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I rarely listen to ME dance music, because a lot of it sounds samey to me. But as for dance music much of it is traditional stuff for more traditional settings or the usual pop music popular everywhere now. In the Gulf they play khaliji music by people like Rashed al-Majd (e.g https://youtu.be/irnn_zHn4KM) really loudly at parties or celebrations.

Anyways in the Gulf at least, the most popular non-Western music for events usually sounds a lot like Omar Suleyman or whatever songs are popular on Arab Idol. You can still hear his music blasting loudly from speeding Landcruisers there.

basically i think stuff like this is cool because its these guys going mad on synths while drum machines blast at insane speeds but its still pop music that people dance to


crows shall die but

shall not.

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nice was listening to this song too today

thinking a lot about hardtek
this one owns so much

anybody else seeing 500 internal server errors on the youtube embeds?
yea youtube all fucked up right now. great opportunity to do some reading instead. my library actually had wind/pinball (first time ive had access to these works) and i just finished them so im about to pull a wild sheep chase of my shelf
this is the fastest this thread has ever loaded

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this is the fastest this thread has ever loaded

new cia servers


Happy Halloween
Have been listening to lots of spacemen 3 and exploded view, delightful

TV smiles used to be scarily saccharine.

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Happy Halloween

charlie bucket looking ass


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charlie bucket looking ass

that movie... the real-life Lyonka is the guy who wrote the book and the screenplay, who actually spent time in one of those schools as a kid. he reamed out the movie's director for presenting a revisionist bullshit version of his story and cutting out the hugely positive impact the place had on the kids' lives


here's an old favourite of mine. might have posted before but if so it would have been years ago and i dont care anyway
i think thats one of the tomita albums i've picked up for a buck or two over the years. good stuff