Populares posted:

Why bother with the "investigation" when they're just going to let them go despite all evidence to the contrary.

Because they aren't investigating the pig. The FBI was investigating it as an assault against a fed.

When the victim tried to drive his truck away the pig was probably either somewhere vaguely in the front quarter or moved himself directly in front of the vehicle, thus he could claim the victim tried to run him over which gives him the right to murder everyone onscene.

It's basically the Zimmerman defense, that a white man cannot be held responsible for "defending" itself from the victim's reasonable or theoretical response to a violent situation initiated/escalated by that white man, thus the victim inherits all legal and physical consequences.

Feel bad for the poor sucker that gets framed for that then.

filler posted:


word has it these two ice fucks are the same pair who were involved in this incident in july https://www.nashvillescene.com/news/pith-in-the-wind/article/21079153/neighbors-stop-ice-from-arresting-a-man-at-his-hermitage-home

e: yup http://www.newschannel5.com/news/after-being-shot-by-ice-agent-undocumented-immigrant-no-longer-in-custody

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