CEO of Surveillance Firm Banjo Once Helped KKK Leader Shoot Up a Synagogue

Patton appeared to be able to leave his past behind, presumably thanks to an FBI agent’s typo. Because Patton’s name was misspelled in the initial affidavit of probable cause filed in Brown’s case — an FBI agent apparently spelled Damien with an “o” rather than an “e” — any search of a federal criminal court database for “Damien Patton” would not have surfaced the affidavit.

In March, a Vice investigation (into Banjo distributing apps as shadow company to steal login credentials and scrape user's private social media data) highlighted a $20.7 million contract between the company and the state of Utah. The agreement gave Banjo real-time access to (state's traffic, CCTV, and public safety cameras), emergency calls, and location information for first-responder vehicles.

A Banjo lobbyist once compared the company to the secretive surveillance company Palantir. “We essentially do what Palantir does,” the lobbyist said, according to the notes. “We do it live.”

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lol I saw that earlier today but only just now seeing that it's a different surveillance tech firm ran by alt-right people than the one I'd assumed (Clearview AI)