Posting about the rallies in solidarity with the victim of the Belfast rugby team rape trial in the comp het thread.

a woman who was gang raped and messaging her friends posted:

"worst night ever, so I got raped."

“I feel sick.”

“I have bruising on my inner thighs. I feel like I’ve got bruising literally on my fanny. They were so rough I’ve got my period a week earlier.”

**After inspection by a doctor the bleeding turned out to be from a laceration inside her vagina. Her underwear was passed around the court room. The taxi driver who brought her home observed blood on her trousers and that she was desperately upset.

“Two and then a third tried to get involved. I was crying."

" I’m not going to the police. I’m not going up against Ulster Rugby. Yea because that'll work”

“I was crying and saying, ‘at least use a condom’

“I’d report it if I knew they’d get done but they won’t. And that’s just unnecessary stress for me. It’s also humiliating...it will be a case of my word against theirs, not like they have CCTV in their house and because there’s more of them and they’ll all have the same fabricated story about me being some slut who was up for it, stupid little girl now regretting it"

"I got raped last night, have to go to get forensic samples taken."

“no I don’t want to get the police involved, you know how it goes, they won’t get charged and I'll have to go through police interviews…”

a bunch of gang rapists on whatsapp after raping a woman posted:

“how was she?",

“she was very very loose."

“Any sluts get fucked?”

"There was a lot of spit roast last night."

“There was a lot of spit”

“It was like a merry go round at the carnival."

“we are all top shaggers”

“Love Belfast Sluts."

“Boys, did you pass spit roast brassers”

"What the fuck was going on. Last night was hilarious."

“Why are we all such legends?” “I know it's ridiculous”

“Mate no jokes she was in hysterics, wasn't going to end well.”

“Really, fuck sake, did you calm her, where does she live?”

“Aye, just threw her home then went back to mine."

Found not guilty, judge orders media blackout of the ensuing protests

Kill men

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I watched this last night its pretty vapor

My brother made an interesting point about the Irish rugby team. He was concerned about how much internationally is known and stereotyped about the sexism within "Catholic Ireland", but in regards to "Sexism in Unionist Ireland" not much is known at all?

(Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding the rapists come from outrageously middle-class unionist backgrounds......cause of the various different rugby federations within the UK, the Irish rugby team is a united Ireland team but cause the unionists that play for Ireland don't really see themselves as Irish the Irish national anthem isn't played when they play and this shit song called "Irelands Call" is for those lovely Unionists.... Rugby is beyond bourgeois)

Glad those rapist fuckers got the sack but lol at thugby's "core values"
it's cool that queer theory is used mostly Online (never have I encountered this offline) to decimate those baddie gay males that just identify as gay and keep to ourselves and think all this branding is just a little bit much. and we may not call ourselves queer oh no the horror . *snake hiss* cissssssssssssss
Yes yes. The head of pathology at Johns Hopskins University's daughter. Quite the poet that one.
brb just gonna menstruate like the fucking she wolf that i am

wikkkipedia posted:


The incident occurred on June 23, 1993, in Manassas, Virginia, and the legal case surrounding the incident subsequently took place during 1993 and 1994.

Lorena stated in a court hearing that, after coming home at night on June 23, 1993, her husband raped her. After her husband had gone to sleep, Lorena grabbed a knife from the kitchen, entered their bedroom, and removed her husband's penis at its base.

After this, Lorena left the apartment with the severed appendage and drove away in her car. After a while, she threw it into a field.

To begin with, Lacan distinguishes between "privation" and "castration." In the real, nobody is missing an organ. 

For example, speaking at the level of the real, women simply have vaginas. In other words, they aren't deprived of an
organ, since their bodies are as they are. Lacan calls this privation. Only with the advent of the symbolic — when
language dissects the real, designates an organ as an isolated entity, transforms this thus-designated entity into
a signifier, and therefore becomes capable of marking an "absence" of a penis (i.e., a "phallus," insofar as the
penis is elevated to the level of a signifier) on woman's body — can individuals be said to be "castrated."

Non-Existence and Sexual Identity:

not too half bad this
been thinking a lot due to various life events about the concept of "polyamory", im not saying that book "an ethical sl*t", which was printed in 1997 is a CIA operative but its interesting how its gained such momentum when the millennial generation are so stunted emotionally and of course financially and compared to previous generations not quite so able to settle down. as we are working more and have basically grown up on the internet so social isolation has been developed in new ways not previously possible.

obviously with the rise of the precariat class and how fucked financially millennials are this has created an interesting saga concerning relationships and attitudes with sex

but yeah this rise of young white middle class university educated individuals saying they're poly, particular with the destruction of the nuclear family with how divorce and step families etc are more common now.

economically the nuclear family is quite fucked as a concept currently, but still theres this giant desire for a community and a sense of belonging and sure i believe the majority of people want love and affection and hence why so many people are now "poly" (even though from my experience they seem to have gotten all their info regarding it from screenshots shared on facebook pages/groups and tbh fucking your friends isnt really recreating any social boundaries of relationships, like its a fairly common thing that happens)

Monogamy is very much fucking dead in some regards, and marriage is gradually dying and interpersonal relationships have fundamentally changed thanks to the internet and our concept of sexuality. yeah online dating etc

the pornification of everything literally has somewhat created a concerning amount of very disillusioned people particularly women/girls concerning sex cause they aren't always fucking horny and/or only want to have sex with people they know. hence the rise of the term asexual.

now with women/girls identifying with asexuality i would suggest that in a lot of cases it is more so due to how fucked the female experience can be and in a lot of cases if they were able to develop their own sexualities without men dictating it to them from birth. and how fucking horrible and disengaging liberal feminism has created sex into this hyperactive all-consuming agenda that everyone is doing all the time etc and if your arent then theres something different with you and thats ok cause theres a label for that! and yeah libfems/libertarianism fem not looking at the wider social dynamics that have created this giant void of female sexuality and instead regurgitating stuff that could either be found on a bdsm tumblr or a 19 year old home made zine about sex positivity.

to quote dworkin

Men have constructed female sexuality and in so doing have annihilated the chance for sexual intelligence in women. Sexual intelligence cannot live in the shallow, predestined sexuality men have counterfeiteed for women.

but yeah all sex positivity till theres no dicks involved eh

im feeling so incredibly annoyed with how fucked up male and female interpersonal relationships are and it just seems to be getting worse and worse. and that theres a whole fucking load of amazing 2nd wave texts out there and because of how 2nd wave radical feminism has become viewed, these amazing pieces of work are somewhat being hidden in western society and that they arent being read by young women it could really fucking help

guys im just so fucking tired

There were some stories recently about how divorce rates are sliding downwards among younger people in the U.S., but that's alongside numbers showing that marriage has become much more solidly entrenched as a class institution, where the people who get married tend to be university-educated, make more money and come from wealthier backgrounds than those who don't, with the divide at record levels and growing. To be clear, I think that probably supports what you're saying, because I'd hazard to guess that more of those marriages are "open" than at any time in recorded history. I think some amount of "educated" people are getting trained out of the idea that they can expect trust or honesty within committed relationships or that it's okay to ask for it, and that's going to fall a lot harder on women than on men.
the main reason why the divorce rate is slipping is cause no can afford to get divorced or even really get married tbh
Yeah that's what those numbers show I think, that marriage has come to be seen by people in the "middle class" as dependent on both partners first achieving a certain status within class society, which has been substituted for an idea among their parents of "stability", a secure job with a stable income, that just doesn't exist for a lot of people anymore. But upward mobility is itself a myth by the numbers, so marriage itself, just the act of getting married, is becoming not just a means of reproducing class down through generations but a delimiter of class itself.

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volcel supremacy
Like whateves but can we not focus on male viewpoints for fucking once Christ
There's an entire generation of young women who believe they are asexual due to women never being able collectively or personally develop their own sexuality.

Vast majority of women don't know how they want their sex lives to be bar from just submitting to men that are using their bodies for an extended wank and not viewing them as having their own autonomy and desire that can be flourished.
All sex positive till there's minus dicks eh.

There's this concept of being demisexual which means that those that identify as demisexual are only into people once they have gotten to know them. As someone who has been raised female and has experienced sexual violence I approach my relationships/sex this way but only as a result of male supremacy and trauma. How is this experience of mine an aspect of my sexuality? Some people use terms like these because they don't fit into these fucked stereotypes because of the rapid pornification of media and society. Also if someone has frequent causal sex is that a main description of their sexuality? When I phrase it like that it makes the concept of how being poly is just a mere description of occasional behaviours not an identity at all.

Yes open relationships exist and have done through history and I suppose can work but how is having an open relationship an aspect of your identity? People usually have many different relationships within their lives?

The pornification has infected teens so much and I am so concerned with how it's gonna develop. I hope for the best and that with the creepgate saga a cultural revolution is actually happening concerning sexuality and the perception of women.

You get 12 year old girls sending nudes via Snapchat. And then these imagery get shared in Snapchat groups and so on and on.

Social media/online interactions for young people has also greatly changed. Now much more imagery focused and Snapchat and Instagram are the main focuses. Its less about escapism like for us and finding similar people out there like you instead it's about showing a controlled narrative of yourself.

Go on Instagram and you'll find no teen subcultures anymore it's all about looking as mature as possible. 15 year old's make up contouring and wearing waist trainers to fit into a Kardashian commoditized fetishized concept of how the female body has become.


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petrol do ye want to message me for discussion of this
Okay, thanks.
stand by your posts!
I do, but they were just making incidental points and I felt like it was more important to make sure I wasn't derailing anything.
Today's youngest generation of millennials are ahving less sex than ever before
sorry it's a ted talk but it's gail dines

I think a factor in the current rise of incel culture amongst young men is accessing hardcore porn at an extremely young age and thus a rise in sexual psychopathy, an inability to view women as human and a complete inability to relate to them and form relationships with them. Which they blame women for lol. POrN iS a HuMaN RIgHt


... is... is this serial-rapist going to get away with it...

Manhattan's district attorney has decided to drop part of the criminal case against Harvey Weinstein.

The development was announced in court Thursday with Weinstein looking on.

The tossed charge involves allegations made by one of the three accusers in the case, Lucia Evans, who was among the first women to publicly accuse Weinstein of sexual assault.


overfire posted:

I think a factor in the current rise of incel culture amongst young men is accessing hardcore porn at an extremely young age and thus a rise in sexual psychopathy, an inability to view women as human and a complete inability to relate to them and form relationships with them. Which they blame women for lol. POrN iS a HuMaN RIgHt

without a doubt, casual sex normally has some sort of relationship status in terms of a basic friendship etc not what men seem to think with women always being keen for fucking them when they have several layers of internal safety protocols before even meeting some weirdo that cant spell for shit from tinder but has nice pictures of him with a cat

overconsumption is literally killing this planet and our survival and its fucking everywhere in all aspects of life. maybe just maybe sex positive libs that sex on a tap doesnt work and maybe more men should trying reading more before attempting to use a womans body as a masturbation vessel

i am so worried for women and myself cause it just seems to be getting so fucking bad and men and women are getting further and further alienated from each other.

male validation is one hell of a drug and christ having done a lot of drugs theres nothing quite as entrapping and addictive

i know of several women, were videos of them having sex with a partner was secretly recorded without their consent and then uploaded to pornhub or whateves viewed 1000s of times and then probably mirrored and uploaded to other sites and so on. But sure porn is liberating and these sites that hold such content are liberating women like me cause they have female friendly sections!

why does the bourgeoisie target men w/ their pornography w/ token porn for women, also, why grunts in the military

toyotathon posted:

why does the bourgeoisie target men w/ their pornography w/ token porn for women, also, why grunts in the military

cause male supremacy is the ass that holds capitalisms back!

like yeah the majority of this site is male and doesnt really understand the full peak of it. especially to things i find that should be so fucking obvious

and this thread has kinda just become a personal tangent about my sheer dismay and frustration with men and interpersonal relationships and sexuality

its tiring but yeah please look beyond your male viewpoints we fucking out here yup
yo if you think it's an ignorant question don't blame the rest of the site for it, it's my own

i asked it cuz of the connection between US military's rape history from italy to france to saigon to iraq, and also shit like WW2 pinup girls and at least from what i read online the constantly jacking off average soldier today. i'm sure you're better read on the rape/porn connection which is why i was asking..

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Its ok I just said it as a general warning like cause I am one of the fairer sex like and this place is very male dominated

military sexual abuse is pretty much epidemic within all armies from what i have read from the west to the global south. Such highly male dominated places are going to be vastly macho and abusive and lol fundamentally compulsively masculine

theres a really funny ad atm on brit radio that i am subjected to hearing like 5 times a day in work from "a woman in the british army" and how she isnr treated differently and no one even notices her "pony tail" etc.

just a really funny attempt of trying to femininely humanize the brit army the most historically destructive forces of imperial control in the world in an attempt to boost recruitment amongst 18-30 year old women

In recent years reporting of amerikkan military sexual abuse has went up but this is most likely due to people ie women being more willing to share their stories and the pentagon realising that them appearing to be an "understanding force" against sexual violence can play in their favours rather than their previous ways of dealing with it by ignoring it and pretending its not an issue.

of fucking course this internal pr stunt isnt doing anything concerning yankie scum serially raping women and children and men in the global south/yankie imperialised nations
I have "The Pimping of Prostitution: Abolishing the Sex Work Myth" by Julie Bindel and "Not a Choice, Not a Job: Exposing the Myths about Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade" by Janice Raymond and im trying to guess which one is better so Ican read that one first.

Skylark posted:

I have "The Pimping of Prostitution: Abolishing the Sex Work Myth" by Julie Bindel and "Not a Choice, Not a Job: Exposing the Myths about Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade" by Janice Raymond and im trying to guess which one is better so Ican read that one first.

sick one mate i need this so much. good god

I was hoping somebody could tell me which one to pick lol. I started the Raymond one but the Bindel one is way more recent....