WWV: International Agnostic Missile Defense as Grounded 'Deterrence'

Developments in missile defense have led to a capability that is international in nature and agnostic in application. Not only is the US able to bring in indigenous systems from other nations, far fewer of the systems’ sensors in the network belong to the US. That was the assessment of Joint Chiefs vice-chair Marine Gen Cartwright, who added that this system shares awareness with people who are not necessarily allies. Speaking at West 2010, Gen Cartwright allowed that missile defense is much more capable than it was 10 years ago. He cited its multilayered international capability that provides greater defense around the world:

We have moved to a distributed global capability that is agnostic to where it is set up and delivered. We are finding allies in places we never had thought we would find allies. We are starting to build a deterrent construct that will be better than mutual assured destruction.

What's better than a mutual assured destruction? 'Better' can only ever be that which is more convenient for the Dragon of Capital, and what does she seem to prefer these days? If the Dragon is not pleased with the WWWIII (Cold War) stalemate scenario, where does she go from there? Each territorialization is a net which catches solids-containing-voids, so that the Dragon can crack their shell (solid) open to get their pearl (void). The trap of a mutual assured destruction is supplanted after the target(s) for destruction (the State(s)) is instrumentalized towards cannibalism, rendering the Dragon-pleasing terms of agreement for mutual assured destruction void. Mutual assured destruction as void = the State as the solid-containing this void. So the Dragon feasts upon the State to get to the assured destruction pearl. The void of mutual assured destruction is loosed, the State is tossed away, perhaps to be picked up by some resourceful wandering nomadic mujahid in his jihad. The State becomes an ungrounding void (a void freed from solid). Each ungrounded void is a ( )holey Ghost inspiring so many Saint Georges (entering their solids and joining the inner void, and in the process zombifying the Saint) to take on this fearsome Dragon. What is this new "deterrent construct" "better than mutual assured destruction" that would watch the Dragon's back while she feasts?

The above excerpt from today's news illustrates the process of atomizing / automatizing missile defense, a line of strategy implemented by Dragon through the (becoming-ungrounded / becoming-( )holey Ghost) State to perpetuate a protective grounded stalemate scenario. WWI and WWII: Western banking stalemates. WWIII (Cold War): political bipolarity / production stalemates. WWIV (the ongoing War on Terror): a cannibalism / citizen-insurgency stalemate. I reckon that these automatonic missile defense shields will be representative of the WWV.

Note the nature of the autonomous war machine and her conflicting interests with the State:

fascism differs from totalitarianism. For totalitarianism is a State affair: it essentially concerns the relation between the State as a localised assemblage and the abstract machine of overcoding that it effectuates. Even in the case of the military dictatorship, it is a State army, not a war machine that takes power and elevates the State to the totalitarian stage. Totalitarism is essentially conservative. Fascism, on the other hand, involves a war machine. When fascism builds itself a totalitarian State, it is not in the sense of a State army taking power, but of a war machine taking over the State. Unlike the totalitarian State, which does it utmost to seal all possible lines of flight, fascism is constructed on an intense line of flight, which it transforms into pure destruction and abolition
-Deleuze & Guatarri

As the ongoing abandonment of the familiar nation-state model and consequent becoming- of the State as an insurgent zombiefied Knight-versus-Dragon renders the identifiable headquarters of capitalist operations, the Den of the Dragon*, further and further ungrounded from the State, the State will reincarnate itself (Phoenix vs. Dragon) in disperate, autonomous units which operate according to in their own interest, as their own agents, rather than as apparati of a coherent Whole, a sort of syndicalistic model of the State without the congealed Wholeness of the State-as-such. In other words, the State is becoming-war machine, and will be the sole overcoding apparatus of the New Fascism. Rather than hijacking the State, the war machine will directly perform all the perfunctory State-overcoding itself. So, rather than missile defense shields operating according to the interests of a particular nation state or alliance of nation states, ie to the interests of the State, we have missile shields for hire, activated by the Dragon against the State, which has been abandoned to the scrapheap and only activated when a brave Saint George hijacks it for his own jihadi purposes.

The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving on.
-Ulysses S. Grant

Now what interests me is that the Dragon's war machine has pursued defense ('deterrence') before offense (the missile shield over the missiles themselves). This indicates to me a gesture of stalemate, like the WWIII mutual assured destruction. What the blue-uniformed functionary in the news excerpt alludes to as better than mutual assured destruction is precisely this: a 'better' "deterrence construct" in that it is evolving to meet present requirements for the Dragon's feast of the void. This New Operational Agnosticism is something to know and to subvert for the purposes of greater jihad, or even to become as a taqiyya-performing jihadi.

Discussion of WWV: International Agnostic Missile Defense as Grounded 'Deterrence' on tHE r H i z z o n E:

BABY FINLAND's remarkable essay etc.
missile defense is mostly made up anyway though? it would be funny is this lead to people launching missiles willy nilly thinking that their war would be all for show kind of like baudrillard's interpretation that the First Gulf "War" didn't happen, but then it turned out they really did kill a lot of people. but i think the people in charge of launching missiles actually know missile defense isnt real themselves
It could very well be clientelism for the American MIC since it is essentially NATO partners that purchase and install missile defenses. Maybe Russia thinks differently about them and that is the whole point? Iran and Israel both purchased them, the latter even used them recently iirc
israel using missile defense is pretty funny since they mostly freak out about qassam rockets that dont really do anything unfettered to begin with. but it is better for them to be an existential threat from israel's perspective than to ignore them which they could if not for political considerations. in a sense missile defense reduces israel's security since it serves to partially delegitimize their victimization. there was an earlier rocket defense system that the U.S. was developing that israel was looking forward to that got cancelled. at the time i couldn't really understand why the U.S. would piss off israel that way and why i heard so little of israel complaining about what would have seemed to be a big deal, but really it makes sense

i mean i guess defense against real missiles and big rockets and little rockets are different things and the first two have some actual strategic significance but not all that much for israel considering the damage from iranian katyusha rockets during the war in lebanon still paled in comparison to the PR damage of bombing lebanon but not accomplishing anything
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