. At night things come to murder you instantly unless you hide indoors, and when you don't have a bed in Minecraft you can't control where you resurrect when you die, so I kept appearing in the middle of nowhere and hiding from skeletons by digging a hole and stopping it up with logs. Then I would make that my new house and build it up, so my Minecraft world has a lot of bunkers. The skeletons are capitalism & I am Minecraft Hoxha. Some of the other things you try to avoid are from bad forums posts so it's kind of like here. Anyway that's the story of an old bluetick hound playing Minecraft with his jowls. I finally made a bed in the video game so I could spawn wherever and then forgot about it entirely until I posted this post.
tHE r H i z z o n E superstar poster getfiscal is playing Skyrim, pretty cool. I'm hoping he wins personally.
i wish i had a Nintendo and new horizons
Yeah seems nice. When the new Nintendo first came out there was some hassle about charging the normal video game controller I didn't want to deal with until they fixed it and also I'm not going to take my Nintendo on a plane or anything, I have a phone and planes have wifi, the idea of a special Nintendo tablet you carry around is to me like carrying an electric pepper grinder around everywhere in a case and trying to put pepper on everything you eat to justify it. I heard the GTA Zelda was good, but they had it on the last Nintendo, so I just pirated Zelda on my PC and I didn't play a lot of it either. I don't take seriously the idea of buying a machine just for video games anymore I think but Nintendos are usually good so I sometimes think about it for a few minutes anyway.
When I'm sitting in a chair, but I want to get up, and game in a different chair? That's when the Nintendo shines
I remember when it first came out a big selling point was, now you can finally play Skyrim on a plane. Skyrim came out a million years ago and I have a laptop if I ever decide to be the guy who plays Skyrim on the plane. instead I can log on to my stupid labor aristo job on a laptop and run a time theft program that presses the F15 key every few minutes while I listen to Soundcloud.
i have a nintendo but not animal crossing. this is because i am not a lonely horny twentysomething with nothing better to do than farm acorns in a video game.
just horny twentysomethings farming acorns. what could be better than this?
I hear nintendo Fire Emblem is good. You can get your person married and so on but it's the characters from Super Smash Brothers.
i don't know about the other stuff though... Just looking for a kind of Call of Shidduch experience where I notice both wizards use the hamsa to bind the Great Dukes & I make them kiss.
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i have a nintendo but not animal crossing. this is because i am not a lonely horny twentysomething with nothing better to do than farm acorns in a video game.

this guy turns 30 and suddenly he's better than the rest of us

i got the hankering to play some good ol fashioned sim city a little while ago and it turns out that franchise died several years back, so i found a game called cities: skylines that is pretty similar and apparently better than the last version of simcity which everyone hated. anywho, i am going along building my city and its all smooth, everything seems so easy, i got a metro/subway system, bus routes, airports, a seaport, some stadia (they call them football stadia but they mean soccer) its allgoing great. i mean, i have windmills and solar plants instead of nasty coal or oil and everyone is really happy except commerce which is only mostly happy and i have tons of cash coming in and then boom, i hit 100k people and it all falls apart. traffic is a nightmare and people who die of natural causes are just stuck in their homes for days because the hearses cant get to them. simple fires turn into block-wide conflagrations because for some reason in this world firetrucks politely wait for traffic to disperse ahead of them. apparently the solution to traffic is roundabouts but theyre like a mile wide and i dont want to bulldoze a quarter of my city to put them in so instead im just like "wider streets and more bus routes!" which doesntsolve the problem at all. industry buildings are constantly going vacant because unemployment is too low so people dont want shitty jobs that destroy their health and i cant figure out how to get metro lines to work, so instead of going from one station to the next in a direct route the lines go all the way around the city in the least efficient way possible and for some reason the river is flowing backward now so the water polution is going straight into the water pumps, which causes thousands of people to get sick and eventually die, which means that i have dead bodies in like 20% of my buildings and then they all become abandoned and even when i move the pumps it seems to cause the river to flood and once the floods calm down the pollution just creeps right back upriver to the pumps and then the Sickness comes back and rinse repeat, fbut for some reason my citizens are still really happy with me

so thats how my quarantine is going. should i be playing death stranding? its on sale right now
i think you need mods to fix the traffic for good
how about revolutionary violence terrorism gang as depicted in Video Game Final Fantasy 7 Remake?
i am referring to the gang of fictionary associates in the Video Game and not you, the readers

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i think you need mods to fix the traffic for good

na you'd need admin privileges to fix traffic for good, mod powers are more temporary

I am playing Red’s Redemption Two, which went on sale. There’s not enough fart butt Rockstar jokes about how Amerikkkans are bad and there’s too much darn horse riding into nowhere, that part is so much worse than the last one. My rootin tootin cowboy robber is so bored he started sketching weird-looking trees he sees. If he were a virtual pet I think that would mean he’s about to suicide.

There is a home base full of characters that are supposed to be the story I guess. you press one button to talk to each of them and it almost never matters if you do that or listen to them or go back there at all, Super Nintendo games make that stuff matter more than this one does but a bunch of people spent a ton of time meticulously crafting every HD wrinkle and freckle on these 3D character models and they each have dozens or hundreds of lines by professional voice actors. Sorry about your game folks.

I poured money into the camp for one reason, to get fast travel, but it doesn’t help the horse riding part one bit, so I never go there anymore and just like the last game this one is now a fancy practice Texas hold em machine, to me.
a good example of what a big step down Red’s Dead 2 is from the first one is the bison mission. Everything in this game is more elaborate and complicated than the last one and it pretty much always makes it worse.

In the first game you can hunt all the bison on the map if you choose and when the last one dies, you just get this little guilt-tripping “achievement” that’s like, oh you made them extinct, great job??

In the sequel/prequel there’s a big scripted mission where you hunt a bison to make a novelty fashion item from its parts, but it’s okay because in the same mission, you track down these cartoony slobs who are just joy-killing tons of bison for literally no reason like Captain Planet villains. After your friend murders one of them, like Captain Planet would do, you can choose to either let the other one go free or choke him to death with your avatar’s hands. Okay.
Soft disagree with the cars review of RDR2. Never played the first one and not much to compare this to generally given my last console before current gen was a Wii and I haven't had a PC that can play current games since Quake. All that said, I liked the level of detail in this game. It allows you to marinate in it if you're digging the mood, and there is enough going on with the various characters in the camp that you can interact as much as you want with the ones you like and not run out of content. But by the same token, you're not really obliged to do more of the side missions and stuff than you feel like. A lot of people get into fishing and hunting and totally ignore the missions. Or play poker. I think the latter is really all the online version is good for, assuming you can get a table without an annoying fuck who goes all in immediately on every hand. Anyway, I don't know that I'll replay it, but I enjoyed the cowboy game a lot more than I expected. It was fun.
I got Tetris Effect because it's on sale, and it's extremely good.
if i were grading by how much poker Cows 2 lets me play and the quality of the poker AI and the poker experience, it would be like a C+ as a detail-heavy holdem-only, it certainly wouldn't rate in the top 10 video poker games I've played. But it might be worth the price I paid for it, mainly because when someone tells my avatar he'll do better next hand, he says like, "shut up" and "shut the hell up" and so on in a frustrated voice, a "killer feature" in my book.
i was like heck yeah!! but i realized i already own it and just haven't played it. heck yeah still i guess
I read that final fantashii seven remake is like, about ghosts trying to force the story of the original game to happen, its like time travel or something... Not Sure.
a video game where I go back in time and do 9/11 to stop a Half Life sequel where Gordon Freeman can talk
wake up mr freeman and smell the jet fuel

c_man posted:

ive been playing Fire Emblem

Wow, its cool that you have been playing my favorite video game ever fire emblem three houses.

I set up my old wii and have been playing wii sports resort table tennis for the first time in about 3 years. Feels good