You just gotta play with the hand you're dealt, what else can you do? -the house.
are nouns really verbs

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Do you or any of you posters have any proposals for radicalizing the rank or file of the regiaonal law enforcement

well first, you steal the files

This is the principle truth of existence - separate or absolute objects is an illusion - a trick of language. Sentimentality is a predictable result of this trick, and it precisely explains how the rich are rich and the poor, poor.

"I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself." - D. H. Lawrence
sure yeah,.. also revanchism... is the predictable result of... sriracha burgers.. its precisely explained in this post riught here...*does jungle book hypnotism eyes* trust in meee
Lawrence also asserts that whupping a kid's ass is important for its moral development because a lot of our emotions are in the anus region, not saying I disagree because its hard to construct a full and nuanced disagreement to all the various premesis going on with anything DH Lawrence
I mean i do disagree I'm just not able to give voice to that disagreemetn becuse DH Lawrence was such a weirdo

After the notorious video of Laquan McDonald getting shot by Chicago police officers 16 times went viral last November, investigators have been making their way through the other videos of the scene. In doing so, they've discovered that three of the dash cams pointed at McDonald that day did not record video, and others had no audio. Now a Chicago Police Department audit reveals that many of the department's dashboard cameras have been deliberately sabotaged.

Last month the CPD found that 80 percent of its 850 dash cams do not record audio, and 12 percent don’t record video either. The CPD has blamed the failures on "operator error or in some cases intentional destruction," and a close reading of that review by DNAinfo Chicago reveals the extent of the latter. Officers frequently tampered with dash cams, stashing microphones in their glove boxes or pulling out batteries. Some dash cams were found with their antennae deliberately destroyed, and others had had their microphones removed altogether.

A Baltimore police officer who slit the throat of a dog that was tethered at the time will receive $45,000 in back pay for the months he spent suspended after the incident, the Baltimore Sun reports. Previously, Officer Jeffrey G. Bolger was acquitted on charges of animal cruelty.

Bolger killed Nala, a seven-year-old Shar-Pei owned by Sarah Gossard, after Nala escaped from Gossard’s yard in June 2014. Nala bit a woman’s hand, leaving what the Sun calls a “superficial wound,” and that woman called the police.

Bolger responded to the scene along with another officer, and the pair tethered Nala to a “dog-control pole,” according to charging documents. Then, the other officer held the dog down, and Bolger cut its throat. Witnesses reported hearing Bolger saying “I’m going to gut this thing,” as he got out of his police car.

Bolger was suspended without pay for 10 months and charged with mutilating an animal, animal cruelty, and misconduct in office. He was acquitted of the criminal charges in November. A judge also ruled in his favor on the issue of back pay, saying he was acting in the interest of safety. Bolger has since retired, a move his attorney claims the city forced him to make.
Cop bag man megathread
TIL that edp bags are apparently a thing
"The ball gag prevents the individual from potentially spitting or biting themselves or others," patiently explained Officer Buwayne "The Guantaminatrix" Hutchinlord, "while the leather mask zips shut to prevent the individual's facial cranium from substaining abrasions when the individual is predicamentally bound. The individual can then be fellated repeatedly by officers without ever attaining climax"

Strong, beautiful female officer deserves a bucket of ice cream and a bath for her quick thinking here!
le fat bitch gun kick
no shooting in this one, but lol regardless, american secret police dragging away a mailman after almost running him over http://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/27/nyregion/glen-grays-the-mailman-cuffed-in-brooklyn.html

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jesus christ
I like the, he was injured in a crash shortly after he was put in the cop car, and someone just forgot to put his seatbelt on. Good thing that they stopped his reckless driving. The fact that even a liberal could read that and not be full of an incandescent rage just angers me further.
headline deleted because spoiler alert

WASHINGTON — When Jameel Harrison, a suspected drug dealer, attempted to escape from F.B.I agents trying to arrest him near a Baltimore shopping center two years ago, agents opened fire. Two bullets hit his Infiniti FX37’s left front tire. Six bullets struck him in the head and neck, killing him.

After investigating the case, a state prosecutor and the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division declined to prosecute the agents. That left the F.B.I.’s shooting incident review group, a panel of officials who decide whether shootings comply with bureau policy on the use of lethal force and that rarely punishes agents. In 2013, The New York Times reported that of more than 150 episodes in which an agent shot another person dating back at least two decades, the group deemed every one justified.

In the case of the Baltimore shooting, however, the bureau took the unusual step of deeming part of that case a “bad shoot” in agents’ parlance. But the group did not fault the two agents who killed Mr. Harrison. Instead, it chastised only the agent who shot the tire, recommending that the agent be suspended for a day without pay, according to documents obtained by The Times in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

The review group’s reasoning was that the bureau’s policy on using lethal force forbids firing a gun to disable a vehicle, and it concluded that this had been the agent’s motive in shooting the tire. But the same policy permits firing a gun to protect people from danger, and the panel decided that the two agents who shot Mr. Harrison were trying to keep him from driving into bystanders.

The F.B.I. review group made its decision about the Baltimore case in November 2014. In February of that year, the group also termed an episode in which an off-duty agent in Queens, N.Y., shot and wounded a car burglar outside his house a “bad shoot,” as documents disclosed by the F.B.I. in August 2015 previously revealed.

Those two “bad shoot” findings ended a years-long pattern in which the F.B.I. had deemed proper every intentional shooting by its agents, according to thousands of pages of bureau records obtained in Freedom of Information Act litigation.

Before the Baltimore incident, the last time the F.B.I. tried to discipline an agent for intentionally firing a gun was 2003, after an off-duty agent fired a warning shot during an altercation with day laborers outside a Home Depot in Los Angeles. Before the Queens shooting, it is not clear when, if ever, the F.B.I. tried to discipline an agent for intentionally shooting someone; there are no records of any such episode in the documents obtained through the litigation, which date to 1993.

The disclosure of the two recent “bad shoot” findings comes at a time of heightened national scrutiny of shootings by law enforcement officials. Mr. Harrison was black, {Rhizzone ed note: the color of the car is not identified} as is Adrian Ricketts, the victim of the shooting in Queens who later admitted to investigators that he had helped burglarize the agent’s Lexus before the agent shot him from the second-story window of his house. Mr. Ricketts and that agent, Navin Kalicharan, agreed not to testify against each other, and neither was charged.

The F.B.I. declined to comment on the shooting reviews.

A month after his death, the Baltimore Sun reported that a police report identified Mr. Harrison as a member of the Black Guerrilla Family gang and that he had been arrested many times. He was unarmed when he was shot, but the F.B.I. documents said Mr. Harrison had more than $1,800 and two bags of heroin in his possession at the time of the shooting. His killing attracted relatively little attention, in contrast with the widespread protests, rioting and arson that followed the death last spring of Freddie Gray while he was in police custody in Baltimore.

The decisions by the 11-member shooting review group to fault both the Queens agent and the Baltimore agent who shot the tire were unanimous. One member also elected to find the other two Baltimore agents’ shooting of Mr. Harrison unjustified, but was outvoted; the report did not specify that member’s objections.

The names of the four agents involved — the fourth did not shoot — were redacted. But a Baltimore County police report about the episode, obtained by the Baltimore Sun in 2014, listed their last names as James, Lipsner, Nye and Reagan. The police report did not identify each agent’s role in the incident.

Lawrence Berger, a lawyer representing the agent who shot the tire, said his client is appealing the sanction. The review documents included a statement from that agent saying that he or she shot the tire in an attempt to "immobilize the vehicle and neutralize the threat” it posed to nearby people.

Mr. Berger, the general counsel of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, also represents the agent in the Queens case, Mr. Kalicharan. The Times reported in August that the F.B.I. was trying to fire Mr. Kalicharan, but he was fighting dismissal.

Additional documents newly disclosed by the bureau provide an update to the Queens case. They include a December 2015 letter to Mr. Kalicharan from Candace Will, the agency’s assistant director for professional responsibility, saying she was “dismissing you from the rolls of the F.B.I.”

Mr. Berger said Mr. Kalicharan is appealing Ms. Will’s decision and maintained that the punishments the F.B.I. is trying to impose in the Queens and Baltimore incidents will ultimately be rescinded.

“In both situations, both individuals reacted appropriately to the overt threat that was presented to them,” Mr. Berger said.

The newly disclosed documents also include shooting review reports about the F.B.I.’s killing of a Chechen man, Ibragim Todashev, in Orlando, Fla., during an interrogation in May 2013 about the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. Other documents describing the investigation into that matter, including those from a Florida prosecutor and the Civil Rights Division, were already public.
i forgot about this lol

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The most d&d post

Also, if people are losing faith in the system, not because the system has a problem, but because they aren't getting the results they want, that isn't a problem with the system.

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it's a bubbling spawning ground for thomas friedmans imo. comfortable middle-class whites trying to justify the status quo with inane pseudo-intellectualism. so like spiders hatchin from a egg u got all these eliot higgins, vilerats, and evilweasels skittering around
at least hillary clinton squashed one of em heeeyyyy ho

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I'm in the best post. My IPC has windows. They open.

I have open windows in my IPC. I have fresh air and I can hear protesters really awesomely but that owns cause I love a good protest.


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i love to hear the sounds of angry little foreigners. lol, little brown men. are you angry about my government? let me hear the cute little whimpering. aww, do you not like what my gover--

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that tattoo is actual size. you're looking at a 25 inch wrist there.

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https://twitter.com/dogboner/status/245640998095577089 <- whatever this was it got more laughs than anything else in that thread
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reminder that vilerat's wikipedia article has the title "Sean Smith (diplomat)"
i was banned from wikipedia because when he died i tried to help that page include the controversy over his racist jokes.
Cop in Dallas airport shot a dude running at him w a rock 15 times
If you had rock this no happen