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did you see this one goat

when she learned that Clinton had once carried her own bag up a flight of stairs in her aide's absence, Abedin nearly burst into tears

one of the most incredible - and i mean that in the original sense, that it strains my mortal powers of credulity - facts revealed by the modern inside views of the politically powerful is that their most jealously guarded luxuries are things like, "gum on demand - no bullshit" "pizza parties every weekend" "cake ALWAYS has my name on it" "someone will help me lift heavy stuff"


you ever wonder if that time you almost got killed but avoided it was part of the delusion and this is hell

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you ever wonder if that time you almost got killed but avoided it was part of the delusion and this is hell

goat you'd make a good gnostic

i know we banned twitter but holy moly watching mark zuckerberg talk is like real life nathan for you. click through to the whole thread

The 600 series had rubber skin. We spotted them easy, but these are new. They look human... sweat, bad breath, everything.

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You can tell that he's seen vocal coach to try and drop his villain-from-Caddyshack accent.

2 more years of this at least

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Top highlight
Extremism of any sort is the enemy of progress. Be the radical center.

Fuck Bernie Fucking Sanders
How Bernie’s Brovolution Rigs Its Numbers
The Fall of Comrade Sanders

in an alternate universe these people are assmad at lincoln chaffee
i will not vote democrat if they run hillary again. i dont care if by 2020 i move to michigan and trump's dementia has progressed to full-on degenerate boy-king who can't do anything except get mad at spongebob
establishment Dems did deals with Hitler, you're welcome ))
ah yes, eugene v. debs, the wonderful establishment democrat
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*checks headlines* wow, article #514 on suspicious russian ties *dunks head in toilet*

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this is such a weird world. the russia thing is so out there. who cares. what about leftism and real change. it's like these democrats exist inside this insulated bubble. it's repulsive. really dissonant.
"I'm not owned I'm not owned"
if the russian thing has shown us anything it's the true extent to which democrats were in a bubble all along. now they're just spraying so much bullshit over the inside of their bubble we can clearly see its outline
It's been months now and i still don't really understand what they are saying russia actually did
neither do they!
It's a Russian thing, you wouldn't understand.
something about russian hackers being the source of the various DNC email leaks as part of a broader online influence campaign.... something about contacts between trump officials and russians, and trump people having russian investments.... it's laughably incoherent
a lot of these things do genuinely exist but aren't actually any more significant than any of the other tangled diplomatic maneuvers and back channels that every state is continuously engaged in. establishment politics wonks are just completely incapable of perceiving context, scale, or their own hypocrisy.

like that "leaked" cia brief talks in mortified tones about how the russian government has press releases which advocate for the putin establishment's interests, how dare they, as if the US state department and press secretary doesn't exist. my god, they have an official twitter account. will the depravity of this propaganda campaign never end?
wasnt the official US intelligence report essentially like - hey, they have RT, what can we do about it we are helpless

fun fact: on my TV, Russia Today is not available in HD and it does not have any program previews, it just says "RT" 24/7.
that's why pirate iptv subscriptions exist (available now in the hidden iptv subforum)

the piss tape is real tho