*digging at the new Lenta site* Cheese and crackers... that rascally Stalin has ruined my day yet again.
swampman did you ever reach out to grover furr and if so give us the deets
Solzhenitsyn, always with the Solzhenitsyn.
i got Fat Tom to say swampman could go on the ycw podcast to talk about stalin... i hope it happens someday

hey swampman read your own goddam thread
swampman: i;m gonna spend 5 years forcing bloodlies down peoples throats

kraphead: hey, did you ever get an email from that guy for doing that like i just did and like what did he say?

swmapaman: ...

swamp lies
drain the swamp!
everyone who makes a high-content thread has the second best excuse for not responding to other posters in it Actually, the best one being “I don’t want to”