I'm still confused as to why a vasectomy isn't more popular. iirc they are reversible even. Idk, its hormone free... Why are reproduction issues solely a female responsibility?
Vasectomy is rad and I plan to get one eventually.

The men, of course, are tired. It has been an exhausting period of extermination and devastation, on a scale genuinely new, with new methods, new possibilities. Even when faced with the probable extinction of themselves at their own hand, men refuse to look at the whole, take all the causes and all the effects into account, perceive the intricate connections between the world they make and themselves. They are alienated, they say, from this world of pain and torment; they make romance out of this alienation so as to avoid taking responsibility for what they do and what they are. Male dissociation from life is not new or particularly modern, but the scale and intensity of this disaffection are new. And in the midst of this Brave New World, how comforting and familiar it is to exercise passionate cruelty on women. The old-fashioned values still obtain.

The world may end tomorrow, but tonight there is rape— a kiss, a fuck, a pat on the ass, a fist in the face. In the intimate world of men and women, there is no mid-twentieth century distinct from any other century. There are only the old values, women there for the taking, the means of taking determined by the male. It is ancient and it is modern; it is feudal, capitalist, socialist; it is caveman and astronaut, agricultural and industrial, urban and rural. For men, the right to abuse women is elemental, the first principle, with no beginning unless one is willing to trace origins back to God and with no end plausibly in sight. For men, their right to control and abuse the bodies of women is the one comforting constant in a world rigged to blow up but they do not know when.

In pornography, men express the tenets of their unchanging faith, what they must believe is true of women and of themselves to sustain themselves as they are, to ward off recognition that a commitment to masculinity is a double-edged commitment to both suicide and genocide. In life, the objects are fighting back, rebelling, demanding that every breath be reckoned with as the breath of a living person, not a viper trapped under a rock, but an authentic, willful, living being. In pornography, the object is slut, sticking daggers up her vagina and smiling. A bible piling up its code for centuries, a secret corpus gone public, a private corpus gone political, pornography is the male’s sacred stronghold, a monastic retreat for manhood on the verge of its own destruction.

As one goes through the pictures of the tortured and maimed, reads the stories of gang rape and bondage, what emerges most clearly is a portrait of men who need to believe in their own absolute, unchangeable, omnipresent, eternal, limitless power over others.

Every image reveals not the so-called object in it but the man who needs it: to keep his prick big when every bomb dwarfs it; to keep his sense of masculine self intact when the world of his own creation has made that masculine self a useless and rather silly anachronism; to keep women the enemy even though men will destroy him and he by being faithful to them will be responsible for that destruction; to sustain his belief in the righteousness of his real abuses of women when, in fact, they would be insupportable and unbearable if he dared to experience them as what they are—the bullying brutalities of a coward too afraid of other men to betray or abandon them.

Pornography is the holy corpus of men who would rather die than change. Dachau brought into the bedroom and celebrated, every vile prison or dungeon brought into the bedroom and celebrated, police torture and thug mentality brought into the bedroom and celebrated— men reveal themselves and all that matters to them in these depictions of real history, plasticized and rarefied, represented as the common erotic stuff of male desire. And the pictures and stories lead right back to history— to peoples enslaved, maimed, murdered—because they show that, for men, the history of atrocity they pretend to mourn is coherent and utterly intentional if one views it as rooted in male sexual obsession. Pornography reveals that slavery, bondage, murder, and maiming have been acts suffused with pleasure for those who committed them or who vicariously experienced the power expressed in them. Pornography reveals that male pleasure is inextricably tied to victimizing, hurting, exploiting; that sexual fun and sexual passion in the privacy of the male imagination are inseparable from the brutality of male history. T he private world of sexual dominance that men demand as their right and their freedom is the mirror image of the public world of sadism and atrocity that men consistently and self righteously deplore. It is in the male experience of pleasure that one finds the meaning of male history.

from Dwokin's "Pornography - men posessing wormen"


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I'm still confused as to why a vasectomy isn't more popular.


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why the hell was this video suppressed for nearly two years


im starting a collection of posts like this

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im starting a collection of posts like this


im starting a collection of posts like this


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I'm still confused as to why a vasectomy isn't more popular. iirc they are reversible even. Idk, its hormone free... Why are reproduction issues solely a female responsibility?

your entire scrotum is sore and fragile for about a month after and the reversal doesn't work much of the time. so not too far off taking the pill really

Hell, my scrotum is sore and fragile all the time
Chewbacca ate my balls
Is there anyone misogynists hate more than Dworkin? their own mothers maybe? so good

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Is there anyone misogynists hate more than Dworkin? their own mothers maybe? so good

Solanas probably.

I always defend Solanas as she was subjected to so much horrific abuse by men and shes fucking portrayed as this raving lunatic. Same with Aileen Wurnous maybe these women had pretty reasonable reasons for shooting/killing men
Agreed but with a little note in red pen to Solanas that says that there's probably a better target for a bullet than a gay man
I always figured he was a pretentious prick and that's why she shot him. Either way SCUM is metal as fuck.

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Agreed but with a little note in red pen to Solanas that says that there's probably a better target for a bullet than a gay man

this is sort of true but plenty of gay men are still incredibly misogynistic. it drives me up the wall when gay men attempt to casually get away with sexual assault because "they're not into it," apparently it's the assaulter's feelings and intent that matter and it's all just fun and games to grope and intimidate your waitress for laughs.

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simple thermo brah
Interesting fact about lesbians and gay men in the USA, before stonewall there, wasnt really a cross-community support from gay/bi men to lesbians/bi women let alone even a community that contemporary society likes to pretend that there was. Class of fucking course played a huge fucking role cause the richer could afford to go to university and fuck other middle-class gay/bi/lesbian people, while if you were a working-class butch hick from rural Pennsylvania you needed to get to a city and hope for the best there and be able to friend other ladies like yourself and not get pestered or harassed too much cause you prefer to have short hair and wear mens clothes for comfort over style.

That being said womens jeans are designed better cause of the ass space and overall look better on men compared to mens that only seem to come in fucking "skinny" jeans

Still happens a huge amount the gay exodus from rural communities. Funny how that hasn't really changed.
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home for xmas with my single parent mother who raised me and my brother and my mother and brother were having an argument over who was the better athlete and it just hit that single mothers and mothers in general break gender roles every day to raise children. particularly male children hmmmm theyre both roles of the father and mother in one overstressed, overworked predominately working-class female package
wtf women's jeans look like shit on men
thin men yes
*throws away women’s jeans*
So for me one of the major pieces of news in 2017 was in July when the obvious was revealed as true, that the Department of Defense has huge power in Hollywood, deciding what facts and attitudes about the military are transmitted at the masses. The myth of Amerika ever having been "Great," and therefore public support for military institutions, is preserved by enforced amnesia as the state purges references to Iran-Contra, to losing in Vietnam &c. One story in particular is of liberal director Favreau's minor clash with a DOD liaison over a line - "People would kill themselves for the opportunities I have" - that could be construed to refer to military suicide if, for example, we were looking for a reason to be offended. We can bet there are no corresponding anecdotes from filmmakers who were happy enforcers of fascist rhetoric, and seeing as how a good working relationship to make propaganda for an Amerikan security agency is like the real life version of item duping in an old Final Fantasy game, we can bet there were at least a few such filmmakers. And those more cooperative filmmakers probably didn't mind taking notes on issues not even related to war and killing.

So finding out about this massive propaganda funnel resolves some of the nonsense about why Hollywood exists and why "smart" people collaborate on rabid fascist paeans to the U$ military and so forth. Although it made sense to just say, movies are largely sponsored by rich people who tend to be fascist - you'd think there would be the occasional unspeakable slight against troops or the pigs if that were the case? In fact there was a significant material incentive, with a little cooperation opening doors to a much better movie. This material incentive clearly outshines the previous explanations like "michael bay bein a rich prick agin" which is still basically psychoanalysis.

So all this makes me wonder a lot about the music industry and to what degree we can explain the enforcement of heterosexuality, among other things, through material incentives provided to musicians who are willing to aggressively push heterosexuality. On all the major albums released this year - how many songs about environmental catastrophe? I can think of one, toward the end of that Thundercat album. How many songs about how all politicians are crooks? About eating everything out of a plastic wrapper? About the bum they step over on their way in to the studio every day?

Every hit song on the Billboard 100 that isn't pure aspiration-porn is about romantic love as the primary force in normal life. Can this be explained just by the momentum of heterosexuality within the sea of clubs and venues, where musicians who are willing to play hornier music tend to get all the bookings? By the teenage populace's justifiable taste for pumping butt? Or by some pseudo class analysis bullshit like, rich musician problems can only be about romantic love? Because I'm starting to feel like there has to be something more direct. Like on the level of, labels outright telling their big stars to make albums that are specifically about how if you don't fuck your boo you might die.
i think music tends to be a lot more decentralised and less 'controllable' than hollywood is. like a lot of dance music guys can make their stuff in their bedrooms or at least without much cash. that doesn't really address your question but i feel like the lower production cost of music compared to movies probably makes incentives like the ones michael bay or other big directors get less present in music. though im sure big labels do make weird demands of like pop stars or whoever sometimes
i think it's that music produced by the KKKulture Industry isn't even in the hands of the "artist" to begin with, they're just the pseudo-individualizing face slapped on at the end of the assembly line, human Acid Wash. There's no possibility of deviation from sexual/political normativity because the horseshoe-pattern balding guys (I think I have 6.5 years before I gotta stop using this insult) charged with the creative process are just technicians in conscious pursuit of exactly this normativity. I doubt much censorship or nudging is required, the entire becoming of music has already been vivisected and each part subjected to the rigid controls of a research lab in order to serve ruling class interests.

but Lo's right, unlike Hollywood, all that only represents a fraction of musical output and efforts to impose hegemony aren't as effective as in film. I can think of a bunch of good music that got relatively big this year originating from outside the core industry, and not a single movie that did the same (Thundercat is on Flying Lotus' independent label btw). the KKKulture Industry hasn't really been able tame the musical beast since maybe 1955 tho they keep trying
Entertainment Industry Liaison

Entertainment Industry Liaison
As an organization that plays a key role in America’s defense, the CIA is a frequent subject of books, motion pictures, documentaries, and other creative ventures. For years, artists from across the entertainment industry — actors, authors, directors, producers, screenwriters, and others — have been in touch with the CIA to gain a better understanding of our intelligence mission. Our goal is an accurate portrayal of the men and women of the CIA, and the skill, innovation, daring, and commitment to public service that defines them.

If you are part of the entertainment industry, and are working on a project that deals with the CIA, the Agency may be able to help you. We are in a position to give greater authenticity to scripts, stories, and other products in development. That can mean answering questions, debunking myths, or arranging visits to the CIA to meet the people who know intelligence — its past, present, and future. In some cases, we permit filming on our headquarters compound. (Please visit our Headquarters Virtual Tour.) We can also provide stock footage of locations within and around our main building.

Intelligence is challenging, exciting, and essential. To better convey that reality, the CIA is ready for a constructive dialogue with a broad range of creative talents.


thanks for the information, that will be very useful when i make my documentary on the posters of the rhizzone
*dry heaves* im sure the canadians and the people that live here that frequent this site can all get behind this sentiment along with the murder of countless aboriginal women cause empowerment and support and whatever other current trendy buzzword!!!!!

Real change for aboriginal women begins with the end of prostitution

We want comprehensive prostitution prevention and exiting strategies, and a robust public education campaign that re-educates Canadians about prostitution as a form of male violence against women and a racist and colonial system that targets racialized and aboriginal women and girls. Supporting the abolition of prostitution and the new legislation stands in agreement with our traditional aboriginal teachings – it tells us that we are worthy of freedom, respect, and love.

refreshing my memory of Mies, this is in chapter 3 of patriarchy and accumulation on a world scale, owns

As we all know, women and children constituted the bulk of the early industrial proletariat. They were the cheapest and most manipulable labour force and could be exploited like no other worker. The capitalists understood well that a woman with children had to accept any wage if she wanted to survive. On the other hand, women were less of a problem for the capitalists than men. Their labour was also cheap because they were no longer organized, unlike the skilled men who had their associations as journeymen and a tradition of organizing from the guilds. Women had been thrown out of these organizations long ago, they had no new organizations and hence no bargaining power. For the capitalists it was, therefore, more profitable and less risky to employ women. With the rise of industrial capitalism and the decline of merchant capitalism (around 1830), the extreme exploitation of women’s and child labour became a problem. Women whose health had been destroyed by overwork and appalling work conditions could not produce healthy children who could become strong workers and soldiers – as was realized after several wars later in the century.

Many of these women did not live in proper ‘families’, but were either unmarried, or had been deserted and lived, worked and moved around with children and young people in gangs (cf. Marx, Capital, vol. I). These women had no particular material interest in producing the next generation of miserable workers for the factories. But they constituted a threat to bourgeois morality with its ideal of the domesticated woman. Therefore, it was also necessary to domesticate the proletarian woman. She had to be made to breed more workers.

Contrary to what Marx thought, the production of children could not be left to the ‘instincts’ of the proletariat, because, as Heinsohn and Knieper point out, the propertyless proletariat had no material interest in the production of children, as children were no insurance in old age, unlike the sons of the bourgeoisie. Therefore, the state had to interfere in the production of people and, through legislation, police measures and the ideological campaign of the churches, the sexual energies of the proletariat had to be channelled into the strait-jacket of the bourgeois family. The proletarian woman had to be housewifized too, in spite of the fact that she could not afford to sit at home and wait for the husband to feed her and her children. Heinsohn and Knieper (1976) analyse this process for nineteenth-century Germany. Their main thesis is that the ‘family’ had to be forced upon the proletariat by police measures, because otherwise the propertyless proletarians would not have produced enough children for the next generation of workers. One of the most important measures – after the criminalization of infanticide which had already taken place – was, therefore, the law which abolished the marriage prohibition for propertyless people. This law was passed by the North German League in 1868. Now proletarians were allowed to marry and have a ‘family’, like the bourgeois. But this was not enough. Sexuality had to be curbed in such a way that it took place within the confines of this family. Therefore, sexual intercourse before marriage and outside it was criminalized. The owners of the means of production were given the necessary police power to watch over the morality of their workers. After the Franco-Prussian War in 1870-71, a law was passed which made abortion a crime – a law against which the new women’s movement fought, with only small success. The churches, in their cooperation with the state, worked on the souls of the people. What the secular state called a crime, the churches called a sin. The churches had a wider influence than the state because they reached more people, particularly in the countryside (Heinsohn and Knieper, 1976).

In this way the housewifization of women was also forced into the working class. According to Heinsohn and Knieper (1976) and others, the family had never existed among the propertyless farm servants or proletarians; it had to be created by force. This strategy worked because, by that time, women had lost most of their knowledge of contraception and because the state and church had drastically curbed women’s autonomy over their bodies.

The housewifization of women, however, had not only the objective of ensuring that there were enough workers and soldiers for capital and the state. The creation of housework and the housewife as an agent of consumption became a very important strategy in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. By that time not only had the household been discovered as an important market for a whole range of new gadgets and items, but also scientific home-management had become a new ideology for the further domestication of women. Not only was the housewife called on to reduce the labour power costs, she was also mobilized to use her energies to create new needs. A virtual war for cleanliness and hygiene – a war against dirt, germs, bacteria, and so on – was started in order to create a market for the new products of the chemical industry. Scientific home-making was also advocated as a means of lowering the men’s wage, because the wage would last longer if the housewife used it economically (Ehrenreich and English, 1975).

The process of housewifization of women, however, was not only pushed forward by the bourgeoisie and the state. The working-class movement in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries also made its contribution to this process. The organized working class welcomed the abolition of forced celibacy and marriage restrictions for propertyless workers. One of the demands of the German delegation to the 1863 Congress of the International Workingmen’s Association was the ‘freedom for workers to form a family’. Heinsohn and Knieper (1976) point out that the German working-class organizations, at that time headed by Lassalle, fought rather for the right to have a family than against the forced celibacy of propertyless people. Thus, the liberation from forced celibacy was historically achieved only by subsuming the whole propertyless class under bourgeois marriage and family laws. As bourgeois marriage and family were considered ‘progressive’, the accession of the working class to these standards was considered by most leaders of the working class as a progressive move. The struggles of the workers’ movement for higher wages were often justified, particularly by the skilled workers who constituted the ‘most advanced sections’ of the working class, by the argument that the man’s wage should be sufficient to maintain a family so that his wife could stay at home and look after children and household.


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Heinsohn and Knieper point out, the propertyless proletariat had no material interest in the production of children, as children were no insurance in old age, unlike the sons of the bourgeoisie.

do you know what their reasoning was in this case? it seems counterintuitive, unless societal norms were drastically different at the time. i would have thought that even in absence of marriage, property and lower life expectancy that the young would tend to their progenitors needs should they get too old/sick.

Been going ovaries deep into my gay celeb conspiracies more so than usual probably in part due to all this weinstein shit and how now we seem to be on the brink of a cultural movement towards sexual dynamics between men and women, and i am just so sick and tired of seeing dagerous liaisons with shitty men being sold to girls every fucking day.

go on tumblr and you can find fucking 15 year old girls into this whole DD/lg (Daddy Dom/little girl) shit and them sharing "safe" bdsm techniques shown in a cutesy pastel illustration, you'll also find these girls sharing about how they want to be in relationships were they have someone to cuddle, open up, be giggling and carefree and feeling protected. Caring for their partner, doing things together such as watching a movie etc.

just basic fucking shit yet theres eons of these girls online and it makes me just want to literally die because they just want the fucking bare minimum yet are led to believe that they only way they can get this is to get older men to treat them like young kids while sexually abusing them?????????

then you have this whole age play shit as well and christ emulating the behaviour of a child for sexual satisfaction is absolutely sickening.

Why does this DDLG/ageplay shit seem like a trend amongst late teen - early 20s girls on tumblr and other areas of the internet such a thing now? In part i blame fucking 50 shades of grey so fucking much. an absurd amount of girls claim to be into this shit.

It seems to go along with the stereotype of women being more submissive, wanting to be cared for, etc. People do the dumbest most nonsensical fucking things and fucking get off on them. And women tend to "develop" kinks and "preferences" from exposure/men reacting positively to them. soooo many impressionable young girls get sucked into it.

our culture has always infantilized women, but the men who get off on these things are just downright creeps and need to get fucking castrated and potentially land head first into a wood chipper.

ddlg/ageplay is the absolute worst aspect of porn & BDSM culture.
they can trot out safe, sane and consensual as much as they want but the entire sexual aspect comes from one party (the female) acting like a child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its the fetishisation of sexual abuse. if you can become aroused by an adult pretending to be a child, the only thing that's stopping you from being aroused by children is the law and considering how many fucking 15 year old girls are also "into" this, its just so fucking sickening and dangerous.

I have nothing constructive, it's just a topic that makes me so sad, it can literally stop me in my tracks and make me vomit/cry. it is the worst iteration of porn culture

I feel you but I think its worth keeping in mind that all social media including something like tumblr is performative, its disturbing that this daddy stuff is so widespread but i bet the vast majority of girls posting about it are just following a trend and it bears no relation to their real lives, just as 50 shades of grey is massively popular with adult woman but the vast majority of them arent really into bdsm. The truth is that teens are full of hormones and just try to desperately grab onto ideas about sex from the decaying culture swirling around them in an attempt to make sense of their feelings, they throw a bunch of shit like this against the wall conceptually but it mostly doesnt stick, the real problem as you say is that there are grown men out there ready to prey on young girls (and boys) and they need to be castrated
if you say word 1 about a practice being wrong or harmful you are a regressive kink-shamer and sex-negative!!! It's bullshit.
Double post
It's the distillation of aspects of porn culture already constitutive of it at the broadest level, and a direct product of the culmination of all hitherto existing patriarchal ideas beliefs practices and institutions. For a good while now its tropes have diffused and permeated the broader cultural sphere and by now reached a sort of saturation where it's treated like a force of nature we can't do anything about. Those youngest victims, experiencing crucially formative psychological and neurological development and an associated vulnerability, have been fully immersed in a society not only complicit in but openly condoning even celebrating what amounts to violent misogynist hate propaganda of which the infantalizing and paedophiliac aspects have only played an increasingly large role. Probably the most effective although incredibly damaging psychic defenses against oppression and victimization is identification with the oppressing and victimizing party and internalization of the kind of perspective entailed by justification or rationalization of their own treatment and the generalized form of thhe same practices.

Petrol posted:

I feel you but I think its worth keeping in mind that all social media including something like tumblr is performative, its disturbing that this daddy stuff is so widespread but i bet the vast majority of girls posting about it are just following a trend and it bears no relation to their real lives, just as 50 shades of grey is massively popular with adult woman but the vast majority of them arent really into bdsm.

its real


Petrol posted:

I feel you but I think its worth keeping in mind that all social media including something like tumblr is performative, its disturbing that this daddy stuff is so widespread but i bet the vast majority of girls posting about it are just following a trend and it bears no relation to their real lives, j

if only