when married couples have a Facebook page with both of their names it's 100% always because one of them cheated
looking for a proper man to give me a binjob, ignore my wifes inspirational nature memes

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Countdown to when Kshama Sawant just happens to be the main person in the “Marxist Unity Slate” after the SAlt entryism
I don’t mind left criticism of CIA, in fact it’s essential for psyops development. I don’t think concerns about cointelpro strategy are totally unfounded. But if your plan is better, join CIA and make it happen. I swear to God it can be done! Go where the people are. Organize!
CIA needs more leftists, like in Good Will Hunting
wondering if this Marx guy had anything to say about where the people are, like divided by some sort of social class structure maybe
there is this peculiar contemporary Democrat Socialists AmeriKKKa knowledge-gap problem that even the old-school pro-Vietnam-War DSA more or less avoided, at least rhetorically, in an era of greater union representation in the U.S. workforce. It's a mistake that not even hyper-entryist Trots tend to make and I'm kind of in awe of it. You see it in almost all the DSA kids, both the where's-my-second-mortgage, left-liberal yuppie types and the pseudo-left far-right-dabbling Significant Discounts people who had brain aneurysms when Bernard didn't win. Of course it's present in people who just auto-deduct contributions or whatever but I wouldn't expect otherwise, what's breathtaking is when it occurs in the ones who present themselves as the competing big-picture people.

The problem is this empty void in today's DSA brains where the concept of "class character" would go. Like the first wedge, the left-liberal yuppies, seem to think that numbers make a bourgeois party automatically proletarian in character (which is why they joined a Democrat "interest group"), while the second wedge, the self-hating right-wing tourists, think that owning a F-150 is proletarian (because none of them own one). In both cases, the prevailing notion is that class is signified with perfect honesty by the language of Californian-produced TV & movies from their childhoods. Watching a group of people trying to build a "socialist" party or tendency without the concept of class character is like watching people trying to build a car without the concept of the wheel.
there should be a thread for just posting funny pics,

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there should be a thread for just posting funny pics,


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andrew jackson's residence, "the hermitage"

grover house of representatives

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*spooky computer voice* ARE. YOU. NOT. ENTERTAINED?

finally, Posadist representation on a political compass
the phrase 'Imgur's public community' sickens me. just host images you lunatics!
everything is a social network now. they looked at the existing social networks and said "you know what we need? more of that"
that image is literally top and dead center on Fox News dot com right now lmao