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back when i played chrono trigger i thought it was a very cynical take on the human existence and now i know the horrible truth that it's actually very optimistic when compared with reality
I want to die
Yesterday I woke up hungover, so I ended up drinking 8 beers, a bottle of Wine (Malbec, because some posters said they liked it) half a pint of gin, a few shots of whiskey. Pretty hungover. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Death to America.
that's a pretty heavy binge. i recommend putting some actual food in your body and drying out for a couple days, to improve the pleasure yield of your future drinking of course.
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after watching that episode of intervention, apparently decreasing your consumption of food severely (only several hundred calories per day) while increasing your alcohol intake (don't dilute with too much water) will accelerate death from years away to months away. science
i'm thinking about writing "google building 7" on facebook friend's engagement announcements and see how many of them defriend me.
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This video is not available. Sorry about that.
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shriekingviolet posted:

had some miracle kush that was completely odorless

holy shit

i'm hungover so i'm going to make moussaka. i have made roughly 20 moussakas over the past few months. it's not even that i particularly like eating them. but there's a real sense of satisfaction that comes from pulling a big slab of crispy gooey idiocy out the oven. it makes me feel like i've achieved something, when in fact i spend all day in my dressing gown, drink alone most nights, and am somewhat well known on the online petit-bourgeois left. how can you say i'm wasting my life wjhen the FUCKING MOUSSAKA is RIGHT THERE on the FUCKING COUNTER sarah. it's there. you can't say i didn't make it. i infused the ffucking milk for the bechamel sauce. i am a human being and i make moussaka. i can't maintain healthy relationships with loved ones or inanimate substances but i can put things in the oven. eventually my own head
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[img-kool aid man, but bechamel colored] did somebody say bechamel?
boy, i sure did post a lot this morning then sleep until six pm
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wait people work sober? what is this i dont even

discipline posted:

it's a work day and I have to go get drunk again later on, and I'm hungover. surprised I can still get hungover.

you can do anything if you set your mind to it!

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hi friends.
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i had a brief moment of something today but now i have finished off all the alcohol in the house. looking forward to my good posts itt soon
wonder what they did to the oh no no no no cat to get it to sound so disturbingly Human
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pre-emptive post 4 tomorrow
that...was a bad one
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mmmm pedialyte
going to bed now, we'll see if i regret this if/when i wake up
kil me
i'm glad i made a massive batch of thick slow cooker dal yesterday, good hangover food