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i know i'm screaming into the wind here but could we maybe stop pretending that because a dude makes good cars that means he's some kind of enlightened genius

with a precedent like henry ford what could possibly go wrong

That we can no longer differentiate between philanthropy and speculation is an occasion to worry, not celebrate. With Silicon Valley elites so keen on saving the world, shouldn’t we also ask who will eventually save us from Silicon Valley?


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i know i'm screaming into the wind here but could we maybe stop pretending that because a dude makes good cars that means he's some kind of enlightened genius

I can't wait for the next precocious tech billionaire to announce that the many worlds interpretation of QM makes it inevitable that, somewhere in the multiverse, anime is real, and that he'll be marshalling most of the productive resources in the Bay Area to construct a stargate so he can become Naruto, the pundit class nodding sagely all the while.

This seems pretty prescient considering the state of anime nazis today.

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i, too, have some problems with techno-fetishist solutions to entrenched social problems op
i hate space fetishists so much i may write a thing about it. elon musk wants people to live on mars, and his goal is to make it cheap enough that the cost of selling your house is enough to comfortably get to and live on Mars. i don't know why he stopped there; why not say it will cost only the amount of electricity it requires to teleport you there? he's already talking about sending Joe Incest to live permanently on a resort on Mars for one/five hundred thousandth the cost to send professional astronauts there to live in a pod for three days.

but however they get there, by teleportation, hyperdrive, Rearden Metal or magic i hope he is right. space fetishists have taken in too much science fiction and lost their grip on reality. mars is an airless frozen desert with zero life and no known valuable resources. it is a vastly a worse place to live than anywhere on earth. mount everest has far more water and air, a better climate and standard gravity. bon voyage you idiots! you'll leave beautiful corpses!
elon musk is the reincarnation of mahatma cayce jr, the son of franz tesla, the grandfather of bill wozniak and steve gates, he's the shit and will remain the shit until one of his arizona compounds sinks into the flavorless ozone-depleted aquifer-absent desert and we rest our heads on the only plausible solution again: the slow and desperate wait for jesus 2.0

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the slow and desperate wait for jesus 2.0

that already happened in china, 1814,

who got deactivated now
It was me
I think it was groundservices.
it was groundservices. i explained the deal and he wanted the full wipe, and expressed it pretty clearly.

it was a techno-fetishist solution to an entrenched social problem.

Uber’s cars had driven more than 20,300 miles in autonomous mode in just that seven-day period ending on March 8, according to the documents. That’s a big increase from earlier in the year, which reflected the increase in the number of autonomous cars on the road.

But, while the cars saw some minimal improvement week over week, they weren’t getting increasingly safer at a steady pace and drivers were still having to take back control an average of 10 times for every eight miles driven.

That’s also true of what the company calls “bad experiences,” or how many times the robot car abruptly decelerated, braked or jerked around.

For example, the cars had more “bad experiences” during the week ending on March 8 than in January. The miles driven between instances the car did something it wasn’t supposed to do has dropped from more than four miles in January to less than two miles as of last week.

In other words, cars only went an average of two miles without some sort of sudden movement or otherwise bad experience. These incidents have less to do with safety and more to do with the total rider experience and how smoothly the car is able to drive itself.
what fortune that we can trap such Beasts with magick

everybody complains about taxes, but libertarians are like that dude who hears you bitching about your electric bill and is like "just turn it off and burn things instead"
Don't do that, it's very bad for air quality.
i think you'll find that "air quality" is a purely subjective and socially constructed assessment, and in the vanguardist PRC,
If someone doesn't like what I'm doing to their air quality, they can pay me to stop burning things.
Tax this *cocks shotgun*

*pays shotgun cocking tax*

Autonomous pods solve more problems than driverless cars.

what if there was vehicle that was like a car....but held like....30 people?? it would be 30 times as efficient!! -Genuises On The Bleeding Edge

The device Evans spent three years laboring to invent is a $400 WiFi-enabled tabletop machine that squeezes juice ... out of a bag of Juicero-brand juice. It squeezes bags of juice. It is a juice press that squeezes the juice ... out of bags of juice. Bags ... with built-in spouts ... that are filled with juice. Juice that comes in bags.
Walking juice.
the original story is fantastic

https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2017-04-19/silicon-valley-s-400-juicer-may-be-feeling-the-squeeze posted:

Doug Chertok, a Juicero investor, said he figured it out on his own. “There is no doubt the packs can be squeezed without the machine,” he said. “I’m still a huge fan.” Chertok, whose Vast Ventures is also a backer of popular organic restaurant chain Sweetgreen, said Juicero’s approach to delivering cheap organic produce could be valuable. He said the company is a “platform” for a new model of food delivery, where fresh fruits and veggies are delivered regularly to the home. “Juicero is still figuring out its sweet spot,” he said. “I have no doubt that they’ll be very successful.”

juice in a bag
i feel like this is where the thread should merge with the hillarytars thread since the juicero people have come all this way not having to honestly answer about 8000 questions like "is this a new way to deliver vegetables" "what percentage of people can actually afford this" "how does juicero outperform juicers"
Kippy Williams, owner of Kippy’s Organic Non-Dairy Ice Cream Shop in Los Angeles and Toyko, said she purchased her Juicero late last year for $1,200. (Juicero charges businesses a premium, she said.) Williams, a self-proclaimed health-food evangelist, said she’d like to see the company sell packs by themselves to people who can’t afford the device. “It would be great if they offered people the opportunity to buy the packs and press them by hand,” she said. “I want juice for every man, woman and child.”
every sentence of that paragraph is comedy gold
just buy goddamn juice

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just buy goddamn juice


you guys are going to love my new startup. it's like Uber but for spraypainting your own bald head while setting and forgetting a whole chicken

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you guys are going to love my new startup. it's like Uber but for spraypainting your own bald head while setting and forgetting a whole chicken


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Connectivity is a key component of the Juicero system. Being connected to the internet ensures that you have the latest updates and that your Press is operating optimally. Once everything is synced, you’ll be able to rely on the app to see which Packs you’ve consumed and which ones still remain. To ensure you’re drinking the highest quality juice, the app will also notify you when Packs are about to expire.**

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Juice is just sugar anyways.
Ever since I found about how juice is just sugar I've been very disillusioned about juice
it's true. the word "juice" is actually a corrupted form of "jusu," a portmanteau of "JUst SUgar"
seriously though: juice is really just sugar and water, nutritionally. maybe some of the grosser ones have a negligble amount of protein or fiber. it has some vitamins, but fewer and less than a pill that costs a few cents with zero calories