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How to Combat Liberalism
I am resolutely opposed to liberalism, am very good at sniffing out a liberal when I sense one, and also efficient in identifying and attacking the offending liberal positions, tendencies and character deficiencies that lend the liberal to his rightist deviance.
Political Impotence under Postmodernity
For advocates of social justice the problem of postmodernity is generally seen in terms of political impotence, specifically a subjective, individual impotence. The conditions of postmodernity are allegedly such that the pre-emptive co-option of social action into the reproduction of capital is assured. Capital, despite creating first and foremost its own gravediggers, has somehow 1. achieved hegemonic dominance, 2. circumvented the creation of alternative productive modes, and 3. completely subjugated the site of resistance, the working class, into its reproductive program.
Commentary on Pinkwashing, 2008-2011: Obituary for a Hasbara strategy
I'm a straight cisgendered white male so I speak from a position of privilege on basically all issues of gender and sexuality but I find it extremely problematic that the liberal gay rights movement bases its position on a sort of sexual-essentialism, that gays are "born this way" and "cant help it". It is about as scientific and coherent as race science. Sexuality is behavior, and obviously can be controlled and channeled in many, many different ways. This is clear from history and comparative anthropology. There is no such thing as a "gay" person, nor a "straight" person. These are boundaries peculiar to a given culture, and the antagonisms between them are disciplined by the prime socioeconomic forces of the day: i.e. capitalism.
WWV: International Agnostic Missile Defense as Grounded 'Deterrence'
What's better than a mutual assured destruction? 'Better' can only ever be that which is more convenient for the Dragon of Capital, and what does she seem to prefer these days? If the Dragon is not pleased with the WWWIII (Cold War) stalemate scenario, where does she go from there?
the syrian uprising
I take no issue with the toppling of the regime per se, but the question is what happens afterwards? There’s no clear leadership, the US and its allies have no real ability to co-opt the uprising as they have in Libya. I am optimistic. I would hope to see something along the lines of the Egyptian situation (in fact Egypt is undergoing something strongly parallel to Syria at the moment: repression from the dictatorship and attempted co-option from Saudi-aligned MB agitators). I'm interested in unpacking the present reality and examining the interests and weight of the various players involved, because this really has become a central factor to neocolonialism in the Middle East.