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could have just hidden it in the fridge

we got OJ, purple stuff, soda… The Great Helmsman? Yeah go for it!


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i have a big dumb essay i may share

it got way bigger and way dumber, each time causing me to question some previous argument i thought i'd settled, and add another 10 or so books to my study list. i've started calling this "my master's thesis," though i swear on god and on mao that i will never go to grad school for any reason, not even to pick up a friend unless they're really drunk or sad or out of money or just want to hang out, that's cool too

anyway, i feel like by the time it's finished "essay" won't be the right word for it anymore (currently around 12k words and nowhere near done), but i don't think i have the steam to drag a full book out of it. and i just now realized, oh, it's a pamphlet. i'm writing a pamphlet. i've reached that part of my political development.

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Been a month, no manic or depressive episodes so far. I'm not happy, or sad for that matter. Just indifferent to everything, which I'll count as a win.
rHizzonE salute to the old guy who shot a bunch of landlords in Toronto. that's how you play real life
Got back from neurologist after tilt test, he said my vagus nerve is fucked up and he can't do shit because he's not a miracle worker. Sent me back to my cardiologist for a hail mary.
I'm sorry for your troubles and the unreliability of miracles.
Forget it about, I was going to off myself one of these days anyway, but if nerve damage kills me first so be it.
im going on strike
I've been cleared for SSDI, the income is worthless and won't cover rent, but I do get disabled workers insurance when I get a job. (Which covers everything, and no deductibles.)

So it turns out my hands are permanently numb, so I can't get a job as a MA. Also my SDDI increased enough to cover rent so that's good. I've decided after a decade of dropping out to finally go back to college, I'm getting a degree in financial economics with a minor in accounting. I'm selling out, I'm going to be an even bigger piece of shit than before.

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currently chillin on an L shaped couch. what shape is your couch
same but lower case
I've been going through a pretty serious depressive episode for the past three weeks or so, which I've had to deal with for most of my life so it "is what it is" but some dumbass plumbers broke our water main and just left it so we've been without water for two of those weeks and it really adds a certain frisson. Me and my wife going out and collecting snow in garbage bins so we can have water to flush the toilets with. It's a bit what I imagine life will be like under the JDPEN for my crackkker ass
all the best gay_swimmer. all the best gay_swimmer's wife.
got an interview for an job at a literal shit-baking factory

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got an interview for an job at a literal shit-baking factory

I saw a posting for a job at one of these when I was looking for a job a few years back, decided I didn’t have the constitution for it. Good luck to you - hope the pay isn’t shit since the job itself is

Moving on wednesday, I've always hated this place and I can't wait to never see it again.
Edit: My home county, not the rhizz. I'm not leaving here.
Further Edit: I got accepted into my first choice of college, and I've finished moving. I'll be attending in the fall; in the mean time I'm going to take intro to stats and business law at the local community college.

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just happened across a screenshot i took when i was looking for a job in late 2021. i've got family members who constantly talk about the Job Security and Retirement Benefits of working for the great satan, so i was glancing around usajobs.gov to see if maybe the forest service had a communications gig open or something

anyway, couldn't help but notice these listings

not surprising at all that there'd be a lot of high-paying jobs centered around Ethiopia at that point, and i felt compelled to note it. the thing i didn't capture is that the other major foreign-language listings at that time were Ukrainian, which also makes sense.

anyway, all this is to say that looking at what foreign languages amerikkka is looking to employ is probably an underutilized indicator