it's true i hear he loves putin (pootin')
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blinkandwheeze posted:

Lets play nice all

conec posted:

cool i hope u have fun walking dogs in some filthy rape-y city.. well tbh dogs are chill but nyc is where losers from suburbs dream about moving to when they grow up. then they get there n socialize w redarts who are more cultured than them, n all the sudden they try to play catch-up. lol.

Sorry, am I the suburban loser or the cultured "redarts"? And anyway who taught you it was okay to use "retarded" as an insult, have you ever met a retarded person?

conec posted:

plus ya i bet one in every four female friends u have there has been sexually assaulted. either date raped or randomly groped by a psycho, or raped on the stairwell

1 in 4 American women with a college degree report having experience rape or attempted rape, so yeah, you're probably right. Good point.

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he found out that the book you wrote is really good, And that we should all be allowed to read it please

conec posted:

crow`s so rich he can afford to book flights to follow his career-driven girlfriend around the globe, stay at her place and putz around aimlessly until it`s time he fly back to NYC. he waits tables like a little ponce. he isn`t anything but an extremely rich russian guy who thinks he`s super funny. shots fired. oh yeah, and the fact that he`s triggered by me saying "hoe" or "bich"... uhhh... news flash dumbass, i`m a woman. i`ve been called a whore or a bitch countless times... soo, riddle me this redart,
black people can say nigga
... yet...
i can`t say "hoe"
... ooookay then...
oh and im not exaggerating the claims about the rich parents thing. his parents have millions... not that it matters, but he definitely doesn`t have "cred" so to speak


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this thread sucks now lets go back to talking about space camp
i love suicide and the fall. and dru's banjo. and clarence's prog. and rap. and i vote
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by using what stalker ex-bro told you, you're basically complicit in the stalking. and since youre the one sharing this stuff publicly it's you that's basically doxxing him. and you were saying he was mad
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please do not post personal information about people under any circumstances
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lmao i just saw this piece of cardboard under my radiator and i was like "whats that doing there" and picked it up and it stuck to my hand like glue and i could barely pull it off and then i was like o yea the landlord had an exterminator come thru here yesterday
looks like the pest control strategy is a resounding success!!!
rhizzone: a place for wealthy erudites
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why go outside when we could spend friday night in a rhizzone flame war
i liked it a lot more when you were all just floating, identityless avatars instead of a bunch of weirdos.
you should all just scramble up everyone's account so no one knows who is who anymore.
dont you only meat
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i dont think anyone here wants this stupid drama, so maybe we should all stop talking about it ever? Just a thought. Cheers

tpaine posted:


im a single mother and my children are sons of bitches


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do you wanna build a snowman
my thumb still hurts from pulling the roach trap thing off

blinkandwheeze posted:

swirlsofhistory posted:

My life is so boring I just want adventure. I'm muldering here.

lets all go to space camp

Nah friends-I was born a Terran, and I will die a Terran.

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tpaine posted:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b05v-9kRLXE&t=40m42severybody just stop what you're doing and listen to this shit. you can't comprehend it

listen to Magma dude. or Ruins which is (was) the drummer from Koenjihyakkeis main band

Speaking of Real Life-While visiting a nursing home the other day, a wheel chair bound Jewish woman from New York told me I should "start my own church" after I told her I was presently unemployed.

All the more humorous because my speech in Real Life is far more subdued and simple than my writing online. Particularly when visiting with the elderly and the homebound.
hmm... Drama has subsided... Better start some. TPaine... Rap is good. Ah frig I can't lie. Everyone knows rap is terrible. I'm sorry TPaine.
My life is going pretty great. I have a son now and soon I'll get my PhD and be initiated into the high priesthood of capitalism. While I have been woefully remiss wrt organizing, one of my classmates basically turned his teaching assignment (a nonmajors econ field course) into Marxian econ 101. I never tried anything so ballsy when I had a solo teaching assignment since I figured the department would shut it down immediately and I'd be blackballed for life, but somehow no one has noticed what he's doing and he hasn't been ratted out by a student or colleague.