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is your podcast going to have a tpaine segment where he gets to read the news in an steve irwin accent

no, my podcast is not going to be actually good.

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i was thinking about maybe reading that Carreyrou book about Theranos and using that as a platform to discuss things. or maybe if i could pick up any insane hagiography of Musk secondhand. basically find a starting point where i can talk about things without talking about investment banking and immediately showing my ass

cool. imo you should have a little segment every time that talks about death metal but that's me.

also if you could review a few new words in mandarin every podcast I'd appreciate it
maybe a section about cats you've met recently
the weather? everybody's into hearing about the weather
how about a section where the microphone is set up in a big echoey warehouse and from far away you just yell the single word "stocks!!!!!!" and let it reverberate

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maybe a section about cats you've met recently

i was walking through the off leash park on my way to the grocery store and I met a giant tabby out for a walk with his bulldog puppy friend, they said hi to me then had a friendly wrestle. it was very cute. wish our cat would get along with our dog.

Technology https://www.theverge.com/2019/4/10/18296793/foxconn-wisconsin-location-factory-innovation-centers-technology-hub-no-news
uber s-1


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maybe a section about cats you've met recently

i was walking through the off leash park on my way to the grocery store and I met a giant tabby out for a walk with his bulldog puppy friend, they said hi to me then had a friendly wrestle. it was very cute. wish our cat would get along with our dog.

the only thing that's really good on the internet is this one japanese guy's youtube channel where he goes to a place where street cats are and pets them. lately he's been on the famous cat island. it is the best.



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maybe a section about cats you've met recently

if u follow me on twitter i mostly post my pictures of local wildlife now. Ill make sure to photograph more cats

horan on the uber s-1


Numerous other sections of the prospectus fall somewhere on the scale between “should raise red flags” (Uber has over $1 billion in San Francisco real estate commitments) and “argument too ludicrous to take seriously” (Uber’s true growth potential is defined by the worldwide market for urban travel).



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also if you could review a few new words in mandarin every podcast I'd appreciate it

it's actually really good when someone with a show about one topic has a little regular feature about something totally different they know a lot about. it makes them seem fun and well-rounded and helps them stand out.


The investors claim Lyft was exaggerating in its prospectus when it said its U.S. market share was 39 percent. In both suits, the plaintiffs also dinged the company for failing to tell investors that it was about to recall more than a 1,000 of the bikes in its ride-share program.

the claim that they were exaggerating a 39% market share is apparently based off Uber saying they have a 65% market share in their s-1 filing. someone's lying lol.

id have reckoned more than 4% of drivers are on both platforms

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id have reckoned more than 4% of drivers are on both platforms

yea i was wondering about 'market share' and the potential different ways you could measure that. i got the tidbit from this article which is paywalled:


The company floated on the stock market last month with an offering price of $72, which fell to lows of $56.11 earlier this week amid questions about its path to profitability and as its larger rival Uber prepares to go public.

Class-action lawsuits filed in San Francisco's superior court earlier this week claim that Lyft's official filing documents overstated its US market share at 39pc.

Uber's document, released last week, "claimed a market share of greater than 65pc in the US and Canada", undermining Lyft's claim to have 39pc market share

i had a look at the uber s-1 and i can't even find claims about a 65% market share in the US and canada, so idk (not to say it isn't there, i just couldn't find it by ctrl+f)

tesla had a presentation yesterday to talk-up their self-driving technology. there's a full 4 hours uploaded to their youtube channel, which im not gonna watch.

some details of boosterism regarding self-driving tech:


As for full autonomy, Musk noted: "the software problem should not be minimized." He continued that, "it's a very difficult software problem." Still, he promised that Teslas will be capable of self-driving by the end of this year and self-driving robo-taxis will be on the road in 2020. Also, in two years, the company will be making cars without steering wheels or pedals at all.

Musk hopes to undercut Uber and Lyft with the cost per mile of a robo-taxi being less than $.18 a mile. Typical ride sharing costs are $2 to $3 a mile.

"If you fast forward a year, maybe a year three months, we'll have over a million robo-taxis on the road."

According to Musk vehicles will drive anywhere. "If you need geofenced maps, you're not self-driving," he said. He said that Teslas will be available to autonomously navigate dense urban areas like San Francisco and New York by the end of the year.

That self-driving prediction is far more aggressive than other automakers and Tesla has a history of announcing roadmaps then missing dates. But according to Musk, by next summer we'll all be cruising in self-driving Tesla to the beach.

the demo tesla posted to their youtube seems to be basically just cruising on and off highways:

that's nice, i guess, but doesn't instill me with confidence that these things are gonna be picking up passengers in urban environments next year.

some detail on tesla's self-driving allowing passengers to select more aggressive modes of driving:


which totally undermines the self-driving tech utopian dream of all self-driving cars speaking to each other and driving at the collectively optimal speed, all accelerating perfectly from stop lights etc.

now im imagining aggressive robot cars honking at other more timid robot cars lol

anyway, tesla q1 2019 results tomorrow.

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anxiously waiting for my car to try to kill me sounds so relaxing. intellectual podcasts ahoy!
slamming my hand down over and over to fill the Aggression meter before everyone else at the intersection
702 million dollar q1 2019 loss for tesla

uber ~1 billion Q1 2019 loss


the IPO should be May 9, they're aiming to raise about 10 billion dollars

Tesla raise ~2.7 billion


Digging themselves further into a hole but they'll probably make it to 2020 or 2021 now.
Adult Witch and Westchester Witch, possibly other witches, come out against the strike

Can't find who said it but since these companies lose money on a per ride basis, in a way the strike actually saves them money...
I think I'll sit down and write out in my words that I know, that no one with a family to feed can afford to go on strike.
Strikes......... *i'm looking at my phone and thinking very hard and puffs of steam start coming out of my ears, Powerhouse by Raymond Scott is playing* ..............................Aren't Real. *i wipe my brow, Ranz des Vaches is playing send tweet
one of the witches has gusano “refugee” Cuban parents and the other one’s job is making Flash games where you get BDSM done on you or whatever
yeah lol

these twitter witches are witches as much as twitter tankies are tankies
i thought it was already bad enough to be a beneficiary of intergenerational wealth from slavery but wow they aren't even real witches
can it, "doctor" "cat"!!!!!
lyft shares continue to go down, they are now reporting a 1.1 billion dollar loss in q1 2019


a lot of the losses are due to IPO stuff though, almost certainly wont be repeated in q2. still, looks like a grim position compared to uber.

uber raises $8.1 billion with their IPO


Uber Technologies priced its initial public offering at the low end of its targeted range to raise $US8.1 billion ($11.6 billion), adopting a risk-averse stance toward the most high-profile U.S. listing since Facebook Inc seven years ago.

Uber's IPO came against a backdrop of turbulent financial markets, fuelled by the trade dispute between the United States and China, as well as the plunging share price of its US rival Lyft. It assigns a valuation to Uber of $US82.4 billion, significantly less than the valuation of up to $US120 billion that its investment bankers predicted last year.

The IPO was oversubscribed, but Uber settled for a lower price to avoid a repeat of Lyft's IPO in late March, which priced strongly but was followed by a plunge in the company's shares. Uber also wanted to accommodate big mutual funds, which unlike hedge funds put in orders for a lower price.

Lyft's stock slumped nearly 11 percent on Wednesday to a record closing low of $US52.91, well below the $US72 per share IPO price, after the ride-hailing company reported a $US1.1 billion quarterly loss.

Uber said it priced its IPO at $US45 per share, toward the bottom end of its $US44-$US50 per share price range.

Some still consider the stock overpriced.

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more info on uber ipo


iirc some of the bigger investors (like the Saudi government) bought in privately when uber was valued at ~70 billion. so this looks pretty bad for them. this also looks bad:

The chief executive and four other top bosses have options for nearly 4m shares, as an incentive for turning Uber round and moving it quickly to an IPO.

However, the stock benefits only pay out if Uber’s market value stays at about $120bn for at least three months. The top management team has until 2023 to hit its performance target.

i think 120billion is complete fantasy and always has been.

on the other hand im sure the early investors are making out like bandits right now.

damn i should've shorted the uber ipo
The Triumph of CG666

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The Triumph of CG666

well, its encouraging/schadenfreude that the uber ipo wasnt a runaway success. but it was mixed from my point of view. mostly because they raised 8 billion dollars, that's a massive amount and means they'll probably remain around for a couple more years at least. also it was oversubscribed, which means they could have sold more expensive shares and raised more money if they wanted to.

i don't really fully 'get' why they did that. i understand that they saw lyft shares drop by like 33% since their ipo, which looks pretty bad and they don't want to repeat that. but now some of their later investors probably wont be able to recover all of their investment? seems like something i'd be hopping mad about if i were the saudis.

anyway, interested to see how uber shares do over the next week or two. i guess if it goes up considerably the move will be justified?

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