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as a prior us marine who fought for your freedom,


While the virgin gamers are screeching, the chad athletes have recognized the unified Chinese Nation

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my heart skipped a beat there


At the police station, we can take pictures of ourselves with red hands, posting on social media with the hashtag #redhandedrebellion. This will additionally force the police into a dilemma situation, as people line up waiting to turn themselves in.

No way
Oh fuck it's real Jesus Christ we're all going to die
Taping my ID and Social Security card to my forehead at every protest I attend to show how wasteful plastic is or something
just straight up asking to be arrested for the stupidest shit 'crime' of making a chalk outline of your hand on the sidewalk, this is either mind-blowingly rebellious i can't even fathom it or maybe just extinction compliance
The Mayor: What is going on over there? Why aren't the cops out encouraging environmental destruction as we planned?
Chief of Police: Sir... the protesters have forced us into a dilemma situation.
Mayor: Jesus Christ.
Chief of Police: In all my years of using my badge to harm nature, I never planned on this.
Mayor: But can't you simply arrest them?
Chief of Police: You don't understand. If we arrest them, they've won. Eventually, we'll have arrested them all. And we'll be stuck.
Mayor: Game over.
Chief of Police: Exactly.

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when you see it you'll colonize islands.
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i dont know where this ad is coming or going. god! please help me!

is that from hte getfiscal manga
chunk tructs
I'm not so sure about this The Big Win
socialism without rules, or barbarism
love the completely innocent and artistic shading in that message
That sweater is ugly on multiple levels.
can't way to see the look on my republican parents faces when i show up to our annual ugly sweater christmas sweater party wearing my new Elizabeth Warren tee shirt! my parents are so dogmatic and ignorant!
embroidering cushions with stalin did nothing wrong

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