Legitimate Targets In A Just War

pogfan1996 posted:

brooklyn center pd made a statement asking “someone” to “do something” about the protests night after night in a not-very-subtle nod to Kyle rittenhouse

with the exalted authority of a rhizzone admin I am hereby making an official statement asking "someone" to "do something" about the cops in a very subtle not legally actionable nod to Chris Dorner

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Root >> Laissez’s Faire >> cop shoot child MEGATHREAD
Jesse Jackson spoke last night doing a call and response speech in Minneapolis and when he said “all lives matter” there was dead silence

Gotta know your audience
Watch unicorn riot if you want to know what’s going on in Minneapolis for the Chauvin shit

shriekingviolet posted:


lol it’s kinda ironic that the operating norms of the US carceral system is leading them to torturing a member of their protected lumpen class.
Actually the pig was convicted of murder.
I celebrate that this pig was convicted of the murder he committed and hope more pigs are convicted of the murders they commit.
"why Biden needs to pardon Chauvin."
Opinion by Seymour Buttes 4/20/22

i like it >>>