“I have people who’ve told me they’re in mourning, that they’ve lost their libido,” Molitor said. “I have people saying the anxiety is causing them to be so distracted that they’re blowing through stop signs or getting into fender benders.”
Molitor recommends patients stay engaged but limit the time they spend on Facebook or watching the news. Focus instead on other things you enjoy, she advises ― calling a friend, taking a walk or reading a book.

“I never read the Harry Potter books, so I’m reading Harry Potter,” says Matthew Leal, a 34-year-old San Francisco resident who found himself sinking into a depression after the election. “Someone could see this and say I’m being totally escapist right now, but I feel like it’s kind of what I need.”
i like this lady too

Karri King, 56, who lives in Buckeye, Ariz., and voted for Trump, says her experiences on social media have left her feeling sad and hopeless. “There’s so much negative from all these stupid Facebook posts acting like the world is going to end. And it’s false. And I can’t do a thing about it.”

King said she’s tried to engage civilly with people online who disagree with her, but “every time turn around, we’re bashed.”

When you say “a bunch of idiots” voted Trump in, “you’re talking about half of all Americans! We were hopeful at first, and now we’re angry and tired of being blamed,” said King. “Nobody wants to listen anymore, and that’s where my sadness comes from.”
When You're Owned Online
hell, we all need harry potter right now

le_nelson_mandela_face posted:

Karri King,

it blows my fucking mind that liberals whinge about soviet psychiatry for being a transparent tool of state power when they pull this shit

le_nelson_mandela_face posted:

“I never read the Harry Potter books"

how did he make sense of anything in the campaign then

Ahhh hillary lost and now my dick don't work.

pukekiller posted:

Ahhh hillary lost and now my dick don't work.

-- Hillary Rodham Clinton


But not knowing the goings-on made him anxious, too. He found himself sneaking onto the Facebook account he made for his dog. “I felt like I was cheating,” he said.


“This book is hard to write as it requires revisiting events that caused me pain, anger, and frustration,” she writes, adding that though some may mock her for calling her feelings “trauma,” she spent 2016 “in a state of perpetual fury and helplessness.” She adds, “I often found myself waking up way too early, then falling asleep at unexpected times, not because I was sleepy but because consciousness felt like a burden.” Recall that this is a book about a politician, not a memoir of post-traumatic stress or bereavement.
Porphyry plimpton
Sam Bee To Hillary Clinton: ‘It Should Have Been You’
The comedian introduced “Hillary Rodham Beyonce Clinton” at the Women in the World Summit.

“I’m surprised that Secretary Clinton was available to speak tonight,” Bee said after walking out on stage to huge applause. “I assumed by now Hermione would have returned to her rightful home at Hogwarts, where she’s rumored to be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor ― at least we’re all hoping.”
didnt every defense against the dark arts teacher immediately get owned and die
i can't answer that because just like hillary clinton i haven't actually read the damn books
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toyotathon posted:

all the daily show alums are fucking snakes in the grass and sam bee especially, not that anybody here needs that reminder, but they're extremely good at tricking people.

didn't trevor noah - absurdly privileged by the standards of mixed-race saffas - tut tut BLM or some shit

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often when i look up an advocate for clinton or the democratic party, such as this michelle goldberg, they're always introduced on their bio as a "liberal/progressive". People who support Hillary seem to rely heavily on the "progressive" branding. like what the fuck does that mean? Are they one of the good liberals or something? I'm not just a liberal, I'm a progressive liberal. some kind of promotion or something. I'm gonna do some more digging into what this all means, I'll get back to ya'll in a couple months.
it's an old thing... various fringe-Democrat writers and pundits started doing that in earnest under George W Bush in a left-liberal alignment with certain media figures such as Molly Ivins and Jim Hightower who wanted to revive the legacy of populist/progressive parties and shed the term "liberal" because of how effectively its image was destroyed by Reagan's campaign and press people, various Republican think tanks such as Heritage and those following them.

first it was just that they were having a hard time letting go of it under Obama, now it's making a slight comeback because "liberal" as a term is under fire in pop media again, this time from the left... the irony of how "progressive" was used by the New Left and the Red links with at least one incarnation of the U.S. Progressive Party are completely lost on them.
legit as hell explanation. thank you. Now I got a few months of free time on my hands. thanks.
I literally came to post this (the book review). I was wondering how they produced a book so fast.
I guess they had the interviews and spun them after election results.
But that bit about relying on data analysis versus more traditional methods caught my attention.
I think that's a valuable lesson for all stat pundits that data has a parallel qualitative life and they need to find ways to capture that.

le_nelson_mandela_face posted:

the basics of how hillary lost are pretty well-documented already so ti's not surprising that there's a book. what we really need is an investigation of what kind of limpdick is still angrilly stanning for Hillary Clinton, entitled "Who ARE These People??"
Does anyone else find Samantha Bee insufferable because of her common sensical HRC cheerleading and convenient ignorance of everything that doesn't fit her narrative? wait are we all like leftist sam bees?
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spectralmarx posted:

Does anyone else find Samantha Bee insufferable because of her common sensical HRC cheerleading and convenient ignorance of everything that doesn't fit her narrative? wait are we all like leftist sam bees?

yes, and no

did you downvote my post for using the word limpdick roseweird
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Please dont police other peoples language.
Nice upvote re: stupid ways to talk by the guy who said "xer" for 4 years.
we devolve to identity politics so quickly tsk tsk
here in the Down Undah we have a part-publicly funded free-to-air version of Viceland, Vice's tv channel which i believe is a cable only thing in Seppo land. but its just a rebranding of an existing channel - SBS2 became SBS Viceland - so all the old SBS2 programs sit awkwardly alongside the viceland content. that means programs like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, If You Are The One (chinese dating show which is actually great), and yes, Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, complete with weird Viceland-aesthetic branding for their promos. in the case of sam bee's show though, it actually works perfectly, because the sneering, pretend-young-and-hip liberalism of sam bee goes perfectly with the fashion show about how other countries have repressive regimes, and the hacking show about how china and russia are basically forcing the US to spend trillions on drones and whatever
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spectralmarx posted:

we devolve to identity politics so quickly tsk tsk

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be honest roseweird, you wanted this to become the samantha bee thread