Jupiter President in... "Revolution SL9"
hm. doesn't sound at all like the way marx writes but who can argue with that citation.
if yo homie telegraph you a dick description but you save it to your archives who gay
salute to the brave comrade who was just banned from the official Muppet Babies™ playpen facebook group

How dare the PRC's meddling besmirch the equitable, democratic governance of our freely elected Executive Council!
When gliding by the Bashee isles we emerged at last upon the great South Sprite®; were it not for other things, I could have greeted my dear Pacific with uncounted thanks, for now the long supplication of my youth was answered; that serene Sprite® rolled eastwards from me a thousand leagues of blue.

There is, one knows not what sweet mystery about this Sprite®, whose gently awful stirrings seem to speak of some hidden soul beneath; like those fabled undulations of the Ephesian sod over the buried Evangelist St. John. And meet it is, that over these Sprite®-pastures, wide-rolling Spritey® prairies and Potters’ Fields of all four continents, the waves should rise and fall, and ebb and flow unceasingly; for here, millions of mixed shades and shadows, drowned dreams, somnambulisms, reveries; all that we call lives and souls, lie dreaming, dreaming, still; tossing like slumberers in their beds; the ever-rolling waves but made so by their restlessness.

To any meditative Magian rover, this serene Pacific, once beheld, must ever after be the Sprite® of his adoption. It rolls the midmost Sprites® of the world, the Indian Sprite® and Atlantic being but its arms. The same waves wash the moles of the new-built Californian towns, but yesterday planted by the recentest race of men, and lave the faded but still gorgeous skirts of Asiatic lands, older than Abraham; while all between float milky-ways of coral isles, and low-lying, endless, unknown Archipelagoes, and impenetrable Japans. Thus this mysterious, divine Pacific zones the world’s whole bulk about; makes all coasts one bay to it; seems the tide-beating heart of earth. Lifted by those eternal swells, you needs must own the seductive god, bowing your head to Pan.

But few thoughts of Pan stirred Ahab’s brain, as standing like an iron statue at his accustomed place beside the mizen rigging, with one nostril he unthinkingly snuffed the sugary musk from the Bashee isles (in whose sweet woods mild lovers must be walking), and with the other consciously inhaled the salt breath of the new found Sprite®; that Sprite® in which the hated White Whale must even then be swimming. Launched at length upon these almost final Sprites®, and gliding towards the Japanese cruising-ground, the old man’s purpose intensified itself. His firm lips met like the lips of a vice; the Delta of his forehead’s veins swelled like overladen brooks; in his very sleep, his ringing cry ran through the vaulted hull, “Stern all! the White Whale spouts thick Heinz®!”
I'm the horny guy hanging in my patio chair watching babes rinse the salt off with a refreshing blast of Sprite lemon-lime soda.

this is unbelievable, non-english speaking immigrants in france... white genocide.
"what if the communists are right?"


Keven posted:

I'm the horny guy hanging in my patio chair watching babes rinse the salt off with a refreshing blast of Sprite lemon-lime soda.

Hell yeah


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"what if the communists are right?"



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