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I've never done psychoanalysis but I feel like it would be fun to go into Lacanian therapy. At the same time I feel like that would be indulging some weird fanboy instinct. Can you even go into Lacanian psychoanalysis? I bet it's really expensive. I don't have a real immediate reason or feel a need to, but still feel it might be interesting.

I don't think Lacanian therapy has a very good track record on this forum.


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I've been doing psychoanalysis for about 6 months now. It's going well. I go 4x a week so it's a huge time commitment but the province pays for it since my analyst is an MD. I imagine that they would probably stop covering it if it were a more common treatment but thankfully it is out of vogue! Don't tell Doug Ford

Also starting school in Jan to become an electronics technician.

I'm going to take an indefinite break from the zzone as well.
Peace out, gang. Happy new year.

happy 2019. hope your break and therapy will be healthy and work fulfilling

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4 times a week, seems like the doctor should be paying you!
2019 is the year of the pig
I’ll eat pork rinds with god!

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the collards in my lunch reheated too fast compared to the black eyed peas, which are still cold :C

but i don't have enough containers to keep them apart
dass crazy

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the collards in my lunch reheated too fast compared to the black eyed peas, which are still cold :C

but i don't have enough containers to keep them apart

i find that hard to believe because anyone who knows anything about music can tell you that the black eyed peas aren't cool

no but they do have one legitimately good track (joints & jam)
joints and jam sounds like more of a dinner thing than a working lunch

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yeah australia blow, and i hate australians a lot.

get fucked we're the best


got a job building computers so now i am building computers. first day included a long 4.5 hours of the same 5 dropkick murphy songs on repeat alone in a backroom behind a 3 meter-tall wall of cardboard boxes, generic energy drink cans, and cables. dark, no windows, other than the horrible music the job is cool as Hell. ambience reminds me of what 7 year old me imagined the employee break room at circuit city to look like.

at the end of the shift, the bo$$ told me "nice work today. hopefully you'll get to marco's level... *looked off into the distance, eyes squinting* 15 builds a day"
lots of music and a pdf of settlers on chill customer hdds + readmarxeveryday.org homepage on their firefoxes lol
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get a new roommate
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e: nm

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id appreciate any advice on how to MAKE HIM PAY

do you own a baseball bat?

i tried to stay away but i literally cant
this is yuor home tears. <3
i tried too and just had to admit that this is a good community...

went to the reclaim mlk march around oakland and it was aight. always good to get out in the street

edit: one missed opportunity was, we walked beneath in-construction hi-rises, cranes twisting, and in the middle of a working monday, probably 20-30 workers stopped work to come to the edge of the scaffolding and look at us -- i wish i had the courage to shout+ask them to join us! but they just stood and smiled. the point of the march is to grow the march, as it moves from street to street, so my self-crit is not participating in that task, and in a different way just watching the march like them, but from the inside of it.

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don't feed my ego! im still learning maths; i've been going through Euclid, im on proposition 32 of book one, its just getting good at the point where i never want to see another triangle. also i finally learned what "completing the square" is by reading the beginning of mohammed ben musa's algebra book (which owns, he starts it with: "when i consider what people generally want in calculating, i found that it is always a number") - turns out its literally about completing a square, something none of my maths teachers considered important enough to explain
This is a good place.
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a woman I met via tinder told me shes determined to join the police. i gave her the approved spiel, don't get a job bashing homeless people etc etc but no avail.

anyway death to australia, and so on. good day
a shared-lyft driver this morning turned off npr and put on a counterpunch podcast once it was just me. i'll take it!

tears posted:

i tried to stay away but i literally cant

Lol same

every time i get on here everyone is so well read it feels like there's an endless amount of things to learn and my own attempts at teaching others or myself feels like trying taking that apple (or pomegranate) of knowledge, turning it in to juice and spraying it at people like a spray bottle.
:( same... at least it's social knowledge! like we all complement each others knowledge and the synthesized sum belongs to everybody here

day 1 of spring semester taking linear algebra by the math Teacher who bikes my blocks w/ a big CLASS WAR NOW sign. capitalism will not develop the communist material condition by accident or as some gift, we'll have to midwife it, maybe with lin algebra? i'm hella unemployed so what am i doing not taking cheapo adult ed classes

last night had a drink at a bowling alley with a friend who is much richer than me. i embarrassed him cuz a big party left, and left a ton of food at their lanes, and i asked the waitress if i could deal w/ it, and she said sure. and i was stuffing pizza in my pockets lol. i tried to pass it out on the streets but looking back i understand the no thank yous haha. didn't go to waste at least.
*works at place that gives career advice to people of all backgrounds*

me: hey uh, there's a bunch of homeless people camping outside our building, maybe we should try interacting with them and see what they need help with

widely considered to be the most caring and compassionate female co-worker here: have you considered that some people WANT to live on the street?

me: well-

co-worker: some people choose a lifestyle different from yourself, respect their decision, be considerate

me: but, I think-

co-worker: btw, if you see them and they don't immediately leave, call the cops. that's our policy

me: uhhh, perhaps-

*co-worker walks away with a nod and smile*
apparently there is terrible weather in atlanta or somewhere at the moment so the airline changed my flight so i can stay in california having sex till saturday ^_^
idk what they talking about the weather is great all across the south. its partly cloudy and like 60f in atl right now. just like how it is where i am. im going out for a hike
look who are you gonna believe, delta's team of meteorologists or your own lyin' eyes
course its gon get shitty overnight. maybe they're just doing you a solid, the cold weather should be gone by saturday. anyway congrats on the sex, if you're into that sort of thing i guess
There’s a possibility of snow in Atlanta tomorrow which for us is the equivalent of an imminent invasion by a foreign power.
same here and o dang guess who forgot about the 30% chanve of snow overnight when they did their weekly grocery trip

there were 3 potatoes left in the whole store. strangely, all the tofu was gone. this is the herald of a new era in the midsouth

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same here and o dang guess who forgot about the 30% chanve of snow overnight when they did their weekly grocery trip

there were 3 potatoes left in the whole store. strangely, all the tofu was gone. this is the herald of a new era in the midsouth

DICTATORSHIP of the bourgeoisie unable to KEEP SHELVES STOCKED, MASS UNREST, promises to end snow forever

finally a politician willing to fulfill campaign promises
i'm in the Cold Zone, replying to every asshole goin "what about that global warming" with "it was raining three weeks ago you fuckin imbecile"

(if they do not know from context that this is an extraordinarily bizarre thing to happen in the upper midwest in early january, far moreso than subzero wind chills in late january, then i add that part too)