i wonder if my account still has forums cancer. i don't wonder enough to go there to check though
I went back and trolled GBS for like a week in 2014 and my account still had forums cancer. By that point everyone thought it was cool that I had it (lol), so the mods promptly removed it and then I never returned
been playing noita lately, you're a witch with wands blowing up the world, here's my latest death from my deepest run so far, i was ascending and got polymorphed and dieded

the first time i played fallout 4 i explored the entire map which was a huge waste of time. for some reason i thought it would be funny to play it again but only do the main quest to see how ignoring everything affected the game. i run away from people mid conversation, walk right past scenes of tension/violence, leave settlements dry and empty. it's great because when i return to those places days later, NPCs are either stuck in a scene waiting for me to react or slowly following my character for quest completion. every time i go to sanctuary hills to mod my guns, preston garvey sneaks up on me asking for help and i'm like uhh maybe later dude and i just know he's dying inside.
Not sure the video game Fallout 4 can feel emotions about how you play it... someone look into this.
i just looked into it and turns out its true. messed up but true.

kinch posted:

iirc 'feeding ham 2 cats' posted about getting a visit from the secret service when he said he lived in DC and was going to shoot down air force one with an rpg. not lf but twisty also got an interview, at the conclusion of which the agent, while walking out the door, turned back and said 'you really are a twisted aristocrat.' in any case lf was deleted because they couldn't find anyone to mod it

it was marine one, the helicopter. good times

the actual post that did it, that i'm somewhat proud to have seen in the flesh so to speak, was "my work is within sight of where marine one takes off. what's the effective range of an RPG" or something similar to that.
whatever it was, it was just pretext for the admins to shut lf down which they wanted to do long before that
playing a myst clone (quern). currently being walloped by a sliding block puzzle

edit: solved the sliding block puzzle

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hope it’s not too late—more like Failout Bore. the game is bad, folks.
i just got to the snowboarding part in FF7 and: lol