strap a gopro to my head & follow me around all day while i mumble narration
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dizastar posted:

obstacle course race for 6 months old infants w their respective mothers at the finish line. time attack to make it interesting. plushies, toys, baby food along the way with direct elimination if the baby gets distracted with them

this, except, they are adults and not infants

The 3rd Day: A talk show in which the rich are crucified along the interstate and famous rich celebrities give interviews on the third day of them being crucified.
Explosive Poker
They should bring back the Showtime male prostitution docu-series Gigolos
a game show where contestants have to run around a crowded shopping mall or amusement park guessing which white guys are rocking a hitler 'stache under their masks
every beetle, RANKED!
wrong thread this is for bad ideas
Brown Moses: battlefield reporter
the yeet seat: a quiz type show where the money and difficulty doubles every question and if you get a question wrong a trebuchet throws you into a cinder block wall
Iraq War sitcom
All-female remake of the Showtime reality docu-series Gigolos
a reality show following twitch streamers' daily life during the pandemic
Action-adventure movie idea: The US government has secretly been removing all the school shooters of the past 30 years, including those thought to be dead, to a secret prison, where they await their covert assignment to the civilian battlefield of Donetsk.
Every Person Tier List
A show about a guy who unwraps Magic: the gathering card packs on Youtube and the season finale is him getting two super rare foil cards in one pack. ("Foil" cards were precious cards that looked like regular cards but had a shiny finish as though they were made from precious aluminium foil.)