ialdabaoth posted:

i didn't have high expectations of doughnut shop coffee tbh. for clarification where does mokapot stovetop 'espresso' fall on the chart

oh my god, "cold brew" should have been the catch-all category for homemade fancy coffee. i will never live this down. fuck. fuck1!

yeah you really screwed ip this time. i guess ill just have to assume that camping/cowboy coffee means instant coffee AS WELL AS just boiling unground beans in a pot of water like some sort of coureur du bois !
on august 6th, lets all go to fancy cafes and ask for the unionizing coffee
coffee: grown by peons in slave conditions at the mercy of cut throat corps and commodity speculators

meth: cooked by cheerful independent artisans running local community based businesses

meth: the ethical choice
if you buy meth in canada a significant cut of the money goes to neonazi gangs like the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and I know the situation is similar in the states, so really there is no ethical choice here.
i now dont even have time to drink coffee in the morning
good news coffee drinkers, i am drinking a coffee

its awful

toyotathon posted:

having a coffee, and thinking about how osama killed bankers and cops, 2 towers literally named imperialism towers, and some bonus pentagon shitheads. also how when the seals assassinated him, his codename was 'geronimo'.

i brew french press coffee because the slow, deliberate plunge of the filter and the subsequent splashing of hot liquid into a nearby container is a kinetic echo-prayer to my one true god, the guillotine.
got a blender off of the german equivalent of free stuff on craigslist and now i am fucked up on bullet proof coffee
everyone keeps talking of this new place called starbucks so i thought lets get my fix of cold sugary goodness this hot afternoon from there and ordered some hibiscus lemonade and goddamn it's like drinking fucking electroswing
RAN OUT OF COFFEE so i'm drinking tea as i prepare my suicide note (Cause of deatH: ran out of coffee)
running outof coffee, sounds rough. that's not a problem i ever have to deal w because i don't have coffee to run out of . problem solved. drinking tea rn, feeling p smug and full of myself & of tea
my best friend from childhood once described going over to a neighbor kid's house, and the kid went into the bathroom and took a leak with the door open, and said to no one in particular, "Water in my pee, I put it there last night." I think about that sometimes
Drinking some nighttime coffee. CoffeeE is best at night
the best part of coming in to the office for a night meeting is getting that cold mud at the bottom of the pot from the morning's batch
The Caffeine just hit my esophageal lining, just now
[account deactivated]
found a forgotten jar of old stale beans at the back of the pantry from god knows when with roughly a single pot's worth left, drinking the official Worst Coffee rn
i drink two cups in the morning
i drink two cups at night
i drink two cups in the afternoon
it makes me feel all right

i drink two cups in time of peace
and two in time of war
i drink two cups before I drink two cups,
and then I drink two more
just finished my 1am coffee, the first coffee of the morning
drinking a liter of coffee at 7pm because it doesn't matter anymore
can i post here if im drinking a monster energy
would it stop you if we said no
no, i just got more tea, am drinking tea itt atm

88888 posted:

would it stop you if we said no




can i post here if im drinking a monster energy

this is too fucked up, even for the Drink Yourself to Death forum

what liquor are you putting your monster energy drink into

ialdabaoth posted:

what liquor are you putting your monster energy drink into

i have a bottle of vodka whose top broke off, and rather than transfer the vodka to a new bottle i've been fixing the problem by diligently drinking it as fast as i can, adding it to various beverages, etc

ugh, looks like its coffee time again; when will this farce end *rolleyes*
hot morning. c o l d p r e s s
sometimes i enjoy my own homebrew coldpress by pressing a cup of cold coffee to my lips and doing the drinking emote
cold coffee = great cheap cocktails that Fuck you Up.

gin + Coldbrew
brandy + Coldbrew
vodka + Coldbrew
amaro + Coldbrew
wild irish rose + Coldbrew
white wine + Coldbrew
white and red vermouth + Coldbrew
whiskey + Coldbrew
scotch + Coldbrew
maddog2020 + Coldbrew
moonshine + Coldbrew
limoncello + Coldbrew
amaretto + Coldbrew
tequila + Coldbrew
+ Coldbrew