Oh hey this I me. I took an Ambien last night because I work overnights, needed to sleep during the night on my day off, and a friend left a few at my place.

I came back to around seven pm yesterday sitting in my recliner, without my phone ,and I had five small pizzas on the ground beside me. I found my phone in my car but I haven't gone through it yet to see what the damage was, but if it was in my car... It's not looking good. I'm at work now but expect an update in around five hours :v:

e: Okay, so I've had time to go through my phone and talk to a few people and see wtf happened, so far from what I understand I:

1. Never drove anywhere, thank god. I went into my car to get a CD and left my phone down there by mistake, from what I can tell. My gas tank looks about the same as it was and the CD that was in there is now in my computer, that's all.
2. Ordered five small pizzas from Dominos. At 3:30am. Apparently I really wanted pizza for later on that day. :shrug:
3. ALLEGEDLY sent a snapchat to everybody in my contact list that was a shirtless picture of myself, drawn up with a big red nose and red hair, with the caption "do you wanna get down with the c;own." I do have a whole list of sent items, but the person who let me know about this also likes to fuck with me, so I dunno if that was really what I sent. Does anybody know if you can check sent snapchats?
4. Texted my brother about "weed tea" I was making. There is a cup in the sink filled with water, and all my weed poured into it (Only about $10 worth). I don't have a tea kettle. Or mugs. Or teabags--it was literally just weed in water.
5. I came out of the closet to my parents. In a text message. I already did this like four months ago, in person. I guess I forgot?

And apparently I was posting on the forums the entire time this stuff was going on, and everything is coherent and looks like something I'd type while awake and sober, but I barely remember any of them. :psyduck:

Ambien is scary

e: I also downloaded 100 gigs of porn, it seems :stare:
ive been in school (local community college) for a total of three weeks. i started a vape club and there are about 50 people in it. i just passed a vote by a wide magin to join the local PSL branch,the largely-Chicana Green Party, and some local tribal bands to protest the insane amount of golf courses here because theyre illegally taking water from native-owned springs.

also going back to math classes is hard having been out for a minute

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conec posted:

i also know that you don`t like whenever i say "bitch" or "hoe" because months ago you asked me not to use "misogynist words" in some forgotten thread.

Do you remember all this stuff or do various stalkers give you the ammo

dear old gym dudes i'm sorry that you grew up before it was ok to be gay i really am but you need to figure out a way to deal with your latent frustrations other than prancing around the locker room nude as an elven prince because you look like somebody stitched together a wetsuit made of baby mice
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Crow once made me spit into my bowl of cereal then finish the bowl. he stared intently the whole time. i mean, it's of no real consequence to me in the natural world as the saliva came from my own mouth but the act and crow's voyeurism were degrading.
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le_nelson_mandela_face posted:

dear old gym dudes i'm sorry that you grew up before it was ok to be gay i really am but you need to figure out a way to deal with your latent frustrations other than prancing around the locker room nude as an elven prince because you look like somebody stitched together a wetsuit made of baby mice

also frankly your dick is just terrible. your dick is awful and you look like a gi joe stuffed into a nutsack be less nude

crow is just salty because it's ninja now, and you refuse to get with the times.

just starting college/university? follow these handy tips and you'll be batting away chicks and friends with your foam larp sword in no time!!!

1. Keep your door closed at all times
2. Wear your space invaders tshirt at all times. never wash it and punch everyone who even hints at laundry suggestions
3. never go to class, just pick up the notes online and learn them you goddamn nerd
4. don't take part in any social stuff like going to 'bars', just drink imported craft brews alone and lp shitty nes games
5. you can never have enough anime wallscrolls, body pillows and memorablia in your dorm room
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conec posted:

because i am a seasoned internet user.

please conec i was pwning noobs in counterstrike while u were still in diapers.

so like last week.

conec, in the spirit of the thread, isn't there anyone irl you could do your baby nazi shtick on instead of us ignorant haters?
conec regularly posts that she has no irl friends so i think we're all she's got unfortunately
huh, weird
anyway the only elite maneuver possible for anyone in regards to this godforsaken corner of the internet is to log off and go outside
i heard crow farts sometimes. Confirm/Deny?
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conec posted:

hehe a bunch of twats who can`t handle my elite manoeuvres. i don`t care if i got a big ego, i have no reason to apologize. u want me to apologize for noticing that my plan worked? that i got crow to spaz out? all i had to do was drop "nigga" on him, and his mind asploded. hell nah, i ain`t sorry.. thing is, i had it in the bag. because i am a seasoned internet user. crow is just some boring trustfundbaby

voting on posts is just feedback. if you get downvoted a bunch on a particular post, take it as constructive criticism, like, maybe you should have gone and played some video games or watched some youtubes, just stepped away and taken a break, before you made this post, because it is bad. just a tip from your tyrannical asshole mod, Petrol.

actually most downvotes on this forum are mustang alts operating as part of my horizontal alliance with him

conec posted:

u like arcade fire n wear galaxy print leggings.. leave me alone


anyone who dislikes conec is a swine hound


i might be going to the hague in june. gonna visit the hannie schaft statue and the building the 1st intl split at. i'd like to hit up the ndf office in utrecht too
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Petrol posted:


h*ll yeah

whne you go to the white house dont forget to check out the pool on the 4th floor. not to be missed
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its the site of the historic nixon-brezhnev steambath accords
yet another conec thread
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i think it's weird to direct vitriol at conec's upbringing seeing as her father is a manual labourer and her mother is a half literate alcoholic. or point out that she has a rich half-sister when the only reason she does is because her mother was pregnant as a teenager and had to give the baby up for adoption. for a lot of people here that's going to be throwing stones from a glass house. i also think wanting to make enough money to raise children in healthy & stimulating environments is probably one of the most legitimate career goals you can have

However, i also think performing mentally and emotionally taxing work for Hitler is a waste of creativity and intelligence and probably barely lucrative in the first place. and i don't know about grad programs in the united states really but seeing as she has immaculate grades and was on the school president's list (congratulations bae) i think she probably has a good shot. Lets play nice all
happy valentine day all
can someone Rea dto me the halfliterate scribble of the genocidal monster cracker, I am le tired
love too make 1oo, ooo American rape doller manual labouring lol
Dear Goons:

Now that SA is as broken as your sad little lives, here is a message:

nigger tranny faggot

If this triggers you and causes you to foam at the mouth in outrage, go to Rhizzone, Post Place, or WDDB and fuck off. Also this is not a site where you can do your usual thing by banding up together and start shitposting your SJW nonsense until the board complies with your cultural marxist crusade. You've had success with this at other places but this place isn't going to be one of them.
sounds like it's time to open registration

dipshit420 posted:

i heard crow farts sometimes. Confirm/Deny?

it's how I propel myself from nazi to Nazi ((pooters off))