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"you may also like [absolutely nothing]"

who made that picture of cloud in front of trump tower. Because the host of MSNBC hardball is using it as a twitter av

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who made that picture of cloud in front of trump tower. Because the host of MSNBC hardball is using it as a twitter av

that's cultural appropriation...

that guy, Matt negrin, seems to be a daily show producer making a joke, and not in fact the host of Hardball With Chris Matthews. i am not entirely sure though because not even Chris Matthews is the host of Hardball With Chris Matthews, so it could be anyone.
my username on slsk is 'shit'

let me talk to her

red salute. also

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remembering the wddp poster who used the guy on the bottom as his avi, that person was funny

lost like dust in the wind

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my username on slsk is 'shit'

http://kasumi.moe/pd/ :)

Holy shit he lost a lot of weight.
20 min of high-intensity candy crush a day (5 min warmup/cooldown)
i am already arriving at my szhtatzhion all zhe time

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typical fucking bourgeois press, doctoring their image to present their targets in the worst possible light

through my solidarity channels, i was able to secure the real one

I found the original on http://www.kcna.kp (pages on this website are difficult to link)

Pyongyang, November 14 2019 (KCNA) -- A rabid dog in the U.S. has another fit of spasm, being greedy for power.

Biden bereft of elementary appearance as a human being, much less a politician, again reeled off a string of rubbish against the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK.

A crow is never whiter for often washing. Biden, still going reckless, not coming to his senses though he was censured and rejected by all people, must be a rabid dog only keen on getting at others' throats.

Such rabid dog is second to none in craftiness in seeking its own interests.

A typical example is in 2011 when he, as the then vice-president, categorically rejected the preparations being pushed forward in the U.S. to kill Osama bin Laden.

He reportedly called for reconsidering the operation, because in case the operation goes futile, Obama will not be able to come to power and he will also have to say goodbye to his comfortable life in the White House.

Such a profiteer who ran for the two failed presidential elections has now gone zealous in another presidential election campaign, wandering about like a starving field dog.

He even forgot the name of Obama, whom he had served, and called him his senior, a sign of the final stage of dementia. It seems time has come for him to depart his life.

No wonder, even the Americans call him "1% Biden" with low I.Q., "mad Biden", and "Biden not awakened from a sleep".

Such a guy had the temerity to dare slander the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK. It was the last-ditch efforts of the rabid dog expediting his death.

Biden, listen carefully.

Anyone who dare slanders the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK, can never spare the DPRK's merciless punishment whoever and wherever. And he will be made to see even in a grave what horrible consequences will be brought about by his thoughtless utterances.

Rabid dogs like Biden can hurt lots of people if they are allowed to run about. They must be beaten to death with a stick, before it is too late.

Doing so will be beneficial for the U.S. also.


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"what is most thought provoking... in a thought provoking time... is that we are still not thinking" -agamben
giorgio agambien

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giorgio agambien

alas, the strength of a horse, wandering around the pasture, reflecting on a weatherworn hinterland, knowing and being death through embodied disfiguration. in its rugged status as an animal that serves as manifold consciousness of the Protean West, nothing stands in its way. because of this, man is able to understand Grecian life.

Agamben taking a hard stance against no av posters

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